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Triple Insect Video

Triple Insect Video

It Fell From The SKY!

It Fell From The SKY!






  • The bat t
    The bat tGodzinę temu


  • teja jerinova
    teja jerinovaGodzinę temu

    It is better to have less animals and to give them more attention, it is my opinion.

  • Anubis Plays
    Anubis PlaysGodzinę temu

    Welcome back 8!

  • Iain Stokes
    Iain Stokes2 godzin temu

    Thank you for all you do. It's so hard to message you so I hope my comment finds you to share how you helped me. I had a successful pairing of T.albopilosus this part January and have just pulled her eggsack this past week. This is my first breeding attempt so far lol.

  • Kayla Evans
    Kayla Evans12 godzin temu

    “ I need a time out too stressful for me” 😂😂😂 she was soooooo cute exploring while he was gone ♥️

  • Official Deus
    Official Deus12 godzin temu

    Hello all can someone tell me what is the purple species in the intro plz ?

  • Snake Legs
    Snake Legs12 godzin temu

    just thought i would let you know, you are definitely one of the most entertaining, and educational channel on youtube. Thank you so much for sharing with us, your passion!

  • Gio Montero
    Gio Montero12 godzin temu

    Is thete a video of petko's balfouri communal?

  • Jayna Schn
    Jayna Schn13 godzin temu

    Sashenka and Sascha looks like a Grammostola porteri, because they aregrey with a rose Carapace and Grammostola rosea more like red with a rose Carapace...

  • Adam Jonsson
    Adam Jonsson13 godzin temu

    this is the most disturbing thing Ive seen. childbirth is easier to watch than this

  • Jimmy Stancliff
    Jimmy Stancliff14 godzin temu

    There is my Felix he still shredding

  • Glen Bailey
    Glen Bailey14 godzin temu

    Where do you get the tiny maps of where your tarantulas come looking to do the same

  • Deyna Weatherly
    Deyna Weatherly15 godzin temu

    you should make the labels magnetic so that they are easier to change out between new occupants

  • 갓고참
    갓고참15 godzin temu

    Hello. I am a Korean viewer. I'm watching the video with fun. Where can I get the little tarantula case shown in the video!? I want to buy.

  • Ian Davies
    Ian Davies16 godzin temu

    Not going to end well

  • Nil Desperadum
    Nil Desperadum16 godzin temu

    Can you make a video how you printing those black clips please?

  • kulwinder lally
    kulwinder lally16 godzin temu

    Thank you for sharing it’s helpful

  • The Light
    The Light16 godzin temu

    Call her Bella

  • Jan Sturm
    Jan Sturm17 godzin temu

    He is like exotic but without the 5 cans of energydrink.

  • Connie Halvorsen
    Connie Halvorsen17 godzin temu

    Thank you for your information on all your pets. The care and food .

  • Zep Master
    Zep Master18 godzin temu

    there was something alive in that water . . .

  • Andrew Snow
    Andrew Snow18 godzin temu

    May I ask please roughly how long after birth did u wait before removing the babies I woke up today to find babies in my tank also which pulled me towards your channel ...

  • CHELSEA ProGame
    CHELSEA ProGame23 godzin temu

    Zdravo pauk ciko :)

  • Miguel Pace
    Miguel Pace23 godzin temu

    pleaseee you throwing the tarantulas in gave me so much anxietyyyy, stop throwing them in pleasee

  • sebastian hverven
    sebastian hverven23 godzin temu

    do you have the blueprints/ data for the 3D prints in the last weeks video?

  • sebastian hverven
    sebastian hverven23 godzin temu

    do you have the blueprints/ data fro the 3D printed parts?

  • DeathGrinder B
    DeathGrinder BDzień temu

    im sad i didnt see the feast.

  • Jeff Vader_Head_Of_Catering
    Jeff Vader_Head_Of_CateringDzień temu

    Does the humidity level help or hinder tarantulas in molting?

  • Lilly
    LillyDzień temu

    Everything is so dirty.. Disgusting!

  • noel
    noelDzień temu

    the spiders kinda freak me out still but wow wow wow that blue one was so pretty!

  • Simaniik
    SimaniikDzień temu

    The OCD tingling when Petko doesn't use all the screws. Ahahhaha.

  • Nuss Laxx
    Nuss LaxxDzień temu

    Man pls ceep up the Thuja Bush is super Toxic for Testudo Magenta!!!!

  • Tsuki Hotaru
    Tsuki HotaruDzień temu

    Thank gosh we arnt the only ones always worried about our tortoise hibernating. XD We did all our research and listened to what the past owners noted, but it is still nerve wrecking.

  • Zoey Campbell
    Zoey CampbellDzień temu

    its Lycosa singoriensis

  • Anthony Zubia
    Anthony ZubiaDzień temu

    You don't know me..but I love you.

  • GrapeTheFox
    GrapeTheFoxDzień temu

    now i want to keep spiders as pets

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara DreemurrDzień temu

    One of these days, someones gonna say thats all sper m

  • Jayna Schn
    Jayna SchnDzień temu

    That was because he ran away from this nice female and she wanted it so bad, that she got angry, because he was the hole time running away from her...

  • Biotope Animal
    Biotope AnimalDzień temu

    The scorpion is the best and the most interesting to keep in breeding ;)

  • Ryan Kozarich
    Ryan KozarichDzień temu

    Tarantulas are the ferrets of invertebrates pet world

  • Chris Smith
    Chris SmithDzień temu

    I purchased one of these today when it came to transfer to her new enclosure I took the lid of the carton she came in and she wouldnt move I tried to move her by touching her back leg with a soft paint brush she actually turned and struck at the brush she's about 7cm in size is it normal for them to strike at that size and boy is she fast.

  • Liam Gibbons
    Liam GibbonsDzień temu

    I have a Sulcata Tortoise and also what kind of tortoise is he im new to the channel

  • Grim Gobbles
    Grim GobblesDzień temu

    I'm alittle concerned on the touching of some of the cave pillars and dripping things.. If I remember from my couple cave and cavern trips the oils on our hands can stop the rock from getting the nutrients or water something lol and they had one called touching pillar that over years over people touching it was dark brown almost black and smooth. No longer bumpy or shiny :c

  • Jayna Schn
    Jayna SchnDzień temu

    This is what I do for all my tarantulas 😂🙈🤭 I love this awesome wood pieces and the roots, they all look so awesome ❤ for every enclosure I go to the forest at first and then I set up the enclosure... so every enclosure looks like a piece of the forest 😍 When I was new in the hobby, I bought everything in the pet shop and every time I had mold or collapsing borrows and then I started to go to the forest for substrate, wood and other decoration and since then I never had any problems with mold or other stuff! The substrate from the forest is the best, but the substrate I heat in the oven, because of any insects and harmful things, but wood I don't heat, I just wash it and let it dry... for me this is the best for the enclosures and it looks all awesome 🥰

  • H R
    H RDzień temu

    Your new new dark den is fabulous petko 👌

  • H R
    H RDzień temu

    Time of month for that lovely lady 😂🤣

  • Gorgeous Freeman
    Gorgeous FreemanDzień temu

    Exocits slayer

  • d's t's and pets
    d's t's and petsDzień temu

    I miss old dark den intro not saying this one is good but i miss season 2 and 3 ive been here since yougot ur first t saledonia

  • Hrvoje
    HrvojeDzień temu

    If you dont have cork bark in sizes you need next time you visit me I will give you some . ( dont forget slings )

  • kenneth godden
    kenneth goddenDzień temu

    You should tease your tarantulas with the roach clips

  • Monliego
    MonliegoDzień temu

    Hi, I come from the future, a time when Capuccino is no longer with us :'( So when I heard that (6:38)... maybe he should've been the most important thing in this video...

  • Craig Roettig
    Craig RoettigDzień temu

    I always thought his name was Abe lol... the time lapse was very cool, more please

  • blackrose538
    blackrose538Dzień temu

    The rim of the garden doesn't seem very high, I'm surprised that a turtoise can't just 'walk' over it?

  • Sami Abdus
    Sami AbdusDzień temu

    me: Hey, i used ur straw.... him: Oh......i use that to poke spiders-

  • M.
    M.Dzień temu

    It is now May 2021. Simply amazing how far you have come.

  • Playdead
    PlaydeadDzień temu

    I liked the turtle time-lapse🥰

  • Ash Lytton
    Ash LyttonDzień temu

    Is it possible to have too many springtails? I have a terrarium that has a small waterfall/creek running through it and a Avicularia Avicularia tarantula living inside. This set up is about 18 months old and I feel like my springtails have over ran the tank. It used to have a few salamanders living inside it but they died off over the year since getting them. I noticed my salamanders were eating the springtails and helping me get them.

  • Real Life
    Real LifeDzień temu

    BONN DAYODzień temu

    do you still play skateboard?

  • Chris Lim
    Chris LimDzień temu

    no wonder she ate him. she was really hungry look at the abdomen.

  • Imgema
    ImgemaDzień temu

    These blocks aren't high enough though. You should use some bigger ones.

  • Michael Thurlow
    Michael ThurlowDzień temu

    It's funny; I also have tarantulas, two bearded dragons, and a tortoise. I see in recent videos that you've gotten a water monitor, I got a hognose snake lol. I should start making youtube videos.

  • Mihkel Reginald Raat
    Mihkel Reginald RaatDzień temu

    I love ur setup. Like gamers have those cool computers and leds and things. But u. Good god u live like in zoo. Thats soo satisfying. Keep going

  • Didi Vanh
    Didi VanhDzień temu

    As for the enclosure outside: he will get out easy :) one block is not going to stop them. Our two greek babies like to escape by digging under the border, while the adult greek ladies are climbing experts. I first had 30cm height (wood panels) , she got out of that within a week. It's like a lion in the zoo, patrolling the boarder to find a week spot and escape! So now i have 45cm which seems to do the trick (for now, fingers crossed as they are not fully grown yet) I will bet you she will try to get out to go and hide under those bushes next to her inclosure :-) be carefull using a heavy border like that, is it stable or dug in cuz they are little tanks and if something is NOT really stuck, they WILL move it!

  • Niko
    NikoDzień temu

    12:16 the crab has me laughing He proceeds to put some light on it and the crabs like O_O oh no

  • Didi Vanh
    Didi VanhDzień temu

    If you are worried the best thing you can do is weigh him every 2-3 weeks. Like ALL animals this is the easiest and most reliable way to know something is wrong before you start seeing fysical signs. During summer his weight should go up steady, during hybernation you don't want to see any drop under 5-10% bodyweight (depending on size). If you notice the weight drops you wake them up and don't wait for spring. In normal circuimstance there is no need for this, but please don't check him every couple days while in sleep, leave him be and only disturb to weigh every couple weeks (takes no more than 2 minutes). We have 3 Greeks, we wake them around mid April. First 24 hours leave them alone with just water. It takes them some hours to wake up and by end of first day they are all under the light, relaxing. Next day is bath time and first feed (also cucumber/tomato, something with lots of water), day 3-4 i add leafy greens while downsizing the watery veggies. Day five no more crap food and leafy greens only, another bath. By this day i need to be sure they are actif, eating well and pooping normal. If this goes well they move outside after their check-up week and the new year starts again. I keep track of their weight every 3-4 weeks (summer) and while doing this i also check the nails, look if the eyes are clear, beak to long or not, stretch legs without issue, look for problems. In winter i only check the weight and a quick visual every 2-3 weeks. As i do this so often, it is very easy to know when something is off or not.

  • Pexi The Builder
    Pexi The BuilderDzień temu

    Welcome back 8 <3

  • Mystical Alpaca
    Mystical Alpaca2 dni temu

    Eight rates his Uber ride 2/10. Bumpy and he was woken up 😂

  • Steven Grindey
    Steven Grindey2 dni temu

    I find the Uv mini sun bulbs are good but they don’t last as long

  • Gabriel T
    Gabriel T2 dni temu

    His food is looking delicious! Good year, 8! :D

  • lucifer morningstar
    lucifer morningstar2 dni temu

    I don't know if you will see this but could you do a video on how you raise / care for your isopods /woodlice

  • Gabriel Redd Cariño
    Gabriel Redd Cariño2 dni temu

    no one: 8: Okay I eat... then run

  • Beverly Chedister
    Beverly Chedister2 dni temu

    Am I the only one that saw spider eggs in that hollow log? 5:11.

  • Markec Sharkpunch
    Markec Sharkpunch2 dni temu

    We had a tortoise pet at home for almost 20 years, my sister found it somewhere in 1987. He was only outside and went to his winter sleep in a pile where we put grass when we cut it all year, like a compost something and nothing was wrong. Then around 2006. we got a samoyed and i guess during tortoises winter sleep he digged him up and in the spring we found just half of his skeleton :( So just let him be during his winter sleep, he's gonna be fine on his own.

  • Christine Schwericke
    Christine Schwericke2 dni temu

    What was moving in the water???

  • nom3n nescio
    nom3n nescio2 dni temu

    1:26 wait a MINUTE! you have an animal and you DON'T KNOW how to take care of them?

  • The NightScythe
    The NightScythe2 dni temu

    Really cool Slow-mo !!! Oh wait... It's a Tortoise };P

    MOON OVER MIAMI2 dni temu

    Hello great video update on 8 Petcko

  • Michael
    Michael2 dni temu

    You should make a twitch stream account and for a few hours everyday when you do maintenance or something you can move the camera onto active animals and leave it for a little

  • Michael
    Michael2 dni temu

    How big does his species get?