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Unboxing 19 NEW SPIDERS!

Unboxing 19 NEW SPIDERS!

Triple Insect Video

Triple Insect Video


  • Eros Acevedo
    Eros Acevedo16 godzin temu

    the next step is to dirt and plant his whole basement and release all his tarantulas in it

  • autoyota
    autoyota16 godzin temu

    in many cases, hobbyists are maintaining many species from extinction while their habitats are being destroyed.

  • Exploring & paranormal adventures
    Exploring & paranormal adventures16 godzin temu

    Male crabs have big claws n are bigger than the females who have little claws

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez18 godzin temu

    Loved the individual feeding more! It looked like alot of fun lol

    ISME &WHAT18 godzin temu

    Thank you for your Great video🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

  • Mex deK
    Mex deK19 godzin temu

    mr. The Dark Den, you could try some sort of cement or you could use paintable epoxi, you dont even have to remove the backgrounds for the enclosure for that. good luck love the content

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith19 godzin temu

    What camera is he useing?? To make it follow him??

  • HydroGamez
    HydroGamez19 godzin temu

    Do you Speak English??!!!

  • Sandie Pichereau
    Sandie Pichereau21 godzinę temu

    Baby spiders release hormones that makes them kinda friendly to siblings and mother :)

  • Katherine Powell
    Katherine Powell23 godzin temu

    Amazed a common spider caught and killed a tarantula!

  • JD Cass
    JD Cass23 godzin temu

    So, a house spider in Croatia can take out a tarantula....I feel like there is a joke in there somewhere. Something about spiders being hired for home security, maybe? :-)

  • Sean Griffiths
    Sean GriffithsDzień temu

    I do miss your uploads. Once a week doesnt seem enough. Wicked video pal that was a good feeding 🤣 I forgot how many you had, they are everywhere

  • autoyota
    autoyotaDzień temu

    It's quite comical that the irritating goof from exotics lair, has the nerve to criticize Petko. I find Petko much more professional and caring of his animals. Doing ones best to duplicate the animals original environment is healthy for that animal. Maybe exotics lair should collaborate with Petsmart to promote useless and fake products?

  • Manuel León
    Manuel LeónDzień temu

    does anybody know if the stl files he uses are uploaded somewhere?

  • max chilla
    max chillaDzień temu

    How did that spider in the corner reproduce? Ist there a male running around?

  • Verminator1001
    Verminator1001Dzień temu

    Hi petko cover the background in yacht varnish, it’s safe dries clear and hard. Sorry for your loss also dude.

  • Dawn Collins
    Dawn CollinsDzień temu

    I love your site. On a side note your house is amazing

  • Brian ashton
    Brian ashtonDzień temu

    Id love to see another feeding frenzy this was awesome 💯

  • Emcharge-music
    Emcharge-musicDzień temu

    when re you going to get a funnel web or gbh or are you scared in case they escape. also do you have a bird eater yet? I was surprised the hamster was in an enclosure that you would keep a giant Bird eater in? lol. perhaps you only love tarantulas.?

  • Paradox CityLife
    Paradox CityLifeDzień temu

    hi Dark Den, hi everybody not good to hear about the tarantula, when is green tree monitor supose to get there, ok 2 or 3 months

  • Just RAY
    Just RAYDzień temu

    Loved the feeding at the end 👍

  • Jamie Rodway
    Jamie RodwayDzień temu

    Good video I loved how it was just an update on everything I think you should do one of these videos every couple of months maybe ? 👍

  • Hayley Turner
    Hayley TurnerDzień temu

    Wow, thank you for such an amazing video, I can’t wait to see Linda in a very large enclosure, the tree monitor? My favourite man in the world Felix, the tarantula captured by a very small spider and to finish off the feeding frenzy, now that I could watch for hours all those clumsy little tarantulas! This video reminded me of a horror film, it had everything I look forward to and more!

  • Adam
    AdamDzień temu

    Maybe make a sliding door for the big enclosure??

  • Nakea Anderson
    Nakea AndersonDzień temu


  • Nakea Anderson
    Nakea AndersonDzień temu

    Count Dracula himself..OMG

  • Emcharge-music
    Emcharge-musicDzień temu

    petco saying :pain in da ass: actually sounds like he means it literally, lol no offence petco respect from the uk

  • Tay Clemons
    Tay ClemonsDzień temu

    Crazy exciting. 😘😘😘

  • Mike F.
    Mike F.Dzień temu

    Petko, don't worry so much about the videos. We all enjoy your uploads, independent of the content. Regarding that housespider: although it looks pretty cool I would seriously suggest to remove it. In Germany we have similar species to that one and tarantula hobbyists even consider them as pests because they breed like crazy and can (as you saw) be pretty dangerous to pet spiders. Its crazy how they can prey on much larger animals but that is a risk in an animal room like you have one...

  • Pavlína Prachařová
    Pavlína PrachařováDzień temu

    Hello. Your video does not offer titles. Can you enter or enable them? Thank you.

  • Steven Woodward
    Steven WoodwardDzień temu

    Excellent feeding video loved it

    PETROCK ‘N’ROLLDzień temu

    H Gigas are one of my all time favourite sp..FairPlay to the little house spider for taking one on..and winning lol..hopefully the rest won’t try to escape and meet the same end! Great video Petko 😉

  • blackpeter70
    blackpeter70Dzień temu

    I need a video just about your kitteh, please. Just one!!!

  • Molly King
    Molly KingDzień temu

    Calm Minecraft music before you stumble upon a spider spawner…

  • Leanne Paxton
    Leanne PaxtonDzień temu

    If you are able to remove the background, you could pour resin over it, completely covering it. That would definitely fix the issue of sharp nails/claws.

  • blackpeter70
    blackpeter70Dzień temu

    Dude, if you simply moved here to Australia, you could get as much spider action as you could stand. Just bring Felix with you.

  • blackpeter70
    blackpeter70Dzień temu

    So, what's the moral of the story, here? Fellas...don't take a dump on your partner. It just won't end well.

  • Imgema
    ImgemaDzień temu

    There's a lot of webbing on these lights.

  • mrta dulla
    mrta dullaDzień temu

    What a crazy video, it got everything, lol. Really enjoyed this one.

  • 3Clod
    3ClodDzień temu

    what I like about the dark den is that he reads the comments. Maybe not all of them cause 500K+ subbers are hard to manage but he keeps contact. Exotics lair doesn't read them in the least, we kept telling him about the saqdust for example and the comment section was full, it was impossible to miss the advices even if he just read the first and most liked comment it would have been enough. Hope Petko remains as he is now and keeps contact.

  • Alex Pseudonym
    Alex PseudonymDzień temu

    In response to the intro, just remember petko, unfortunately "clickbait" titles lead to views and therefore revenue. Content leads to subs, titles lead to clicks and that's the unfortunate reality of PLtoolss, my friend

  • Mydeur
    MydeurDzień temu

    6:40 hadrurus spadix i think

  • the Dutch Sighthound
    the Dutch SighthoundDzień temu

    You could cover the green tree monitor enclosure background with layers of water/boat safe epoxy! Not cheap and will take some time to add layers but surely very effective!

  • Amanda Borchert
    Amanda BorchertDzień temu

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the feeding!🕷🪳🕷🪳🕷 I thought it turned out pretty awesome!😎😎😎 Amazing how that regular spider took down a young tarantula.🤯🤯🤯

  • Daniel Van Leeuwen
    Daniel Van LeeuwenDzień temu

    5:00 a few days ago I found a pretty big jumping spider wandering over my desk. I put it in one of my big bioactive enclosures to see if it would do good in there. 5 minutes later my mom walked in and I went to show her the jumping spider in the enclosure I put it in. I spotted it on the glass and wanted to point it out to my mom but then I noticed IT ALREADY GOT OUT AND WAS WALKING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLASS🤣

  • Daniel Van Leeuwen
    Daniel Van LeeuwenDzień temu

    2:40 try “rep tech plasto pur” its very strong and safe for reptiles. It’s also very easy to use

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica MarieDzień temu

    Kinda funny, sorry you lost one though

  • Into The Mystery ⓭
    Into The Mystery ⓭Dzień temu

    Coat the monitor background in brush on pickup truck bed liner.

  • Jefferson Visser
    Jefferson VisserDzień temu

    You can use a coco husk background, its really cheap and is entirely from cocohusk

  • Vinny Sasso
    Vinny SassoDzień temu

    Petko knowing and nailing almost every tarantula latin/ scientific names also petko “that other random house spider with the legs”

  • Gary Easterbrook
    Gary EasterbrookDzień temu

    Can't believe that ur using white bulbs man they will harm them slowly over a period of time please change all bulbs 2 red bulbs.. tarantula's can't c red they have 8 eyes 4 for day time light and 4 for night time light if ur professional switch bulbs

  • Brittney and Michael Burns
    Brittney and Michael BurnsDzień temu

    Would rhino bedliner be safe for the green tree monitor enclosure background if it would be safe to use it would be durable with added texture for nails

  • Sara Jean
    Sara JeanDzień temu

    That spider looks like a relative of black widow...even a messy web

  • Amanda Borchert
    Amanda BorchertDzień temu

    That is what I thought in South Dakota our house spiders look just like black widows shape wise just brown instead of I am always doing a double take to see what it is for sure!

  • Sara Jean
    Sara JeanDzień temu

    Glue some slate ( flat rocks) on the background and some pebbles.. ur welcome

  • Joey
    JoeyDzień temu

    I feel wrong watching this right after I killed a spider in my bedroom 😐

  • Amanda Borchert
    Amanda BorchertDzień temu

    It's OK if they growl at you first!😉😉😉

  • AstroAzure
    AstroAzureDzień temu

    4:55 I love the "Oh yes" then the correction after re-realising that the spider died due to it

  • Jose Ortega
    Jose OrtegaDzień temu

    Lmao at 14:44 could only imagine the other tarantula inside like "hey buddy get your butt outta my face"

  • J
    JDzień temu

    for the foam wall - mix up some thick concrete, paste it in a thin layer on the wall, when it cures grow a thick layer of moss on it.

  • Theo Is trying
    Theo Is tryingDzień temu

    Rehome the house spider and it’s babies.

  • The NightScythe
    The NightScytheDzień temu

    Linda: "where is my food human...." .... "Ok, I'm leaving now" };P

  • Cows Crimson
    Cows CrimsonDzień temu

    Good luck on the H. Gigas communal! I really want to see it turnout well!

  • Jessica Mitchell
    Jessica MitchellDzień temu

    Best day when I get one of your videos. 🌞

  • Shauna Corrigan
    Shauna CorriganDzień temu

    If you watch Snake Discovery, they've been using backgrounds made by Universal Rocks that have a polyurea coating that's super durable and completely inert when cured. I wonder if you could find something similar to coat the green tree monitor background with? Otherwise I know they sell some of their backgrounds on Amazon, at least in the US. Might be worth checking out!

  • nom3n nescio
    nom3n nescioDzień temu

    17:38 do you have a tattoo on your chest?

  • liquidfox92
    liquidfox92Dzień temu

    hey Petko, you should get some red lights for recording at night. The tarantulas will probably not be bothered by it and might stay out more.

  • Delano Prinsloo
    Delano PrinslooDzień temu

    line x

  • Jessica Flock
    Jessica FlockDzień temu

    I want a video on how you build your enclosures! I have a 3d printer and would LOVE to learn to assemble enclosures like yours

  • Dakotah Easley
    Dakotah EasleyDzień temu

    You should hot glue rocks onto the back of the green tree monitor enclosure.

  • Kage Hikari
    Kage HikariDzień temu

    Gata say, Felix's new skin is really vibrant and colorful! Poor little sling, the big world is a scary place. I wouldn't mind that other spider, but what bout all thoes kids? Thats gona be a huge family. idk if id want that many scurrying around looking for places to set up shop. Idk, just seems like potential trouble to me. Hope it works out ok.Glad there was no more escapees, lets hope it stays that way lol

  • Yum Tacos
    Yum TacosDzień temu

    I love spiders, poor baby. I'm sorry for your loss. But at least you know what claimed your little friend's life.

  • patrick irish
    patrick irishDzień temu

    The one by one was really cool cuz you get so excited! And it seemed when one got a bigger roach then they all wanted the bigger roach

  • James H
    James HDzień temu

    More night feedings! Yes

  • Marcia smith
    Marcia smithDzień temu

    Felix is cool❤️ sorry about your tarantula😢

  • ReckoningCanadian
    ReckoningCanadianDzień temu

    Absolutely adorable bunch xD

  • Joshua Purvis
    Joshua PurvisDzień temu

    You thought this was not that great of a video, but I’ve been watching for years, and I thought this video was a Top Ten video. Thanks for all of your time and hard work. GO BACK TO TWO VIDEOS PER WEEK!!! Please…

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime AuntyDzień temu

    Maybe spread some dense stucco type stuff over the background...or even some type of dyed quickcrete...? use a narrow putty knife maybe & just spread like frosting a vertical cake 🤔

  • Shan Sins
    Shan SinsDzień temu

    Omg. More feeding the babies please!

  • Tracy Bowling
    Tracy BowlingDzień temu

    Such a fun episode!!!

  • Chris SK-X
    Chris SK-XDzień temu

    You reminded me this actor who plays as the spider keeper from eight legged freaks who fed the spider's toxic cricket's

  • Adia Saputra
    Adia SaputraDzień temu

    Please Indonesian subtitle