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  • NicoleHayes9332
    NicoleHayes933212 dni temu

    I'm obsessed with peace tea

  • Mark Mayhew
    Mark Mayhew18 dni temu

    Never seen a more random package of stuff sent by a fan in my life. New to the channel and enjoying th content.

  • ꧁Gaming With Mercy𓆪꧂
    ꧁Gaming With Mercy𓆪꧂20 dni temu

    Do you have a girl friend lmao

  • jake one
    jake one21 dzień temu

    Lol close the door before walking away! Really interesting content 👌

  • Johnny Shores
    Johnny Shores22 dni temu

    Dam just looking in the beginning of them eating id be hard to tell all them roaches been all over eating it from the camera

  • Alexander El Maalouf
    Alexander El Maalouf22 dni temu

    These headlight roaches drive me crazy

  • coastal_ chameleon
    coastal_ chameleon22 dni temu

    Pretty interesting , i know super worms were able to eat foam boards but did not know roaches would do the same

  • Jessie Hydro
    Jessie Hydro24 dni temu

    Gross. I’d hate to have to fix/clean that roach enclosure.

  • dna design
    dna design25 dni temu

    I didn't expect that many roaches 😂

  • Judy Gwen
    Judy Gwen25 dni temu

    You KNOW this is going to STINK, right???

  • KrissrocK
    KrissrocK26 dni temu

    man, i can smell the funk from here

  • ProfessorChani
    ProfessorChani26 dni temu

    Love the trolling with the skull!

  • Kayne
    Kayne26 dni temu

    Looks like they hollowed the fish out

  • Elisa G
    Elisa G26 dni temu

    Your intros are perfect. They always get me hooked and wanting to see what happens!

  • Martin J
    Martin J27 dni temu

    That's going to smell something awful

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty27 dni temu

    Oh MY GOSH! I totally thot of putting Kats skull n there 3 seconds b4 he did...

  • Dah G Man
    Dah G Man27 dni temu

    Petco make it a natural forest floor environment, and I'm sure as they explode you can pick off a few for special feedings

  • RWina GangGang
    RWina GangGang27 dni temu

    NOOOO ALWAYS CLOSE THE LID 2:35 especially with roaches

  • Miranda Smith
    Miranda Smith27 dni temu

    Kat is going to get a kick out of this!! Lol, you all are awesome! Love all the videos!

  • Alvin Ibric
    Alvin Ibric28 dni temu

    Jesi li ti hrvat?

  • Tarantula Chris
    Tarantula Chris28 dni temu

    Sweet lil video enjoyed it

  • DanXDelion
    DanXDelion28 dni temu

    12:36 "he is breeding with his girlfriend reptiles..."

  • noelia !
    noelia !28 dni temu

    it’s like whole family gathering 🤣🤣😭

  • Sunn Rae
    Sunn Rae28 dni temu

    When you pulled out the peace tea cans I knew it was a Canadian package lol toonies boii...I'm from MB

  • Angela Litz

    Angela Litz

    5 dni temu

    We have them in New York too :)

  • zayqxd
    zayqxd28 dni temu

    4:40 What are the orange ball like things underneath the soil or dirt part of the encloser?

  • Tyler Willis
    Tyler Willis28 dni temu

    Looks like they were slowly burying it

  • Sara VanderMeer
    Sara VanderMeer28 dni temu


  • Andy Nuñez
    Andy Nuñez28 dni temu

    Petko: thank you for the crested gecko food💗 Also Den: procedes to thraw it agay like a Frisbee

  • MrHavadollar
    MrHavadollar28 dni temu

    They didn't eat the whole fish because it's not decayed enough or, believe it or not, cooked. It would have gone over better if you'd cooked the fish. People forget that they weirdly have some of the same limitations we do in diet. Also, that is so Trevor. I actually thought that first, but then because it was random, I was thinking it might have been Dayyan. They both like sending brick-a-brack as gifts, like an old grandma. That is an old English phrase for random things of negligible value. When I can send you something, it will be full cans, not empties. Lol.

  • Amanda
    Amanda28 dni temu

    NASTY, cockroaches are so ewwwww, yet I still watched the video start to finish............

  • Extabytez
    Extabytez28 dni temu

    i love the music so much

  • Jessica Mitchell
    Jessica Mitchell28 dni temu

    I like the skull in the roach motel.

  • Triosky
    Triosky28 dni temu

    I feel the moths would at least make a nice little trash-food snack for a tiny jumper or baby spoider. Num num.

  • J Phadz
    J Phadz28 dni temu

    Time to clean Some Enclosures Too dirty

  • Hustler Frosty
    Hustler Frosty28 dni temu

    Be careful to much protein can cause incomplete molts for the roaches

  • Hustler Frosty

    Hustler Frosty

    28 dni temu

    It causes the exoskeleton harden and cause the death of the roach

  • Virginia Rodriguez
    Virginia Rodriguez28 dni temu

    Hello hun what species of small tarantula should I get that won’t grow that big?

  • Cd5 Gaming
    Cd5 Gaming28 dni temu

    Hey is it possible you could tell us your enclosure sizes please

  • Josiah Thompson
    Josiah Thompson28 dni temu

    I hope you have a plan for population control lol, those things will get out of hand pretty fast. Maybe the reptiles will go for them?

  • Damien Kinchen
    Damien Kinchen28 dni temu

    I'm pretty sure when the headlight roaches eat a certain fungi, they actually glow in the dark. I could be mistaken them for a different species of roach, but I think that's how they got the name. The "headlights" on the head can actually glow. You can also feed them a certain diet to make the headlight a different color. Very interesting species. Most ppl consider roaches pest, but out of the 1000s of species that exist, only around 15 are actually pest. They have so many different cool colored roaches

  • P n Js Trips
    P n Js Trips28 dni temu

    Hi love watching the videos. Thought I would send a link to tarantula me and my wife bought in Cambodia.

  • slapstick comedy2.0.1
    slapstick comedy2.0.128 dni temu

    I found out bout a spider anime called "So I'm a spider, so what?" I've been watching clips on the crunchy roll PLtoolss channel and it's funny and the main spider protagonist is adorable.

  • Dynasty Phantom
    Dynasty Phantom28 dni temu

    That roach inside the fish mouth was like: "Oh well"

  • Ced B
    Ced B28 dni temu

    Hm, I fear the eaten styrofoam by the roaches might end up in your pets... Silver lining, the fish too

  • Jiggy Gems Senin
    Jiggy Gems Senin28 dni temu

    Yaay they're damn cute

  • Amanda Price
    Amanda Price29 dni temu

    Your vids are never “underwhelming”. Always entertaining, informative and fun.

  • Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}
    Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}29 dni temu

    I was eating monkfish for breakfast while watching this morning. Pretty immersive viewing.

  • Prince Joshua Rhys
    Prince Joshua Rhys29 dni temu

    Plss send me a female jumping spider and male plss

  • Pexi The Builder
    Pexi The Builder29 dni temu

    "It smells really bad", well, its fish after all, and fish stinks bad, almost as bad as cats :(

  • Frogger
    Frogger29 dni temu

    As I work with fish professionally I've seen plenty of videos of people cutting off filets, but I certainly didn't expect it in a dark den video :P

  • Frogger


    29 dni temu

    Although you get minus points for not showing how to cut the rib bones off the filet! xD

  • DemonX
    DemonX29 dni temu

    What's point having roaches if u can't feed them to tarantulas

  • Vero Nika
    Vero Nika29 dni temu

    What am I watching 👀😂😂😂

  • Eddie Norris
    Eddie Norris29 dni temu

    Look into getting a endoscope for escapee, and picture taking. For less than $30 you can not go wrong, and you might being adding this to your must have equipment.

  • Eddie Norris
    Eddie Norris29 dni temu

    Look into getting a endoscope for escapee, and picture taking. For less than $30 you can not go wrong, and you might being adding this to your must have equipment.

  • Bo Nificent
    Bo Nificent29 dni temu

    Who is recording for you in the beginning? Also can we meet Maya???

  • TheIndustrialfreak
    TheIndustrialfreak29 dni temu

    You need to update your youtube banner to season 4!

  • Davide De Rose Veltri
    Davide De Rose Veltri29 dni temu

    you need dermestes beetles for this kind of works of cleaning skeletons lol

  • Simone Loro
    Simone Loro29 dni temu

    Now they know the taste of the flesh. They crave for more meat.

  • kurosebastian0128
    kurosebastian012829 dni temu

    Fun video!! Wondering what happened to your right hand?

  • Imgema
    Imgema29 dni temu

    I hope you won't need to feed tarantulas with roaches that are filled with Styrofoam.

  • andrewmartinez02
    andrewmartinez0229 dni temu

    Petko, you are an absolute angel. I love your videos and I look forward to them every week. I would love to see you do a video with your wife to see how she reacts to all your animals. And tell Felix that we love him!!

  • Sontanas Chamberlain
    Sontanas Chamberlain29 dni temu

    I miss the feeding video of all tarantulas

  • Daniel Van Leeuwen
    Daniel Van Leeuwen29 dni temu

    Maybe you could try a sardine or chicken wing next time

    DPRSSV29 dni temu

    Really cool videoidea, would love to see a mega roachcolony 😂

  • Scott
    Scott29 dni temu

    I suspect that next week every enclosure will have a plastic skull.

  • Matt Deegs
    Matt Deegs29 dni temu

    Thank you for the gecko food *throws it on the floor*

  • Matthew rapley
    Matthew rapley29 dni temu

    Secretly you love that scull, just admit it🤣😂

  • Lea Holle
    Lea Holle29 dni temu

    12:35 "he's breeding with his girlfriend" Me: interesting information to share.. 😂

  • Palooch88
    Palooch8829 dni temu

    15:00 for example Caribena versicolor enclosure :)

  • Technoraptor 777
    Technoraptor 77729 dni temu

    Oh wait wait...nevermind...they look similar to the kind of moths im thinking about...FALSE ALARM!...they just eat grains..these are harmless

  • Jordan Pacheco
    Jordan Pacheco29 dni temu

    Where should I buy a tarantula from? I’m in the US

  • Blair


    29 dni temu

    I had a great experience with Pinchers and Pokies, Josh’s frogs is also great 👍

  • John Matta
    John Matta29 dni temu

    Great video Petko!!!

  • Nansea Land
    Nansea Land29 dni temu

    Camera man? Or camera wife??

  • Red Beard
    Red Beard29 dni temu

    One of natures many clean up crews!

  • kashi wolfe
    kashi wolfe29 dni temu

    This small sentence made me spit out my drink: "He is breeding with his girlfriend *short pause* bearded crested geckos" Just caught me off guard until my brain registered what you meant xD 12:16

  • Robin Ferdinandsen
    Robin Ferdinandsen29 dni temu

    I love the idea of a roach colony to do timelapse videos with. Like a whole apple and see them hollow it out. Also can despacito not eat them? If you wanna use them as feeders i mean.

  • Asylumental
    Asylumental29 dni temu

    *hmmm...what to send Petko...hmm, oh! I know!* -empties trash bin beside computer desk into box-

  • Lukas
    Lukas29 dni temu

    Do you can feed felix and despasito with this roaches?

  • Jada Estes

    Jada Estes

    26 dni temu

    No, the exoskeleton is too hard and can cause impaction for them.

  • D K
    D K29 dni temu

    I really like these headlight roaches, they really ‘brighten up’ my day 😆

  • James H
    James H29 dni temu

    Hmm. Good gut load for tarantula feeding?

  • Tommy Jarvis
    Tommy Jarvis29 dni temu

    that opening with the following camera was unexpectedly smooth

  • squrl 1
    squrl 129 dni temu

    how about time laspse with the vampire crabs and the fish

  • Otto Cornett
    Otto Cornett29 dni temu

    Gets money and a rock His response: “What the hell” 😂

  • The NightScythe
    The NightScythe29 dni temu

    Definetly an interesting vid to watch... Creepy watching the entire substrate "pulsating" lol

  • Lorie Mooso
    Lorie Mooso29 dni temu

    They didn't eat the whole fish but it was still a cool time laps because they were very active.

  • ManslayerWI
    ManslayerWI29 dni temu

    Please do more videos like this it was awesome!

  • Anton Thomas Punzalan
    Anton Thomas Punzalan29 dni temu

    Happy birthday Petko Dark den

  • kiki- drawer26
    kiki- drawer2629 dni temu

    I know you don't feed these roaches to your pets but if you did do you think it might cause impaction? They are eating plastic its not harmful to the bug. Mealworms can eat foam to! I wanted to train mealworms to eat my left over foam to help decompose plastics bit then I realized if I did I probably couldn't feed them to my pets. But its interesting to see them thrive off of something with so little nutrition lol

  • Schneider Webb
    Schneider Webb29 dni temu

    I want to see how you cooked that fish, Petko. COOKING IN THE DEN WHEN???

  • Shauqi Hassan
    Shauqi Hassan29 dni temu

    Time jump .. The enclosure gone .

  • Rey Baranda
    Rey Baranda29 dni temu

    Darkden is amazing he always want all of his pet feels like in the wild😀😃😁

  • Deadly Scream
    Deadly Scream29 dni temu

    Someone sent you a box of trash. Can't believe they drank the drinks. 😶

  • The Dark Den

    The Dark Den

    28 dni temu

    I collect empty cans :'D

  • Aracnídeos /Exóticos
    Aracnídeos /Exóticos29 dni temu


  • nickolas sokaluk
    nickolas sokaluk29 dni temu

    i'd be interested to see a colony grown from one female and one male roach and see if they start changing from inbreeding and how many generations etc

  • Aspien Girl
    Aspien Girl29 dni temu

    Those cockroaches better be grateful for that enclosure. 😆

  • Thomas Oliver
    Thomas Oliver29 dni temu

    Thanks for your work Petco. I look forward to Mondays and Fridays!😀

  • Mi museito de Historia Natural
    Mi museito de Historia Natural29 dni temu

    Oh man thats just gross... 🤮🤮🤮

  • Sam Ainscough-Irvine
    Sam Ainscough-Irvine29 dni temu

    You should get a puffer fish to feed the roaches to and you could use the puffer to cull the giant African land snail babies.

  • Sandie Pichereau
    Sandie Pichereau29 dni temu

    the moths are from the pyrale family, they are known to be in food mostly floor etc

  • Space Cadet 69
    Space Cadet 6929 dni temu

    Plastic Skull. Ooh Petko. I bet you will wake up at 2 in the morning and remove that Skull. It’s gonna haunt your dreams.

  • Kathy Childress
    Kathy Childress29 dni temu