FEEDING TARANTULAS on kinda upgraded shelves

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brachypelma auratum
brachypelma albiceps
brachypelma klaasi
brachypelma hamorii
grammostola pulchra
grammostola actaeon
grammostola pulchripes
psalmopoeus cambridgei
poecilotheria rufilata
pterinochilus lugardi
pterinochilus murinus
ceratogyrus darlingi
harpactira pulchripes
aphonopelma bicoloratum
avicularia avicularia
Scolopendra hainanum


  • One Minute
    One Minute25 dni temu

    Hi, amazing content! What scorpion would you say is the cheapest and best for beginners?

  • Opal Mari
    Opal Mari25 dni temu

    15:13 love it!! “Oh she is soo mad” 😂

  • โป้ J2H
    โป้ J2H26 dni temu

    It's going to be exhausting when I clean up. Ha ha ha ha

  • Joan Dudley
    Joan DudleyMiesiąc temu

    If you get a pissy tarantula you should name it Karen 😂

  • TheSneakySnake66
    TheSneakySnake66Miesiąc temu

    hi dark den me and the wife love to watch your rehouse videos and i was wondering what kind of spider might be good for a newer spider keeper also my wife is not a fan of them and i am trying to get her to be more accepting of them so a very calm spider would help alot

  • Tarantula Madness
    Tarantula MadnessMiesiąc temu

    My T. kahlenbergi is Evil! She lunged herself and attached to my poker once and I freaked out and she got launched out of her cage lol. I have a vid of her, she is not nice.

  • Wanda Steeves
    Wanda SteevesMiesiąc temu

    Bad ass feeding 😘👉🏻🇨🇦🎉😱

  • Jimothy j
    Jimothy jMiesiąc temu

    Name that attacking grammastola pulchripese "spicey" 😂

  • Doc
    DocMiesiąc temu

    The Dark Den has come a long way since I started watching about 2 years ago. From plastic rubbermaid totes to professional glass enclosures with ultra nice/modern shelving and proper lighting. Man, people don't even put this kind of effort into their own life let alone just to keep a bunch of spoods comfy. Fantastic job my friend. Keep up the spoody love.

  • Deyna Weatherly
    Deyna WeatherlyMiesiąc temu

    you should make the labels magnetic so that they are easier to change out between new occupants

  • H R
    H RMiesiąc temu

    Your new new dark den is fabulous petko 👌

  • Michael
    MichaelMiesiąc temu

    You should make a twitch stream account and for a few hours everyday when you do maintenance or something you can move the camera onto active animals and leave it for a little

  • Stacie Banks
    Stacie BanksMiesiąc temu

    White green color =mint green

  • Adam's Beasties
    Adam's BeastiesMiesiąc temu

    I love getting to see how crazy that aphonopelma bicoloratum is! It might still be a little early for her feeding perhaps! I love what you’ve done with the shelving!! ❤️❤️👍

  • Anthony Bowers
    Anthony BowersMiesiąc temu

    everyone calls it a horn. It's actually a pummel. Ya know... for tarantula riders:)

  • Bülent Tunç Serim
    Bülent Tunç SerimMiesiąc temu

    1 Big rehouse!!!!!!

  • simon zbieranowski
    simon zbieranowskiMiesiąc temu

    Is the devil centipede the same one as at the end?

  • Vexotic
    VexoticMiesiąc temu

    Awesome ilove you tarantula room.

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    Dhananjay GurungMiesiąc temu

    feels like this man was 100,000 subs 1 week ago man been watching you since 32 k subs

  • Lyrica Holland
    Lyrica HollandMiesiąc temu


  • David Knep
    David KnepMiesiąc temu

    That avicularia avicularia looks like a geroldi

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    Aloha._. linaMiesiąc temu

    do you sell the tanks that you make???

  • Ricky Henderson
    Ricky HendersonMiesiąc temu

    I absolutely love those enclosures. Will you make a video on how you build them? If those hinges are 3D printed is it possible to get the STL files?

  • Avendros
    AvendrosMiesiąc temu

    You surely have some trapdoor spiders aswell, right? I would love to see feeding clips from them too!

  • Avendros
    AvendrosMiesiąc temu

    I'm here exclusively for the feeding videos

  • Regala TV
    Regala TVMiesiąc temu

    Please update on the hamster

  • Tom Hettmer
    Tom HettmerMiesiąc temu

    17:00 what if u feed this roach with the poison in it to another T.? :OOO

  • BlackWolf RC
    BlackWolf RCMiesiąc temu

    Nice video love the last 2min but they are all beautiful

  • Lacey Clark
    Lacey ClarkMiesiąc temu

    When you're hangry enough to attack and threat posture a pokey stick and tongs, you're not yourself. Grab a Snickers.

  • THEIAN11
    THEIAN11Miesiąc temu

    That H. pulchripes, I have one who’s about 2 1/2 inches, and ironically I have only gotten a threat posture from my small Obt, a M balfouri, yet, my pulchripes gives me a threat posture when I simply open the enclosure luckily it hasn’t ran at me like that but it falls it’s back against the wall legs up, too funny I thought it was just mine. 😂

  • Nadia Kali
    Nadia KaliMiesiąc temu

    Wow the dark den is looking awesome.😳 Great job Petko.❤️ Hard work pays off.👍👍👍

  • Hank Omega Z
    Hank Omega ZMiesiąc temu

    I found out about your channel through PLtoolss recommendations and I started to watch all your videos and I can tell you that you are a great person with a great collection apart that thanks to this I have discovered new species I can catalog for my university project of Arthropod Biology. Never stop making these videos they are entertaining and educational.

  • Imperum Draconis
    Imperum DraconisMiesiąc temu

    Centipede is, as usuall, on crack 🤣

  • Miguel Martins
    Miguel MartinsMiesiąc temu

    Hello dark den, the centhopide needs to eat their molde to survive and to get nutrients

  • piko delesis
    piko delesisMiesiąc temu

    So beautiful

  • Arkadiusz Kowalczyk
    Arkadiusz KowalczykMiesiąc temu

    What you using for the background in your enclousers?

  • Alejandra Mackliz
    Alejandra MacklizMiesiąc temu


  • Leonardo Honfi Camilo
    Leonardo Honfi CamiloMiesiąc temu

    Just put a banana next to the centipede for scale.

  • Kemal Sutadian
    Kemal SutadianMiesiąc temu

    hey, i got a question, is it better to have two separate small vivariums or can i just divide a large vivarium with a glass panel for two enclosures?

  • William Dean
    William DeanMiesiąc temu

    That centipede action was crazy duuuuude

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    Jonathan LovelaceMiesiąc temu

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    Scott HarringtonMiesiąc temu

    Your videos are great. It would be cool if you did a video on fossorial T's. I can't remember seeing you do much on them

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    Awesome Animals with AlishaVMiesiąc temu

    I love all the rehousing videos, though one big one would be cool too. Maybe do different themed enclosures to make it interesting. The Harry Potter one was very cool.

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    crtrgtr2 spoonybakunyMiesiąc temu

    Looks good bruh

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    Ana MurilloMiesiąc temu

    I can watch a million tarantulas but the centipede is too much for me. Nightmare fuel 😰

  • Teresa Antonini
    Teresa AntoniniMiesiąc temu

    Really nice! Good job! Your animals look great and make me think of getting into the hobby :) keep it up

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    Timothy HeraldMiesiąc temu

    Always nice to watch your videos. No matter what kinda it is 👍🤘🕷️

  • wakenbaker-uk
    wakenbaker-ukMiesiąc temu

    Kudos for mature male upgrades. They like to pace they need the room

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    OwanakoMiesiąc temu

    That eighties Intro music.....so awesome

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    Maiev AzyhlMiesiąc temu

    In 21:10 Petko went like full uga buga XD

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    Rehouse video! I love them and looking through the comments it seems a lot of others enjoy them as well :)

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    Bonnie HawkinsMiesiąc temu


  • louish39
    louish39Miesiąc temu

    Petko, It might be worth bracketing those shelves to the ceiling in a couple of points. I don’t know how frequent small earthquakes are in Croatia but I’d hate to see anything happen to your lovely spoods ❤️

  • Sean Ward
    Sean WardMiesiąc temu

    My girlfriend won’t let me have a tarantula so I live vicariously through your videos petko. Thank you.

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    Sarah SutherlandMiesiąc temu

    Full tor for dark den.

  • Gary Easterbrook
    Gary EasterbrookMiesiąc temu

    Hi there may I just pass on some advice 2 u I can c 4 sure u know what ur doing however I've kept tarantula's in the past from curly hair 2 Goliath 2 salmon pink so my advice is that u might want 2 change all ur bulbs 2 red ones cuz tarantula's can't c red all though they have 8 eyes they use 4 eyes 4 daylight and 4 eyes 4 night time so by using white bulbs is actually harming them as they can't tell the difference between day or night..feel free 2 reply hope I've not offended u from Gary in United Kingdom 🕷️🕸️

  • The Log0019
    The Log0019Miesiąc temu

    Absolutely love the setup. Please get another jumping spider.

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    Shaw Yang TongMiesiąc temu

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    Carlos MicóMiesiąc temu

    I'm really considering getting Vampire crabs, but I'm a bit worried about husbandry. How are yours doing? Your vivarium was awesome.

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    artissomuchmore_artisreliefMiesiąc temu

    Pleeeease feature the Y. diversipes girl, our old male is craving her haha

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    VillagerSparkyMiesiąc temu

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    Falk TCEMiesiąc temu

    Guys, is there something you would like to see improved in common tarantula/invertebrate enclosures? I'm planning to create the most perfect enclosure design possible and sell it.

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    Edgardo SaburaoMiesiąc temu

    Petco. Long live , Good luck and God bless to you and your chanell.

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    How long did you take you to snap that thumb nail? Lol

  • Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}
    Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}Miesiąc temu

    Man that charge was like something from a horror movie. Its so surprising actually seeing one do that. Must have caught her at a baaaad time. Even the way she ate the roach was sassy lol.

  • Space Cadet 69
    Space Cadet 69Miesiąc temu

    Some of those tarantulas were beautiful. I must admit I wasn’t so struck with the greens yellow one

  • I M
    I MMiesiąc temu

    21:14 i am convinced that centipedes are straight from hell

  • Gordon Gradwell
    Gordon GradwellMiesiąc temu

    Hi Petko, how about doing an updated general care and maintenance video for T's. This would be watering, cleaning the cage and glass etc. What to avoid doing from your experience etc.

  • D R
    D RMiesiąc temu

    I wonder how many roaches escaped when you led the lit open during feeding.

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    Andrew SandersMiesiąc temu

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    MavMiesiąc temu

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    ARC GERRMiesiąc temu

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    captainkirkwoodMiesiąc temu

    WTF happened to your rule about always feeding Linda first? Please respond petko.

  • YouKnow
    YouKnowMiesiąc temu

    yeah i saw my centipied molt once and was exsited to collect it the next day. but when i came inside to look at it again i noticed it was eating it. was a c. subpinipes.

  • Grim Gi
    Grim GiMiesiąc temu

    Missed opportunity to refer to your 'feeding the devil' video in your title

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    VisionMiesiąc temu

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    Daniel Van LeeuwenMiesiąc temu

    If your going to make more backgrounds for your enclosures and you want them to be tarantula proof you should try “Rep Tech Elastopur”. Its very strong and will last for a while, it’s also easy to repair.

  • AdvertisingBreak
    AdvertisingBreakMiesiąc temu

    Everyone: tarantulas are defensive not aggressive That one H. pulchripes: well not me

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    Robin FerdinandsenMiesiąc temu

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    AsylumentalMiesiąc temu

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