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theraphosa stirmi
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poecilotheria ornata
poecilotheria metallica
brachypelma emilia
aphonopelma seemanni
nhandu tripepii
brachypelma boehmei
hysterocrates gigas


  • Benci Udovch Gottdank
    Benci Udovch Gottdank3 dni temu

    You just know that a guy who names his spiders is a cool dude

  • Starrshine1701
    Starrshine170111 dni temu

    I love the labels on the enclosures. Did you download a template or create them yourself?

  • Courtney Emily
    Courtney Emily13 dni temu

    6:42 🤭 Poor roach ):

  • jody sharpe
    jody sharpeMiesiąc temu

    you should let that roach live he survived eight attacks . the roach is my hero.

  • jody sharpe
    jody sharpeMiesiąc temu

    petco don't play with your food. ha ha ha

  • Nellie Woodard
    Nellie WoodardMiesiąc temu

    I'm obsessed with your channel. It is helping me get over my fear of spiders. Now I need get over my fear of roaches.

  • DeeDee Jones
    DeeDee JonesMiesiąc temu

    those roaches are HUGE!

  • Rulkling
    RulklingMiesiąc temu

    the way you feed your tarantulas just stress them and possibly spook or stress them too much that wont take the prey anymore. just drop the feeders in dude naturally.

  • Mike Mullikin
    Mike MullikinMiesiąc temu

    Petko you are so cool and your videos are excellent. I was away from the hobby for years and am getting started again. I'm grateful for you and Tarantula Kat for being sources of good information. Thank you!

  • Fernando Acevedo Olivie
    Fernando Acevedo OlivieMiesiąc temu

    Holly shit! That room is filled with green buggers with eyes! Terrifying! I hope there are no earthquaques where you live or else it will be a really bad day!

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda StevensonMiesiąc temu

    Cool man

  • nom3n nescio
    nom3n nescioMiesiąc temu

    "feeding my HUNGRY spiders" 80% wont eat.

  • Christian Foskey
    Christian Foskey2 miesięcy temu

    Lindas a savage.

  • Luther Morris
    Luther Morris2 miesięcy temu

    those roaches are freaky

  • AMY
    AMY2 miesięcy temu

    "she seems interested, but then, she just slaps the roach." She's a sadistic tarantula 😂

  • Bluelightening04
    Bluelightening042 miesięcy temu

    I want a room just like that! How are you able to like a set up like that? I want to go into zoology and have a room like that

  • Vero Nika
    Vero Nika2 miesięcy temu

    Could they possibly smell your hand from the roach and that's why they don't want to eat it ? Could the smell confuse them ? Idk just guessing 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jimothy j
    Jimothy j2 miesięcy temu

    Did you really expect a good feeding response from a G Rosea😅

  • j9andphoenix
    j9andphoenix2 miesięcy temu

    Is it wrong I kinda feel sorry for the roaches? Sachenka looked more like she was assuming a mating pose... why can't everyone just live together with love and haba haba...

  • Ekansteprac
    Ekansteprac2 miesięcy temu

    16:30 - Definitely a cockroach.....

  • Nisone Norgren
    Nisone Norgren2 miesięcy temu

    I love that you talk to all your spiders while feeding them haha it’s so funny and cute 😄👌🏻👏🏻💕🕸🕷 I would too if I had spiders hehe I really want spiders 😔

  • Nisone Norgren
    Nisone Norgren2 miesięcy temu

    “It seems like my tarantulas are broken” Hahaha lol 😂👌🏻👏🏻

  • Nisone Norgren
    Nisone Norgren2 miesięcy temu

    I love how you were talking to Linda when she was trying to steal your stick hahahaha so funny and cute 😂😄👌🏻👏🏻💕🕸🕷 and Linda what a cute name for a spider my uncles wife is called Linda lol 😂 she’s not very cute or nice at all though lol 😂

  • Shaurya Shinde
    Shaurya Shinde2 miesięcy temu

    HI my name is shaurya,I am your fan! I also wish to pet a tarantula like you

  • Southern Grace
    Southern Grace3 miesięcy temu

    Hissing roaches are also known as armoured hissing roaches. They are not commonly used for feeding anything that does not have web or crushing advantages. And even then most pets wont eat them because they hiss and that is a good defense against captive hand fed animals who haven't evolved to not care.

  • Jo Blow
    Jo Blow3 miesięcy temu

    Never thought I'd feel bad for a roach. Something about singling one out, picking it up by the leg and dangling it in front of the predator is so sad lol.

  • Maine Made
    Maine Made3 miesięcy temu

    No swearing petko

  • kerui Gong
    kerui Gong3 miesięcy temu

    How is the new Jumping spider

  • kerui Gong
    kerui Gong3 miesięcy temu

    How is the new

  • Joseph Gomez
    Joseph Gomez3 miesięcy temu

    My rosey acts the same exact way lol funny

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson3 miesięcy temu

    Just please dont use tha Lords name n Vain ok love ur videos tho!

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson3 miesięcy temu

    I really like to watch u feed them it's cool but I'm scared of spiders!

  • Jake D.91'
    Jake D.91'3 miesięcy temu

    do a blacklight video.

  • Matija Vidas
    Matija Vidas4 miesięcy temu

    hello u got any contact ? btw nice videos big suport ,and keep that work up bro :)

  • Trevor Turner
    Trevor Turner4 miesięcy temu

    I will never understand how grammostola roseas survive in the wild. THEY ARE SO WEIRD WITH THEIR FOOD

  • •C•J•L AtL
    •C•J•L AtL4 miesięcy temu


  • Cec
    Cec4 miesięcy temu

    Mabye it is to big for the first tow or...

  • ElDrunkoDiablo
    ElDrunkoDiablo5 miesięcy temu

    so good and loving

  • ElDrunkoDiablo
    ElDrunkoDiablo5 miesięcy temu

    You are so awesome and caring Saskatchewan Canada is watching!!!!

  • S & S Farms
    S & S Farms5 miesięcy temu

    Another great video!

  • Juan Rojas
    Juan Rojas5 miesięcy temu

    does anyone know the species name for the tarantula at 8:30 i know petko said it at 7:56 but sometimes its a little difficult for me to understand his pronunciation lol

  • jasean vega
    jasean vega5 miesięcy temu

    How do you make those name tags for your animals

  • fkujakedmyname
    fkujakedmyname5 miesięcy temu

    should do mice

  • Keeper Kesh
    Keeper Kesh5 miesięcy temu

    Your videos helped me convince my husband to let me have a Grammostola pulchripes sling. :) Thank you!

  • S gaming
    S gaming5 miesięcy temu

    That one roch didn't want to die

  • Carolin
    Carolin5 miesięcy temu

    "We've got a winner" - winner gets to be fed to a tarantula. Oof. :D

  • ryahoot thiel
    ryahoot thiel5 miesięcy temu

    U You cannot damm him but he can damm you!!!!!!

  • ryahoot thiel
    ryahoot thiel5 miesięcy temu

    Why do you use the Lords name in vain I watch this with my kids ugh!,,,,,,,

  • Das Shniplle
    Das Shniplle5 miesięcy temu

    Those crabs are actually adorable 🥰

  • Tuesday Appleman
    Tuesday Appleman5 miesięcy temu

    "SCARED TO DEATH FAN"......We were at a pet store and we were looking for a rose hair, because my fiance already has a avicularia. we were NOT planning on getting another yet and they said they had a tarantula in the back and no one wanted to touch it. Its a juvenile and we arent sure the sex. Mind you im scared to death but i couldn't leave this little one, they had it in the back for ex amount of time. My fiance had to get it out of the enclosure because they wouldnt touch it. Im a little concerned because its stayed balled up the whole way home and now in its enclosure as well. In the same way it was and it seems sluggish and we tried to feed and it still hasnt moved much any help would be appreciated ❤

  • There Is No Sandwich
    There Is No Sandwich5 miesięcy temu

    Your ornata has a kind of mustard colour in the white zigzag on the abdomen but mine is just completely white. Is there a sub-species of ornata?

  • Langdon Farm
    Langdon Farm5 miesięcy temu

    It’s like my T’s right now, nobody wants to eat.

  • Raul Onut
    Raul Onut5 miesięcy temu

    Wow dude you are so cool i like you chanel i like what you do i suport you 👍

  • Amanda Muterspaugh
    Amanda Muterspaugh6 miesięcy temu

    I don't think they like those roaches. They seem hungry. They strike and then turn away disgusted.

  • Jimmy Stancliff
    Jimmy Stancliff6 miesięcy temu

    I love it you lucky bastard I love it dude

  • Cytryna C.
    Cytryna C.6 miesięcy temu

    "Świeże jaja" for a moment I had to stop and look closely, I thought it was from Poland haha

  • Toni Carneiro
    Toni Carneiro6 miesięcy temu

    Good day, do you have any knowledge of the B Pretoriae from South Africa?

  • anthony seabolt
    anthony seabolt6 miesięcy temu


  • anthony seabolt
    anthony seabolt6 miesięcy temu

    Can u help me set up a patreon?

  • anthony seabolt
    anthony seabolt6 miesięcy temu

    Are you on twitch as well?

  • anthony seabolt
    anthony seabolt6 miesięcy temu

    I am still interested

  • Abigail V
    Abigail V6 miesięcy temu

    I think that roach has earnt his freedom! He deserves his own tank! He survived an encounter with TWO TARANTULAS and almost escaped 6 times!

  • NirvanaFuckYes
    NirvanaFuckYes6 miesięcy temu

    its funny how your GBB hesitates to take down her food, mine is an EATING machine, ive never seen mine refuse a meal. But then again mines a juvenile

  • H R
    H R6 miesięcy temu

    That was so funny... You lucky Ba...ard 🤣😂👍

  • David Boocock
    David Boocock6 miesięcy temu

    i wasnt ready for that comment "you lucky bastard" that cracked me up :,)

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    What kind of light grows plants and is safe for bearded dragons

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    Aspien Girl6 miesięcy temu

    "You lucky bastard..." I dont know why just how you said it petko was so funny. 😆

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    Nicole WolfCry6 miesięcy temu

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  • Blackdragon99omfg
    Blackdragon99omfg6 miesięcy temu

    The girl from your friend should jokingly be called Baby, or Kiddo in honor of Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill.

  • Jessie E
    Jessie E6 miesięcy temu

    What? A rose hair being a difficult eater? Say it isn't so 😉

  • Troy Cortina
    Troy Cortina6 miesięcy temu

    Why is it that people think they can comment and tell dark den how to care for his tarantulas. The man literally has the most impressive collection of healthy happy tarantulas. He does not need your help 😂

  • lápi póc
    lápi póc6 miesięcy temu

    Are you going to visit TerraPlaza in december?

  • india 2
    india 26 miesięcy temu

    Tbh if my dinner was hissing at me I wouldn’t want to eat it

  • india 2
    india 26 miesięcy temu

    Omg. Roaches that hiss!! I’ll scream. Oh dear. I could not keep tarantulas because I wouldn’t be able to feed tgem

  • Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks
    Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks6 miesięcy temu

    Very Cool as always Petko!!!!

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    Jen Shackleton6 miesięcy temu

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    Debbie Mcclure6 miesięcy temu

    Great feeding clips Petko!!! I love the crabs, they're really cute. Tyfs God bless you

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    Justin Veasley6 miesięcy temu

    Please add more feeding videos

  • jordan sweet
    jordan sweet6 miesięcy temu

    I captured and made a enclosure for a wolf spider I found at work do I need a water dish for it I have read a few threads about putting a beer bottle cap as a water dish and some threads stateing no dish needed if I mist tank

  • Amber Baldwin
    Amber Baldwin6 miesięcy temu


  • Mandy Jolie
    Mandy Jolie6 miesięcy temu

    Hey Dark Den! I’m new here. I love your context and all your beautiful creatures :). I wanted to ask where your tarantula enclosures come from? Do you make them yourself?

  • Mickey kray
    Mickey kray6 miesięcy temu

    Petko I can a serious question I would like you to help me with please on the next video I recently won a competition and part of that was 1 white spotted assassin bug I already have 6 spiny assassin bugs established for a year and wondered if anyone had kept these species together successfully? Sorry there isn't any info anywhere on this topic

  • Z06M6B613
    Z06M6B6136 miesięcy temu

    @The Dark Den Hey can I mail you live cactus or seeds for some of your desert critters?

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