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Heterometrus sp.
Hadrurus arizonensis
Androctonus crassicauda
Leiurus haenggii
Parabuthus schlechteri
Androctonus liouvillei
Leiurus quinquestriatus
Tityus stigmurus


  • R6 Hneik
    R6 Hneik18 godzin temu

    Hey Den did u ever get biten by a spider or got stung?

  • TheReplyGuy
    TheReplyGuyDzień temu

    I just got my first giganticus hairyus (desert hairy scorpion) and its been a blast!

  • Diedre Barlow
    Diedre Barlow3 dni temu

    I was so scared of scorpions when I was young that I got a tattoo on my arm of one so I had to see it every day. It is a shitty tattoo but now I love scorpions.

  • Keith Connolly
    Keith Connolly4 dni temu

    SCORPIONS shows are the best.

  • Mustang McKraken
    Mustang McKraken4 dni temu

    Why not do a scorpion video with only a UV bulb? Does that scare them too?

  • Sheikh Yerbouti
    Sheikh Yerbouti6 dni temu

    I used to keep scorpions many years ago. It still surprises me how they've managed to survive all these millions of years lol

  • yofatee
    yofatee6 dni temu


  • Gina Parks
    Gina Parks6 dni temu

    Eat the d roach made me laugh! Loved this video!

  • Jace Schanzenbach
    Jace Schanzenbach7 dni temu

    Looks like a challange!! Great vid.

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith7 dni temu

    Why do I keep hearing the dracula song in forgetting Sarah Marshall. Baahaahaa

  • OldBritishMan Dan
    OldBritishMan Dan8 dni temu

    id love to have a few Tityus stigmurus i have a 4 differant family of giant asian forest scorpions

  • welat 283
    welat 2838 dni temu

    Best spider man🕷😁✌

  • 灰色森
    灰色森8 dni temu

    Love the hamster in the mix in the intro hihi

  • Tinyspirit
    Tinyspirit9 dni temu

    I wanted to make it known that I did in fact enjoy this video : D 👍🏼

  • Benedict Vlog
    Benedict Vlog9 dni temu

    If may i ask what is your schedule of feeling Tarantulas and Scorpion if you could see this please give me some info about feeling schedule for juvenile and adult scorpion and tarantula feeling

  • Gocus 489
    Gocus 4899 dni temu

    Reclusive not reluctant

  • alex johnson
    alex johnson9 dni temu

    Fat fat tail

  • Matt Wyrick
    Matt Wyrick9 dni temu

    Don't worry that some of the scorpions refused to eat. That one that you fed the worm to made up for all the rest. It's not often you get a sting and eating action under the macro lens. I's with the other people. Please show scorpions more often.

  • Matt Wyrick
    Matt Wyrick9 dni temu

    "I would have roaches everywhere." I bet your new wife would love that. 😁

  • Maple Gator89
    Maple Gator899 dni temu

    I love it. Great video 😊

  • badboybootz8
    badboybootz89 dni temu

    We need more scorpion videos !

  • Indigo Operator
    Indigo Operator9 dni temu


  • Kalbi Yok gibiydi
    Kalbi Yok gibiydi10 dni temu

    What's your job ?

  • Kurt Matejkowski
    Kurt Matejkowski10 dni temu

    I wouldn't eat the roaches either yuck!

  • Kurt Matejkowski
    Kurt Matejkowski10 dni temu

    Shouldn't you feed both the scorpions and the spiders other then roaches think they would like something with better taste

  • Sandy Ibnu
    Sandy Ibnu10 dni temu

    We need the trapdoor spider!!

  • Bryony Chave-Cox
    Bryony Chave-Cox10 dni temu

    Great Video :-)

  • ReeLaiR-ExOTv
    ReeLaiR-ExOTv10 dni temu

    the last scorpion said: what kind of alien is this ;D

  • Jordan Pribula
    Jordan Pribula10 dni temu

    Shoutout to me! It's my birthday 26th!

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo10 dni temu

    Maybe the Skull has chemical residue on it, from when it was cleaned? That could be an invisible killer to your DeathStalker Scorpions.

  • ShadowMode
    ShadowMode10 dni temu

    Ja sam sad proverio i saznao sam da te na drugom nalogu pratim 2 godine

  • Judy Gwen
    Judy Gwen10 dni temu

    I live in Arizona and the scorpions I found in my apartment looked just like your pet that took the worm. I had 2 of them in a two room apartment. I almost stepped on it with my bare foot because it looked like a leaf. I thought twice because I didn't have my glasses on, so glad I waited!

    COOPER'S CICHILDS10 dni temu

    Cool feeding

  • クリストファーJimmy
    クリストファーJimmy10 dni temu

    18:24 getting older huh Petko?

  • TNAzealot
    TNAzealot10 dni temu

    Yes, Land Lobster time!!!

  • AntsCzech
    AntsCzech10 dni temu

    What is the body and Macro lens you are using?

  • KurzedMetal
    KurzedMetal11 dni temu

    First time I see scorpion feeding, cool as fk. You took awesome clips from the first feedings. And the spiders at the end was a nice bonus!

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique11 dni temu

    Brasil curtindo esses vídeos sensacionais XD

  • KurzedMetal
    KurzedMetal11 dni temu

    7:21 :)

  • J&M Desert Adventures
    J&M Desert Adventures11 dni temu

    Be careful keeping tityus species together, their populations can get out of hand quickly because they are parthenogenic.

  • Stacy Fine
    Stacy Fine11 dni temu

    That was an awesome video, so many beautiful scorpions. It so cool the way they use their tails to sting their prey.

  • A little scuffed
    A little scuffed11 dni temu

    Commenting “Something”

  • Jake Harrison
    Jake Harrison11 dni temu

    This is the best scorpion feeding video on PLtoolss

  • jhefferson fremista
    jhefferson fremista11 dni temu

    Yass, scorpion feeding video 💕

  • muma sue44
    muma sue4411 dni temu

    Your videos are so amazing. Thank you 😊

  • Adam Jeffryes
    Adam Jeffryes11 dni temu

    Absolutely loved seeing that hairy boy eat his fat juicy worm lunch. nom nom nom. Brilliant camera shots. Thank you.

  • Kathy Childress
    Kathy Childress11 dni temu

    I've never seen a close up of a scorpions face

  • Colin Timmins
    Colin Timmins11 dni temu

    Thumbs up for the dust smile! =]

  • Aptrgangr
    Aptrgangr11 dni temu

    I, for one, like feeding videos for the chance to see your beautiful animals, not to see them eating exactly (tho it is always cool to see a takedown) so don't worry so much about the scorps not eating. Anyways, great video!

  • Magister Ivan
    Magister Ivan11 dni temu

    Although I love my scorpions I got to say they are secretive. Currently I only have H.silenus (3 scorplings) but I had H.spinifer, P.imperator and B.jacksoni and I never saw the Babycurus eat. I do have luck to see them munching from time to time but once I turn the camera on they are gone. Also Ts are so silent in comparison to scorpions. They just bang on the glass while moving :D Gotta love those pretty arachnids :)

  • Karen Stephens
    Karen Stephens11 dni temu

    I HATE scorpions!!

  • Lucky Stone
    Lucky Stone11 dni temu

    The "UV light" Blacklight view was awesome. Maybe Scorpions feed better under UV/Black light? Who knows? Just an idea.

  • Exoticboiii
    Exoticboiii11 dni temu

    Super video, more scorpions videos!!! And obviously more speciements my friend😁🙂

  • Adam Kozinoga
    Adam Kozinoga11 dni temu

    Petko, or anyone here: I’m looking for a seller of T’s, feeders, substrate and enclosures in Czech Republic’s. Anyone anything ??

  • Karina's Creatures
    Karina's Creatures11 dni temu

    Why are you using the hissing roaches as opposed to dubias?

  • steelcardboard16
    steelcardboard1611 dni temu

    My emperor eats once in a blue moon

  • Reptile Hotel Kerry -
    Reptile Hotel Kerry -11 dni temu

    Wow the Hadrurus has gotten big

  • T- Man
    T- Man11 dni temu

    Such a nice shirt Man!

    DOGGY WOGGLES11 dni temu

    Spiders are very cool, but I have just enough of a phobia that I would probably never keep one as a pet. Scorpions however, don't bother me one bit!

  • Legendaddy 87
    Legendaddy 8711 dni temu

    I was wondering if you still have the halloweencrab... kinda want either one of those or Vampire crabs.

  • Ryan Deeter
    Ryan Deeter11 dni temu

    Please clean the deathstalker enclosure, leaving the body's of the roaches lay leaves bacteria and mold. Very unhealthy for the community of scorpions.

  • Machelle Lowry
    Machelle Lowry11 dni temu

    That was fun Petko

  • savvas sv
    savvas sv11 dni temu

    Finally some scorpions .. I love them I have 6already .. Thx to you :) I can look at them for hours and when they kill they prey oh so good

  • Nexotics TV
    Nexotics TV11 dni temu

    Hey Petko. Is your email still the same as the old one?

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty11 dni temu

    I live n Arizona & I think there is a huge misconception about our scorpions. I have only ever seen or experienced problems with scorpions n pretty wet conditions. I only find them where there is water...around pools, irrigation ditches, or water sprinklers/spickets. I would find many n these places that always have water. Yes, they r desert dwellers but they seek very wet places. When I lived out n true desert boonies, no pools, grass, or irrigation, I only ever saw 2 scorpions in the 13 years I lived there. In town where there r more permanent water instalations, u find clumps of them. In the houses too. Never got stung n the dry desert, only n houses or apartments with grass, pools, or irrigation. I always think keepers keep them way too dry because of what I have observed here n Arizona.

  • TheBaconBrotato
    TheBaconBrotato11 dni temu

    Petko, since scorpions are nocturnal and don't like to hunt in bright lights, what about getting a camera that can film in ultra violet light? Then you could film in a darker room.

  • angela_tarantulas
    angela_tarantulas12 dni temu

    Kudos to you Petko, for nice clips of your scorps! My 3 scorps are actually jar of dirts, I never really see them eating 😂 just notice that the feeders are gone and the scorps grow 🙈

  • Phira Unadirekkul
    Phira Unadirekkul12 dni temu

    Have you tried feeding without moving their enclosure? Sometimes the initial movement of the enclosure may spook them enough to not want to eat.

  • Ala Alpha
    Ala Alpha12 dni temu

    thanks for the macro! I never knew they had eyes up so high, like a hippo!

  • Spooodr
    Spooodr12 dni temu

    I'm lucky enough to have a scorp that NEVER EVER refuses food - and it's a tiny little one, 4cm to 5cm stretched out, and didn't even realise that scorpions can refuse food

  • fionnbc
    fionnbc12 dni temu

    Commenting for the comment

  • Jamie Halajian
    Jamie Halajian12 dni temu

    Mandible is the word you were looking for. That's what it uses to eat.

  • Its_Me_Romano _
    Its_Me_Romano _12 dni temu

    Dark den Discord when?

  • D R
    D R12 dni temu

    Maybe do a comparison on your biggest and smallest tarantulas.

  • Daniel Van Leeuwen
    Daniel Van Leeuwen12 dni temu

    Few months back when I started watching your channel I only had a bunch of reptiles but that changed very fast. You got interested in scorpions, assassin bugs and even tarantulas. Bought my first 2 scorpions last summer, “heterometrus cyaneus” and “heterometrus petersi”. I bought them at a reptile fair, and the cyaneus molted the day after, sadly it has passed away recently (at 14cm). I dried it in a natural position with some needles so I can keep it.

  • Marek Bartos
    Marek Bartos12 dni temu

    Hey your A.liouvillei is preganant and she is preparing for birth...let her patient

  • The NightScythe
    The NightScythe12 dni temu

    Some of the Best Scorpion vids ever!! Awesome

  • Simon De Meester
    Simon De Meester12 dni temu

    That burrowing scorpion was super nice :-)

  • Arnold Buot
    Arnold Buot12 dni temu

    I just started subscribing to your channel this January this year because this was also the time i started tarantula and scorpion keeping. I started too late in life (im 39), i know, but i am doing my best to catch up rewatching your old uploads. Not only are your videos very insightful in the joys of keeping exotic pets, but I am also learning as well the rate of male pattern baldness over the years. At least I am learning what to expect since I am also in the same genetic boat as you. My current hairline is similar to your hairline 3 years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mushy McMushington
    Mushy McMushington12 dni temu

    Scorpions are the whole reason I subscribed to this channel back in 2018. I wanted to get my own pet scorpion back then, and by watching your videos I learned that I did _not_ _actually_ _want_ _to_ _get_ _my_ _own_ _pet_ _scorpion._

  • india 2

    india 2

    12 dni temu

    I watch channels about various parrots. Knowing that they are a bunch of feathers attached to a can opener made me realize how much I love my cats. I’m too lazy to keep up with birds. They are destructive, noisy and bite. And that’s the good side of them!! They are beautiful animals and now I know best left to someone else

  • Kaien Kirrani
    Kaien Kirrani12 dni temu

    I just caught in the intro but DID YOU ADOPT A CAT OR DID YOU TAKE IN MITZA (spelling?)

  • Kitten


    12 dni temu

    He wanted to, but he had to give her away. Mitza stayed where she was because she was a community kitty.

  • Janko Šet
    Janko Šet12 dni temu

    The big pincers are pedipalps and small ones are the helicerae, same naming as in spiders and majority of arachinda in general. The exceptions are some acari species like ticks that also have special names for their pedipalps and helicerae.

  • Troy and Skyelar
    Troy and Skyelar12 dni temu

    Next a video for us Whip Scorpion lovers? :D

  • Villager Knight- Minecraft_PE
    Villager Knight- Minecraft_PE12 dni temu

    Dark Den awesome feeding videos, but have you heard of the False Scorpion/Pseudoscorpion scientific name Garypus Titania common name Titan False Scorpion they are the biggest of their family 1.2-1.5 cm, I know not that big but it is to me they are very awesome you should get one of this for a feeding video that would be awesome.

  • Joumawc
    Joumawc12 dni temu

    As always, great content Petko

  • Kelly White
    Kelly White12 dni temu

    Aw the fat tail and roach are cuddling

  • Wills Exotics
    Wills Exotics12 dni temu

    I wish you would have looked into the Deathstalkers communal more I wanted to see what was in it...😡

  • DrDoboth
    DrDoboth12 dni temu

    Spinny chair setup rules

  • Drew Ofsharick
    Drew Ofsharick12 dni temu

    Have you tried a black light feeding?

  • baddog711
    baddog71112 dni temu

    Looks like they are too well fed, not hungry enough to hunt.

  • nickolas sokaluk
    nickolas sokaluk12 dni temu

    dude i've said it before and i'm saying it again, we don't need perfect lighting as long as we can see it happen were happy and by using softer lighting we will see more of the scorpions

  • Fellipe Mendes
    Fellipe Mendes12 dni temu

    What happend with the asian forest scorpion?

  • Vinny Sasso
    Vinny Sasso12 dni temu

    Who else thinks That chair is fire? lollll

  • Tristan Rozelle
    Tristan Rozelle12 dni temu

    I've never had scorpions, but Aviculairia aviculairia's are pretty fun to keep! Also just rehoused an Avicularia aviculairia, aka Skittles, into a pretty nice batta fish tank (Probably 1/2 gallon tank) she lived in a smaller enclosure when she was smaller, god I wish I had my camera to record it and show my viewers! Plus sub to legs with gangs, pretty no e T keeper! 😀

  • teek e
    teek e12 dni temu

    Great footage of hadrurus arizonensis! He (or she?) Got BIG! Ty petko for another awesome video!

  • KrissrocK
    KrissrocK12 dni temu

    As for feeding, i've often thought about just setting up a camera to catch them hunting at night... maybe you can set up the cameras and record a different scorpion feeding each night, and then put it together for a feeding video

  • KrissrocK
    KrissrocK12 dni temu

    ahh nice!! thank you! i'd much rather see the scorps honestly. Great video of the Desert Hairy too! thank yoU!

  • BaltimoreActual
    BaltimoreActual12 dni temu

    Nice. They are reclusive.

  • Noralee Stone
    Noralee Stone12 dni temu

    I would say that I am indifferent to 'creepy crawlies', as I call them, simply because I don't get much exposure. But I don't automatically kill any that I see, and watching your videos has improved my knowledge of, and my indifference to, them. I certainly smiled at your efforts to film them. It was kindof like herding cats. LOL

  • Salem E
    Salem E12 dni temu

    Would feeding them under a blacklight maybe help make filming scorpion feedings easier? At least, the scorpions whom glow under that light. Might also make for an interesting video visually too.