12 DIFFERENT Roach Colonies!


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gyna caffrorum
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Gromphadorhina portentosa
hemiblabera brunneri
nauphoeta cinerea
archimandrita tesselata


  • Mike Mullikin
    Mike MullikinDzień temu

    My grandpa used to tell his friends "That boy would go bear hunting with a switch, but he's scared of a damn cockroach". Yup. I make no apology, I love mantids and tarantulas but you can keep the roaches.

  • ZD Exotics
    ZD Exotics5 dni temu

    Never thought I'd say this but beautiful roaches!

  • я сергеич
    я сергеич6 dni temu

    Agama is super, but I'm sorry for the archimandrite)))

  • я сергеич

    я сергеич

    6 dni temu

    I am writing from Russia with no English at all

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.6 dni temu

    Wait!! I just realize that you left your cell phone at home.. 😆!! But you are at home... just run up stairs and grab it!!😆😆

  • YelleyElley
    YelleyElley8 dni temu

    Isn’t home just up the stairs?

  • Kell Bell
    Kell Bell8 dni temu

    It would be awesome to see how your friend keeps all of those roaches as pets. I like how eager Felix was to eat that roach that was half his size. 😂

  • imGriizZly
    imGriizZly8 dni temu

    Felix be like : "Stand still I’ll show you"

  • FaithInstinct Gaming
    FaithInstinct Gaming10 dni temu

    You should have let the chameleon take the roach lol

  • FaithInstinct Gaming
    FaithInstinct Gaming10 dni temu

    Keep the crickets please, those guys look dope

  • Stinkepunker74
    Stinkepunker7410 dni temu

    No It is not a mixup. There are allways some more or less yellow Gyna lurida, maybe 1 yellow in 50 specimen. We have a few keepers here who isolated the yellows and after some years successfully breeded 100%yellow G.lurida stocks. The "busted" wings are usually older roaches, they nibble on other roaches wings. And indeed the bigger ones are females like most other roach species. The adult Gyna are good flyers, too.

  • Sarah B.
    Sarah B.10 dni temu

    I had no idea that roaches get so big!! They almost look like they are armored tanks.

  • Luvdinos2 Sonid3
    Luvdinos2 Sonid313 dni temu

    This gives me flashbacks to dark den season one where the Halloween crab talks to the other creatures and the roaches are like “we eat what we want. We eat fruit, dead roaches, we don’t care” 😂😂😂😂 the voice acting for that vid was amazing

  • Polistes SK
    Polistes SK14 dni temu

    08:51 There is no true Therea petiveriana in the culture. This species was introduced into blattist culture around 2002-2005 and disappeared many years ago. Now all T. petiveriana in culture belongs to species T. bernhardti, but still some people sell T. petiveriana because of business...

  • ¿Vashta?
    ¿Vashta?14 dni temu

    I would love to see you keep colonies of the hissers

  • Mamashomestead Life
    Mamashomestead Life14 dni temu

    I tried so hard not to be grossed out! Still watched the video 🤣

  • Sara
    Sara14 dni temu

    This video was full of nopes.

  • Haru Rainbow
    Haru Rainbow15 dni temu

    Keep the cave crickets! They look so cool.

  • BokiPlayz
    BokiPlayz15 dni temu

    Where are you from man? My bet is balkan croat, serbian or bosnian

  • Jeanne H
    Jeanne H15 dni temu

    Fascinating! I would have liked to see Dubias just for comparison.

  • John Yaffe
    John Yaffe15 dni temu

    Love them roachie bois !!

  • Smackvttv
    Smackvttv15 dni temu

    We have crickets like that around here and they have huge mandibles and can bite

  • Brooke E
    Brooke E15 dni temu

    Petko even makes roaches seem adorable. His excitement is so contagious.

  • TraWrkZ
    TraWrkZ15 dni temu


    YUNG PLAZA16 dni temu

    roachkeeping is a hobby? wtf? ok get me in

  • H2O Delirium
    H2O Delirium16 dni temu

    spider crickets or cool

  • kirepaha
    kirepaha16 dni temu

    Nauphoeta cinerea is the most common feeders in Saint Petersburg (plus usual crickets), so I have these ones! Yeah, they are REALLY fast. But because of them I became faster :D like Quicksilver And still no escape! There were some attempts, but as soon as you are not afraid of insects and ready to they run, you can catch them.

  • Zaraura Chantell
    Zaraura Chantell16 dni temu


  • djhart25
    djhart2516 dni temu

    I get keeping snakes, lizards, spiders, even rodents as pets.. but roaches for the life of me I don't understand

  • Jarrid S.L.
    Jarrid S.L.16 dni temu

    I had 2 colonies, one of Gyna cafforum and other of Gyna centurio... the second is my favourite, adults are so beautiful... but in both colonies, what began as a small group of 5-7 roaches, turned (slowly) to a nightmare of dozens and dozens of roaches! The problem is that adults climb pretty well any surface (although they almost spend the day buried, until summer when they became crazy and don't stop climbing, runing and flying on the walls of the breeding boxes, so if your lids don't close hermetically tight, they could squeeze between the gap and beguin flying through the room🤦🏾‍♂️). But cool thing is that they are like piranhas... when the colony explode, you'll have a sea of moving dirt full of nymphs, that will eat anything you throw inside... even injured comrades...

  • john tran
    john tran16 dni temu

    Now burn them all 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻🥲

  • Itz b1Gm0oNz
    Itz b1Gm0oNz16 dni temu

    You shoud make video in croatian bilo bi dobro

  • Jordyn Johnson
    Jordyn Johnson16 dni temu

    I keep blaberus craniifer roaches as pets, they look very similar to the last each you were showing but have solid black wings and their head plates have a more jack o lantern type pattern on it. The males and females are tricky to tell apart! They are commonly known as Death’s Head Cockroaches

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    I liked tha video thanks dude

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    Yea tha last ones are tha biggest!

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    Now i like tha crickets

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    Im scared of tha big roaches yep! Lol!

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    Man they are HUGE!!!

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    Be good to feed to ur spiders tho!

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    Im not very fond of roaches i cant stand them lol

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    I never knew there were so many different kinds of roaches!

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson17 dni temu

    Well i hope ur just gettin tha roaches to feed ur spiders lol

  • Keine Angabe
    Keine Angabe17 dni temu

    If you want to know the gender, you have to check the lower side of the Abdomen. If the last segment is splitted, then you have a male.

  • Rojo Star Phantom
    Rojo Star Phantom17 dni temu

    Those arnt water bugs ? I’m confused on what’s a water bug and what’s a roach

  • tiffanyvoerman
    tiffanyvoerman17 dni temu

    "Such a pretty roach"... OK Petko, if you say so 😅😆

  • Abyss 75
    Abyss 7517 dni temu

    Having a large decorative display enclosure for the colony of crickets could look amazing! Would love to see that in the future, so long as they don’t stink. Heard cricket colonies can get pretty dirty compared to roach colonies

  • Corba Pasulj
    Corba Pasulj17 dni temu

    Petko cujem da si iz Hrvatske mislim da me razumes sta pricam.Volim tvoje videe samo tako nastavi!

  • Ying G.
    Ying G.17 dni temu

    I grew up with fear of flying roaches, but watching how Petko handled them in this video made me realize how silly that fear is xD Thank you!

  • Playdead
    Playdead17 dni temu

    Very cool video even though there was no spiders

  • MamaRoach 75
    MamaRoach 7517 dni temu

    And that last one, Pepper roach, is beautiful 😍

  • MamaRoach 75
    MamaRoach 7517 dni temu

    I love hissers the most 🥰 I had regular ones and dark black ones. My first hisser is in my shoulder at my profile picture. He was Edward and female was black and her name was Awa. 🥰

  • Valentina Benitez
    Valentina Benitez17 dni temu

    Petko: Are you enjoying the roaches so far? me: well yes, of course! I'm even eating cookies! Thanks for your videos Petko!

  • atahan_ bc
    atahan_ bc17 dni temu

    i don't know if you will read this but I've been on your youtube account since your first dark den and I learned so much from you and now I have a tarantula myself for over 1 year I love your content

  • Mikołaj Kapitan
    Mikołaj Kapitan17 dni temu

    You should keep Archimandrita tesselata in the enclosure with substrate

  • • Wølf – Ghøst – lmao
    • Wølf – Ghøst – lmao17 dni temu

    Im going to faint 0-0 😱🤣🥸☝️😳

  • soviet comrade z
    soviet comrade z17 dni temu

    whats your most venomous animal?

  • Aspien Girl
    Aspien Girl18 dni temu

    I never saw cockroaches (accept for the common small ones) before finding your channel. This is so interesting. 😁

  • Rachel 71
    Rachel 7118 dni temu

    Sorry but a good roach 🪳 is a dead one

  • Zephon Lucier
    Zephon Lucier18 dni temu

    hey man I have watched this one video (gonna send the link) and if you could would you please let me know just how much this guy is wrong. said a funnel web spider is the most deadliest spider in the world.......🤔🤔🤔

  • kenny k
    kenny k18 dni temu

    I like the javanica or Halloween roach and also the cuban of green banana roach .roach keeping is a cool hobby .

  • Wayne S
    Wayne S18 dni temu

    Nauphoeta cinerea are a great feeders and very economical. There are a few issues with them... One is their climbing ability in combination with their speed. They quickly escape their enclosure without the proper precautions. The simplest solution is to create a barrier with petroleum jelly on the inside rim of their enclosure. Just an inch or so should be fine. Other than that the only issue I have with them is the vile odour which they produce 🤢 They're great feeders for young juvenile tarantulas. I also have Blaptica dubia, Blaberus craniifer, and Gromphadorhina portentosa. I hope I can also get a hold of some Blaberus discoidalis but they're not easy to source here in Ireland.

  • Bambammetje
    Bambammetje18 dni temu

    Even though I don't like spiders I get the fascination with tarantula's. But roaches? No you lost me there, they are not pretty, they're big and they're gross. But I like your never ending enthousiasm.

  • Vendettis
    Vendettis18 dni temu


  • zyxwfish
    zyxwfish18 dni temu

    The world needs more quality cockroach videos like this.

  • Adriane Tornetto
    Adriane Tornetto18 dni temu

    Never thought I would say "hey that roach is pretty"...the white ones..I would still run away in fear...but they are very pretty.

  • V N
    V N18 dni temu

    Who wants to intentionally keep roaches?

  • aͨnͧgͭeͤl
    aͨnͧgͭeͤl18 dni temu

    i love bugs. but roaches are still!!! something that i just cant get over. they still freak me out. the only roach i am ok with are hissers. i really wish i could get over my innate freak and thought to just smash them when i see one :^(

  • Sean Gere
    Sean Gere18 dni temu

    Panchlora Nivea are my favorite species of roaches. The males reach about 15cm and females reach about 21cm when adults. Also females are slightly wider then males. Both are green and have wings. That other roach didn't look like a nymph of P. Nivea. It looks like an adult of a different species. The Nymphs should be a uniform dark chocolate brown to black but not as shiny as most other roaches. It should have a cloudiness to it. I have been looking for the last 8 years for some here in Germany but haven't found anyone that has any for sale yet. Congrats on the new roaches.

  • Erik Back
    Erik Back18 dni temu

    The big boy roaches were super cool and the hissers too

  • Lexy Silva
    Lexy Silva18 dni temu

    Those cave crickets are so cool!

    GOLDEN NINJA18 dni temu

    Hi sir PETCO! I've been your fan for a while now. I'm from the Philippines. My biggest fear are cockroaches but upon seeing the roaches on this video, I want to try and hold them. They are so beautiful. More power to your channel! Me and my son really loves your videos!

  • Christy Bennett
    Christy Bennett18 dni temu

    The last shot of the last gyna species looks like it has a butterfly on the head and 2 black hearts on its wings!

  • Серафим Шакиров
    Серафим Шакиров18 dni temu

    ВОСХИТИТЕЛЬНОЕ видео, обожаю, когда ты показываешь тараканов, желаю, чтобы твоя коллекция пополнилась новыми видами, такими как corydidarum magnifica.( прошу прощения, что написано на русском)

  • Trenee281
    Trenee28118 dni temu

    P: are you enjoying the roaches so far?? Me: N😂!! But I enjoy watching you enjoy them!! 😁

  • Alex Maxie
    Alex Maxie18 dni temu

    btw your chameleon will love the banana roaches

  • Alex Maxie
    Alex Maxie18 dni temu

    those green ones are banana roaches and they make great feeders but fly alot

  • NicoleHayes9332
    NicoleHayes933218 dni temu

    Why are there nymphs in all of them? Is it important?

  • Hustler Frosty
    Hustler Frosty18 dni temu

    Keep the black tiger hissing roaches, horseshoe crab roaches , and the lobster roaches that you said were fast get a big tub for those and line the rim of the tub with a thick layer of vaseline and they can’t escape they will climb the tub but won’t test the vaseline barrier I keep the lobster roaches if you decide to keep them I’ll help you learn how to breed them

  • Dario Fuß
    Dario Fuß18 dni temu

    Hi, I'm also breeding many roaches and I just wanted to say that the nymphs of Panchlora nice don't climb flat surfaces and don't look like this you had in the box. I'd say it's another species. But you should breed the Panchlora because they reproduce like crazy and they are kind of nervous every time you touch them what triggers spider's to hunting. Best regards Dario from Germany

  • Dario Fuß

    Dario Fuß

    18 dni temu

    And I ment Panchlora nivea. My auto correction likes nice more that nivea 🙈

  • Dario Fuß

    Dario Fuß

    18 dni temu

    And the Archimandrita tesselata need a high soil level because the nymphs like digging in to it and when they don't have it they will not reproduce.

  • Super Loops
    Super Loops18 dni temu

    I like big fat slow cockroaches I have some pet dubias I bought them as tarantual food but I liked them and decided I couldnt feed them to my spiders so I made them an enclosure and kept them to be pets instead. that was like ~18 months ago and quite a few are still alive they like to eat oranges. they were the luckiest roaches in the shop that day.

  • Laurelis Laurelis
    Laurelis Laurelis18 dni temu

    Gdje nabavljaš žohare za prehranu gmazova?

  • Joao Machado
    Joao Machado19 dni temu

    great day when even the roaches you see are beautiful.

  • Timix100
    Timix10019 dni temu

    Maybe use the crickets for feeders would be cool

  • Assaf Cohen
    Assaf Cohen19 dni temu

    My anxiety level is through the roof right now

  • Therese Old
    Therese Old19 dni temu

    I have Macropanesthia rhinoceros. Or Giant Burrowing cockroaches. Super cool pets.

  • Tracy Thomas
    Tracy Thomas19 dni temu

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  • Liz Rasper
    Liz Rasper19 dni temu

    Those smaller feeder roaches that you said you wouldn't want to breed ARE really great to use as feeders, they are also called LOBSTER roaches or speckled roaches and they are super good feeders. A lot of people in the US use them. They breed really fast and they are quick but not as fast and bolty as red runners. I use them for feeders with my reptiles and they love them! Oh the other thing is that males and females both have wings, and they are virtually identical except the males are smaller and the females have two small lines like notches pointing in from the end of their butts. haha They are great feeders because their shells and wings are less hard than other roaches and are easier for reptiles to eat and digest.

    MrPONESCO19 dni temu

    I think that with the green "banana roach" there is a big sub adult "lateralis" (maybe) ?

  • Damien Kinchen
    Damien Kinchen19 dni temu

    I love roaches. I forget the species name, but the chrome green roaches are amazing. I like domino roaches as well

  • Luan Henrique Viero
    Luan Henrique Viero19 dni temu

    I'm sure Linda can eat any of these roaches hehehehe.

  • Denice Detroit
    Denice Detroit19 dni temu

    Spiders, Tarantula's I absolutely love. Roaches I now don't mind, since I have to use them to feed my T's and Scorpion with, but I definitely don't view them as pet's. Some are beautiful though, Petko. But nope definitely NOT for me as an actual pet. Definitely gonna to have to get over my phobia of some of them first.

  • Troy and Skyelar
    Troy and Skyelar19 dni temu

    Do a dedicated cave themed enclosure for the crickets with a 3D background on roof, back, sides and floor with crevices carved out!

  • Creepy Gallery
    Creepy Gallery19 dni temu

    Those are some sweet looking cockroaches. I've been trying to get a colony of Polyzosteria limbata going but no luck so far.

  • Sophie
    Sophie19 dni temu

    Aww Petko don't tease poor Felix with that juicy roach ahaha as soon as he saw it he stuck out his tongue :D so cute and funny hehe Well sadly personally roaches and mosquitoes are probably the only living creatures I honestly dislike haha although gotta admit the little white coloured ones were kinda pretty for a roach :) the others nah not my cup of tea. 😅🙈 I'd feed them all to Felix and Despa LOL maybe that's why I LOVE lizards and chameleons so much cause they get rid of roaches and mosquitoes ahaha

  • ReeLaiR-ExOTv
    ReeLaiR-ExOTv19 dni temu

    your roach looks pretty awesome

  • Isak H
    Isak H19 dni temu

    Keep the crickets! They look so cool with their long antennas 😎

  • Nad Lun
    Nad Lun19 dni temu

    In Argentina where I was born, the flying cockroaches would be my absolute nightmare. Seeing you handle them like it’s no big deal astonishes me lol

  • Ashley White
    Ashley White19 dni temu

    In Indiana we have those "Cave Crickets". We call them "mole crickets" and "spider crickets". They are a nuisance critter. Constantly under foot and just asking to be stepped on. I just push them out of the way with my foot lol

  • ibrahim
    ibrahim19 dni temu

    i like spiders but i have a fear of cockroaches, is there a word for that

  • Mac 77
    Mac 7719 dni temu

    You should keep the Aphid, Cricket critters. They are so cool. Would love to learn more about them

  • Berrona
    Berrona19 dni temu