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  • Draconicrose Gaming
    Draconicrose Gaming3 godzin temu

    I had a hamster as a child just up and die on me for no reason but I think he might have been stressed from such a small enclosure. :( My other hamster had a much bigger one and she was fine until she escaped and died. They are so fragile! Hope Latte lives a long time.

  • Harry VH
    Harry VH15 godzin temu

    Hamsters in the wild will traverse a distance of up to 5 miles a night. To think that people put them in a 1 foot wide/tall metal cage is so absolutely sad and horrible. Same thing goes for the many many birds that never have the chance to even stretch their wings... >:( PS : for you Europeans ; 1 foot = 30 cm. 5 miles = 9km. I googled it lol

  • Heather Snyder
    Heather Snyder22 godzin temu

    I was actually thinking about getting a hamster and decided not to.I don't think I had the right one just because I wanted to. I thought it was better to do what better for the hamster to be with a different home

  • VideoDead69
    VideoDead69Dzień temu

    Thank you!

  • SnowBall the HamHam
    SnowBall the HamHam3 dni temu

    Hi, a lot of the stuff in this video is correct but here’s somethings i wanted to point out 1.I wouldn’t really start out the baby with the smaller cage I would give him a big cage right away. 2.I wouldn’t recommend holding your hamster right when he/she comes home because moving to a new environment is pretty stressful for the little guy/girl 3.I would recommend putting some more things in his/her cage and if you can’t go and buy things at a pet store then what you can do is go outside and look for some good looking sticks not to dirty then to sterilize them boil them you may need to wash them in water to 4.The aspen bedding you used is good for hamsters but depending on the brand/batch it good be dusty so if you do have aspen watch out for sneezing if you can I would recommend using paper based bedding if you could a good brand is Kaytee Clean and Cozy, but adding the hay for burrowing structure was a good choice 5.The last thing is bedding (Again.) I can’t tell if you did but always add atleast 6 inches of bedding preferably more. Other wise everything was good

  • Lalifali
    Lalifali4 dni temu

    Oh I really like the little fluff! You could add a sandbath with dust free sand so he can clean himself daily :) Mine stretches too every evening and it's so adorable

  • mokuve
    mokuve4 dni temu

    Could've used it as a travel cage. Lol.

  • Bonnieproof Randomnezz
    Bonnieproof Randomnezz4 dni temu

    Hey! I got the same hamster 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brooke Martin
    Brooke Martin4 dni temu

    Thats what I did ish someone gave me a cage like that I took it and as soon as they were gone to the composer.

  • Luke Gray
    Luke Gray5 dni temu

    Hamsters are just as complicated as rats. I’d like to see how you keep your feeder rats if you do. Cause I imagine it might disappoint a rat keeper like that hamster enclosure disappointed you. I’m definitely guilty of not having everything my rats needed right away but even feeder rats deserve a good life. My girls are pet store feeders but they will never be eaten or breed.

  • ussarn g
    ussarn g5 dni temu

    This is the guy that doesn't have breeding cages for his tarantulas but breeds them anyhow.... So we should listen to him about hamsters, why? 🐹

  • Teresa james
    Teresa james5 dni temu

    Do you give your hamsters mealworms and crickets ? Is this the right thing to give hamsters i saw it online never knew they could have that 😲

  • Danger Nugget
    Danger Nugget6 dni temu

    heheheheh.... just like a tarantula.. More substrate!!!

  • Miss.Kachina V
    Miss.Kachina V7 dni temu

    I wish I could have shown this when I was working qt the pet store! I would always dissuade from buying our cheap enclosures n for them making their own enclosure is more fun n cheap

  • Bayolens
    Bayolens7 dni temu

    Yow man what kind of hamster is that? Thank you

  • Elenuay Jenley
    Elenuay Jenley7 dni temu

    Not me almost choking on my tea because I got a Starbucks add after the name reveal... xD

  • Chantal Van Bragt
    Chantal Van Bragt8 dni temu

    I love how you explain that those ghastly little cages are not suitable for hamsters! I work in a petshop where we work with hamsterscaping in aquarium or Terrarium, the bedding we use to make the bodem more stable is Hemp fiber, cotton comford and wood fiber just mix it al up and you can really make a bedding where the hamster can dig burrows. I can't waith to see how the end result will look like!

  • Petra Robinson
    Petra Robinson8 dni temu

    Late is very sweet but, you should not put any plastic in his enclosure as he can chew on it and gets really sick. Also, please do not use water bottles, hamsters do not have water bottles in the wild. To give Late something to do, let him forage for his food. Just place it around the enclosure so that he has to find it, as he would do if he was in the wild. Please do add a lot more substrate in the enclosure so that he can burrow. You are a wonderful caring person and I enjoyed watching your video. My Syrian Hamster Buddy lives in a 120x50x60 enclosure but we are building him one that will be 170x70x70. Just because hamsters are small does not mean they do not need space. In the wild, a hamster will walk, run miles while foraging for his food.

  • Human Bean
    Human Bean9 dni temu

    I had hamsters when I was little I have such guilt now. I did all the wrong things. Poor little guys.

  • Danger Nugget

    Danger Nugget

    6 dni temu

    Me with my betas.... I kept them in tanks hardly bigger than the cups they came in as a kid. I hate the misinformation spread at pet stores

  • coffee the hamster
    coffee the hamster9 dni temu

    This guys facts are all wrong

  • Sarah Hudson
    Sarah Hudson9 dni temu

    Latte is adorable 😍

  • Coastal Coyote
    Coastal Coyote10 dni temu

    YEEESSS!! If you cannot afford the correct care, space, and/or time, don't get the pet. Research what you are interested in extensively and make sure that you can care for them properly. If the answer is "no," look into other animals as pets til you find one that really fits your lifestyle.

  • November Rain
    November Rain10 dni temu

    I used recycled paper for bedding I've had alot.of.luck with it because it's dust free and they can get respiratory infection ect...I've used it with all my rats too....I have a hedgehog currently and it is a god send to have recycled paper.....

  • Kandy King
    Kandy King11 dni temu

    In wasnt apart of the voting but im glad you picked the one that looks like Bijou #ItsHamtaroTime

  • Grace Nolan
    Grace Nolan12 dni temu

    I know I’m late, but a paper based bedding you can use for hamsters is Kay tee clean and cosy unsented bedding. Really any paper based bedding should work as long as there is no sent.

  • Sweet Carrot
    Sweet Carrot12 dni temu

    I got a dwarf hamster when I was around 12 and I am sad to say that her enclosure was about as small as the one he smashed at first. She used to have a plastic tunnel sticking out of the enclosure and she would pee there, so her fur got pee all over it. I began to clean her fur regularly and she died after 3 years of life, because of constipation. I miss her and I see now that she probably had a terrible life in such a small space

  • lovemyvan
    lovemyvan13 dni temu

    You sound like Gru

  • teja jerinova
    teja jerinova13 dni temu

    Come on, Latte?? There is so many beautiful names and you choose "kr neki", sorry..

  • Calamity o.O
    Calamity o.O13 dni temu

    I built my own guinea pig cages and it needs less cleaning than a small cage as I only need to change the corners daily instead of the entire enclosure. It helped cut back on smell too during the hot humid months.

  • Grace Daly
    Grace Daly13 dni temu

    Just found your channel, it's so nice to see someone who actually makes an real effort with hamsters! They deserve the best

  • leon h
    leon h13 dni temu

    11:00 croatia?

  • Shemihazah
    Shemihazah14 dni temu

    When I saw the title of this video I immediately stopped feeding my hamster.

  • Gotor
    Gotor15 dni temu

    Lol I forget this channel Petko have you Pieskomil (gerbil)

  • Chronicle Fates
    Chronicle Fates15 dni temu

    Victoria Racheal would approve :) But a hampster need at least 6 inches to burrow!

  • El Der
    El Der15 dni temu

    This video had me smiling so much. Such cute tiny latte!

  • ArtPandasTique
    ArtPandasTique15 dni temu

    I appreciate that you did your research. We need people like you. But I recommend you to put more bedding at least 6-7 inches deep since hamsters are burrowing animals. You don’t have to worry about your hammy’s size. It’s natural. When he gets to be an adult, please try to look for a river rock to naturally trim his nails. Also please give him chew toys. Apple sticks would be a good one. Hamsters needs to trim their teeth to prevent dental issues.

  • ArtPandasTique


    15 dni temu

    --- I forgot to mention when you are able to find a river rock always wash it with warm water. You can use dish soap but make sure to rinse it properly. You need to do this process to prevent potential small insects that’s living inside the river rock. So far those are the things that I hope you do because it’s part of hamster care. Welcome to the small animal community by the way! I’m sure you’ll be a good and loving father for your furry baby!

  • ArtPandasTique


    15 dni temu

    --- be mindful to look out for his wheel from time to time as well especially when it’s made of wood. Most hamsters pees on their wheels so that will make the wood material rotten. Personally I would recommend the niteangel hamster wheel that’s made of plastic. That way it will be easier for you to clean. Oh and by the way, don’t forget the sand bath as well. When it comes with sand bath please make sure to avoid the sand that has a calcium added as this is toxic to hamsters. You can find those sand at the reptile store. I personally recommend the zoo med repti sand desert white. It’s found on amazon. There’s an alternative sand and that’s play sand though you need to bake them for sterilization. I think it’s better if you get the zoo med reptisand as it’s soft and it’s easy for you to clean their poop and pee when you use a sifter.

  • ArtPandasTique


    15 dni temu

    ---For the river rock it’s best to place it near his water bottle and food dish so whenever he goes to drink or eat his nails will be naturally trimmed.

  • Verónica Lee Siu
    Verónica Lee Siu16 dni temu

    Its bad to grab him out of the box

  • Andréa Jaggers
    Andréa Jaggers16 dni temu

    They eat bugs so giving him mealworms would be nice for him but other than that every thing seems good

  • KillerKeksie
    KillerKeksie16 dni temu

    He looks way too young to be away from his mother...

  • Kitty Kaiju
    Kitty Kaiju16 dni temu

    Hey! Tanks are actually much cheaper in the long run than crittletrails. Having worked in a pet store. The small wire enclosures break very quickly, dont have enough pan depth for bedding, the tubes are ofen way too small and dangerous for syrian hamsters. The plastic gets dirty fast. And is super flimzy and cracks. The plugs that stop hamsters from excaping also break very easily. Youre better off getting a nice big tank that will likely never break!

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee17 dni temu


  • lpsotakutrash
    lpsotakutrash17 dni temu

    Im surprised he didn't bite you and allowed you to hold him! I had two orange & white hamsters (had them at two different times in my life) and they were mean and wouldn't let us hold them or touch them and were scared of us :(

  • Dandella
    Dandella17 dni temu

    More bedding would be nice, a sand bath, a semi-crowded enclosure since they’re prey animals, herbs that are beneficial for their respiratory system 💓 i can’t wait to see him in the full enclosure, Latte is very adorable and you’re doing a great job with the temporary enclosure ✨

  • Dandella


    17 dni temu

    I hope you take these into consideration, really loved the video

  • Dandella


    17 dni temu

    Since they’re nocturnal, the lights wouldn’t be a good idea to be on all day, they need a day/night system since they’re active during the night

  • Dandella
    Dandella17 dni temu

    Pls watch Victoria Raechel and ErinsAnimals for hamstercare

  • Maia Parker
    Maia Parker18 dni temu

    Need more and more videos like this for hamster care!! People just don't understand that they can't just be put in a tiny cage with tubes and kitschy bullcrap that a lot of pet companies like to push. If you want your hamster to thrive and have quality of life, please put it in a larger cage. Also, parents and kids should do their research before purchasing any animal as a pet.

  • Durpy99
    Durpy9918 dni temu

    Call next one mocha

  • AirsoftAfterHours
    AirsoftAfterHours18 dni temu

    🤣🤣🤣 that surprised the hell out of me when you stamped on it. Awesome video

  • CherryGumGoob
    CherryGumGoob18 dni temu

    I like how to intro has badass music with tarantulas and cool pets and then there’s a random hamster on its wheel in between those videos 💀💀💀

  • H Låke
    H Låke19 dni temu

    Woah didn’t even know they sold cages that small...

  • J P
    J P19 dni temu

    What kind of storage bin is that?

  • Fallenangel 85
    Fallenangel 8519 dni temu

    I'm very glad that I bought a big cage with a metal top. My little girl likes climbing on the walls so much.

  • KSB
    KSB19 dni temu

    Yeah, barred cages are not good- my hamster broke his leg on a barred cage, but he recovered and I got him a big plastic storage container where he’s safe ☺️

  • Kreinagel16k
    Kreinagel16k19 dni temu

    Latte is a fantastic name!! So cute

  • Adan Grajeda
    Adan Grajeda19 dni temu

    This man really just told a bunch of people who get pets they can’t care for what’s up also love the vid keep up the hard work

  • Allie Arnold
    Allie Arnold20 dni temu

    It’s not necessarily true that good enclosures are expensive. I got a 1000sq inch plastic bin and turned it into a cage for about $30. The bedding is expensive tho!

  • Joobydoob Whoobtoob
    Joobydoob Whoobtoob20 dni temu

    Pine shavings (soft wood shavings) when wet release a toxin that is dangerous for them an can give them respiratory infections. :) they need 6inchs minimum. i made a info booklet for my littlen. I will see if i can add. The only way i could send it to you is via your facebook ♥️

  • Joobydoob Whoobtoob
    Joobydoob Whoobtoob20 dni temu

    Instantly got my sub for that ♥️

  • Amanda Chan
    Amanda Chan20 dni temu

    This is GREAT. That hamster is ADORABLE. Also his voice is very soothing and satisfying. Just me??

  • •C•J•L AtL
    •C•J•L AtL20 dni temu

    Your right those cages are not good at all

  • nicolliolli
    nicolliolli20 dni temu

    This was pretty good! I would have recommended putting the hamster immediately in the cage and waiting 2 to 3 days to touch it. They can easily get stressed out and shouldn't be handled right away

  • Megumi
    Megumi21 dzień temu

    you're SUPPOSED to set up the enclosure before bringing him home. he's supposed to have a home

  • Woof x
    Woof x22 dni temu

    Oh my, he looks like my old hamster Ciri! 😍

  • Hailie Taylor
    Hailie Taylor22 dni temu

    Just because he is small doesn’t mean that they need a smaller enclosure

  • Jenny VanderPas
    Jenny VanderPas22 dni temu

    I have guinea pigs and it's the same thing with them. Pet stores sell small enclosures and some people don't do research of their own. Their main objective is to make money, not educate you in the proper care of animals. Thank you for this video!

  • Ichi Hiki
    Ichi Hiki22 dni temu

    It's so cute how much this man loves his "little latte" 😭 my heart is melting!!!!

  • Clover knows pets !
    Clover knows pets !22 dni temu

    Smashing that cage make me smile

  • Lulu
    Lulu23 dni temu

    oh man :( I had tiny cages like that when I was a kid too, thinking hammies were happy. So ashamed too. At least we do much better now :D

  • Dark Enegry
    Dark Enegry23 dni temu

    A good and very cheap hamster cage you can buy is a clear container and poke holes in the top for air flow and you can get almost any size and for around 50$ and for that you could get around a 60 maybe 70 gallon container.

  • Desley Alvy
    Desley Alvy23 dni temu

    This video make me want to buy a hampter :

  • Marieke van der Mast
    Marieke van der Mast23 dni temu

    I love how you ruined that cage. I got a tortoise. His cage is my entire house. He has his own corner with heatlamp. He got very unhappy in his terrarium so I tossed that one out.

  • Anna Lindstrom
    Anna Lindstrom23 dni temu

    That hamster is so friendly! I love my hamster to death but she's really skittish and tends to jump out of my hand when I try to hold her. Does anyone know ways to help calm her down or something?

  • First Name
    First Name24 dni temu

    Not really big enough is that, and no second floor. So isn't much bigger than small cages with second floors

  • Elli Mckiddy
    Elli Mckiddy24 dni temu

    Feels so damn good to see someone who knows proper hamster care

  • Bex The fam
    Bex The fam24 dni temu

    All your info is wrong, that box even for a baby is too small, the wood shavings are not good as they are tiny and don't hold shape, hay is dusty and causes eye problems that wheel is OK but wood isn't reccomended because they wee and run and it soaks up the ammonia, the depth of substrate isn't deep enough, also having him in a room with reptiles it's just idiotic, u have no clue

  • Bex The fam

    Bex The fam

    24 dni temu

    Plus that hamster mix is full of sugar, he needs a good quality pellets the colourful stuff is so bad for them

  • Valerie Sheppard
    Valerie Sheppard24 dni temu

    .... he gave the poor thing pretty much the same size (sure its a bit bigger) but it cant SEE.... whats so different about the 2 and i see no hide.

  • Sabrina Shepard
    Sabrina Shepard24 dni temu

    I love this Hamster, if I was going to get one that's the color I'd go for. How precious.

  • Simone Ingleson
    Simone Ingleson25 dni temu

    You’re correct, soft wood shavings are bad for small animals because the dust can cause respiratory issues! X

  • FireLizard Song
    FireLizard Song25 dni temu

    Mine are named for food items as well, lol. I jyst recently got a Chinese dwarf. He's white with brown spots. I named him Rice and joke that he got splashed with soy sauce.

  • Animal Pros and cons
    Animal Pros and cons25 dni temu

    I had a critter trail cage but then I heard it was way too small so I transferred to a 450 in.² bin cage which has been working very well for my little dwarf hamster

  • Alicia Fleming
    Alicia Fleming25 dni temu

    I work in a pet store because i need money and it goes against my morals so many times. However!! Whenever i have someone try and buy a hamster i will litrally push it so fucking hard on how to actually care for whatever animal. I push it as best as i could. I completely agree with you, if you cannot offord the bare necesseties then you shouldnt own the animal. Same with if you arent willing to do your research you shouldnt get one

  • Clover knows pets !
    Clover knows pets !26 dni temu

    Not Every thing I know is wrong😁 (thank you for spreading the word about improper care)

  • Wilczyca Z Księżyca
    Wilczyca Z Księżyca26 dni temu

    I could watch you smashing that small cage all the time. I own three rats. Their cage is as big as my commode. It is full of hammoks, hides, beds, ropes and other things my girls can climb on. I get furious every time I see a rat in a tank or a small cage. Why. Just why.

  • Mika G.O.W.
    Mika G.O.W.26 dni temu

    I love this man. I just found him and I knew as soon as he crushed that petstore cage that he was the PLtoolss for me. Subscribed. Animals are friends, not toys

  • Christian Ramos
    Christian Ramos27 dni temu

    So when are you going to give him the spiders lol

  • J Phadz
    J Phadz28 dni temu

    Over acting lmao

  • Je anne
    Je anne28 dni temu

    I once owned a hamster, and I wondered how big his chage was oplosite to my room. All jokes aside it was smaller than mine and i was just in my bedroom, i could not imagine having to live my whole life in my 3 by 4 bedroom.

  • Mariaelena Ruybe Sullivan
    Mariaelena Ruybe Sullivan28 dni temu

    I love the name you picked out for him. Latte. Soo cute. 😃💜💜💜

  • Aik Htee
    Aik HteeMiesiąc temu

    I miss Cappuccino 🐹

  • Veronica A Bud
    Veronica A BudMiesiąc temu

    This is adorable. I have learne d a lot about what I can give a hamster for enclosure.

  • Shadowgamer37
    Shadowgamer37Miesiąc temu

    btw i dont think its a syrian

  • Mrs Gamer
    Mrs GamerMiesiąc temu

    I bought a huge aquarium for my hamster when i was young. My boy got really old in it.... almost 3. He was such a sweetheart.

  • Kageoni187
    Kageoni187Miesiąc temu

    Omg, so precious. It makes my heart go "squee" He looks like my 1st hamster PohDoh. I miss him so much. Broke mine and my dad's hearts the day he passed.

  • ZeZ fEz
    ZeZ fEzMiesiąc temu

    love the hamster!

  • Kelly Suzanne
    Kelly SuzanneMiesiąc temu

    That cage would've been fine for a little mouse . I use these little cages for carrier cages .

  • Cookiesinwinter3110
    Cookiesinwinter3110Miesiąc temu

    I had a Hamster named Latte too and she was crazy. She ended up escaping and jumping out the window.... I rushed down the stairs but couldn't find her... 🥺

  • Ge _lly
    Ge _llyMiesiąc temu

    This video made me guilty by putting my hamsters in a small cage. I didn't bought the hamster, someone gave them to me. I didn't even know anything about hamster so I searched about it after I got them. That's when the problem started. I can't afford buying a large cage or a large plastic box to DIY because I'm poor. But I was planning to buy immediately if I got enough money. But I'm still a bad owner😭

  • josiah behee
    josiah beheeMiesiąc temu

    yes they need a large space but a lot of wood is poisonous including aspen no matter what is advertised for hamsters you always have to check the ingredients also i recommend paper substrate

  • Red3Rulez


    Miesiąc temu

    Aspen is actually safe to use because it's a hardwood! Softwoods like cedar and pine are dangerous because they're aromatic - they release phenols that damage the lungs of most rodents.

  • Amanda Rios
    Amanda RiosMiesiąc temu

    Just love how relaxed he is

  • linchen wild
    linchen wildMiesiąc temu

    I was so happy until I saw the nipple potion. They should be forbidden to buy and use!...

  • LongHairedFreakyDude
    LongHairedFreakyDudeMiesiąc temu

    At first I thought you were gonna be raising hamsters for food 😂