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Caribena versicolor
sexy time


  • Sigma Kake
    Sigma Kake2 godzin temu

    How did I miss this?? Good job little buddy!!! Much love from newfoundland!!

  • Barbie Twinmom
    Barbie Twinmom5 dni temu

    Lol at the love music too cute

  • JustJay
    JustJay6 dni temu

    "It's almost like a rap song" 🤣🤣🤣 this is why I love the dark den. Absolutely adorable

  • CB CD
    CB CD9 dni temu

    Dude, was looking for more😍🕷😍! Obviously he was just released from Web correctional facility 5:06 "The perfect view of the complete action!"🤣💥

  • Barbara Williams
    Barbara Williams9 dni temu

    I had a dream that you took my cat and left yours at my home

  • Momma Jordaan
    Momma Jordaan11 dni temu

    The music is so romantic though hahaha way to set the mood

  • Babette Roman
    Babette Roman11 dni temu

    She looks like she was left wanting some more lol. Round 2 maybe lol. Maybe not press luck. Lmao

  • Hrvoje
    Hrvoje11 dni temu

    Bilježim se za par komada slingova ako sve prođe ok

  • Sophie
    Sophie12 dni temu

    ahaha the sexy time music tho LOL The 3D bonsai is a cool idea, would love to see the end result or the building haha

  • Anadorable
    Anadorable13 dni temu

    I have Arachnophobia why am I watching theseeeeee :')

  • Cherry Faith
    Cherry Faith13 dni temu

    I always thought you were supposed to put the male in with the female...

  • Sean Rallis
    Sean Rallis13 dni temu

    Little man is not a fan of the quickie... what a gentleman

  • ArloC
    ArloC13 dni temu

    that was the longest spider sexy time ive ever seen

  • Aspien Girl
    Aspien Girl13 dni temu

    Is it weird to say this is a beautiful angle of sexy time? Also thanks Petko :)

  • Sandie Pichereau
    Sandie Pichereau13 dni temu

    Hi i believe she didnt try to kill him. She was just surprised as he appeared in a second. And i bet they will have another haba haba time because they seem to really like each other, since it went so smooth.

  • Noralee Stone
    Noralee Stone13 dni temu

    I had to think about it for a couple of days before watching, in case it didn't go well for the male. Then I figured you'd put something in the description as a tip-off, for those of us who are squeamish. ;) Very nice video, and excellent result.

  • Andrija Miloslavić
    Andrija Miloslavić13 dni temu

    bruh SpiderHub😳

  • Zoe
    Zoe13 dni temu

    so fluffy

  • L Harding
    L Harding13 dni temu

    So glad to hear you've decided to keep Steffie! :-D

  • hard2kill16
    hard2kill1613 dni temu

    spiders got more romance than myself XD

  • Kyle Tran
    Kyle Tran14 dni temu

    It’s just funny watching these hairy sweets mate.

  • Shauna Corrigan
    Shauna Corrigan14 dni temu

    "Hopefully it will be a successful feeding" Let's hope that wasn't an unfortunate bit of forshadowing...😅

  • Alex Derksen
    Alex Derksen14 dni temu

    Wow! She was very tolerant and patient woth the male

  • Alex Derksen

    Alex Derksen

    14 dni temu


  • Taylor Garton
    Taylor Garton14 dni temu

    This is the smoothest sexy time video I’ve probably ever seen

  • Angela Litz
    Angela Litz14 dni temu

    Tarantula babymaking is weird. Like homie legit splooshes on his sheets, wipes his hands in it, and then furiously punches the female in the vag with his cumfists.

  • DamiesEvilTwin
    DamiesEvilTwin14 dni temu

    So when folks like you mate their spiders, do you keep all the babies or give them out?

  • Gabriela Krajščáková
    Gabriela Krajščáková14 dni temu

    I think in 4:35 he scars her (he put leg fast on her) and that is the reason why she was reacting by attack. I don´t know how, but he survived. Brave man!

  • Benny - Synergic PsyTrance
    Benny - Synergic PsyTrance14 dni temu

    hmm was this story a little hint? ;) is there maybe a little Petko on the way? you looked very pleased at the end :) greetings from northern germany

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson14 dni temu

    I thought he was gonna be eaten like immediately haha glad he did his thing

  • ArachniDeus
    ArachniDeus14 dni temu

    These videos always makes me anxious but I love them! Petko could you please tell me where can I buy phidippus regius in europe??? I’ve been looking for them for a long time....

  • Tarantulas Fin
    Tarantulas Fin14 dni temu

    When u gon give us a feeding video?😍 And hows Linda doing? I want to see her!!😍

  • Palooch88
    Palooch8814 dni temu

    Now Petko, when Caribena will lay an egg sac and you will put it to the same type of incubator - the effect will be the same as then. Remember that you are keeping her in an extra dry environment so the incubator shouldn't be so humid as last time. I hope you will read it. Cheers!

  • Nadia Kali
    Nadia Kali14 dni temu

    Ha nice mating music. Ha. Love it. 😂

  • Paul Skies
    Paul Skies14 dni temu

    The sexy time music was a nice touch 😂

  • Giovanne Duque
    Giovanne Duque14 dni temu

    the music is so lit HAHAHAHA

  • EgholmViking
    EgholmViking14 dni temu

    Was kinda worried if the smooth hubba-hubba music was gonna turn into something screamo if she attacked him

  • Ibns Arachnids
    Ibns Arachnids15 dni temu

    Great job dude, you're not on the menu today. Hopefully you'll get babies this time Petko. Take care. Ibnsarachnids aka rob

  • Xav Mak
    Xav Mak15 dni temu

    Wish you recorded through the acrylic to see what's happening under them, I wanna see that incase you have the opportunity during the 2nd mating!😁

  • DinoLoverCon Art
    DinoLoverCon Art15 dni temu

    Hi im a huge fan of your vids! And you inspired me and some of my familly to own some T's as well. Keep up the great work

  • Jenny VanderPas
    Jenny VanderPas15 dni temu

    Poor Kiwi! 😥

  • Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}
    Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}15 dni temu

    I always feel so scared for the males. Imagine needing to hold your head below those fangs.

  • Олег Дюкарев
    Олег Дюкарев15 dni temu

    I will not stop saying that people are the same as spiders. After haba time there are two options for the male: get eaten (marriage) or just run away (best option in my opinion)

  • nicola galli
    nicola galli15 dni temu

    looking he strolling around makes me wonder if he would be happier in a much bigger enclosure.

  • MiLady_Saiyan
    MiLady_Saiyan15 dni temu

    Such adorable fuzzy-ness!!!!!! Kiwi :(

  • Daniel Van Leeuwen
    Daniel Van Leeuwen15 dni temu

    He was big and strong in his eyes a flaming glow

  • Ronoel Jensen Pagente
    Ronoel Jensen Pagente15 dni temu


  • Genesis Green
    Genesis Green15 dni temu

    this video of sexy time was so nerve wrecking! i'm glad the male made it out of that lol

  • Akeem Smith
    Akeem Smith15 dni temu

    Been watching since season 1 learned so much over the years. I just started my first communal tank🙌🏼

  • Vincent Abbott
    Vincent Abbott15 dni temu

    How long did you have kiwi for before she passed?

  • MiLady_Saiyan


    15 dni temu

    Here's the video where he got her :

  • Sniffles YT
    Sniffles YT15 dni temu

    Hubba hubba time is my fav time 🤫😏😂

  • Robin Ferdinandsen
    Robin Ferdinandsen15 dni temu

    I love these guys. The blue bodysuit and fuzzy orange legwarmers. Very bold fashion choice. Very nice 👌

  • Hendrix-dave Vea
    Hendrix-dave Vea15 dni temu

    What is the title of the song while they had sexy time lol😁😁

  • lewis krummen
    lewis krummen15 dni temu

    Versicolor is always a favorite. Thanks for a cool video!

  • Vivian Edwards
    Vivian Edwards15 dni temu

    C. versicolor refusing to go back in their enclosure? Seems pretty normal to me.

  • Lyndon Ng
    Lyndon Ng15 dni temu

    Hope you get more versi babies

  • Haider Qureshi
    Haider Qureshi15 dni temu

    10% arachnophobic and 90% Gucci with spiders

  • DaftViru5
    DaftViru515 dni temu

    Daamn you got the bonsai tree?? That set is sold out everywhere here! Enjoy building it! Oh and glad the pairing was successful lol

  • Michelle Morningstar
    Michelle Morningstar15 dni temu

    wow so cool more hub hub time that was way too cool thanks so much .have a great night

  • Devilerium
    Devilerium15 dni temu

    He needs a better final enclosure for his retirement, he put in work and he should live the end of his life in class.

  • Green _melly
    Green _melly15 dni temu

    He wanted to go in for seconds 🤣

  • George Roots
    George Roots15 dni temu

    6:50 - that’s what she said

  • Green _melly
    Green _melly15 dni temu

    I explained to my boyfriend that in tarantula world the female can eat the male when mating and he went from a “no” to a “hell no I don’t want you getting ideas”

  • Petra de Groot

    Petra de Groot

    12 dni temu


  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda Stevenson15 dni temu

    Loved tha sexie time it was Neat Hope u get a egg sac with alot of babies that all live too ok! GREAT VIDEO SEE YA AGAIN SOON K!

  • Jacey Apila
    Jacey Apila15 dni temu

    Thank you for your T journey. Very informative👍😁

  • Valentina Benitez
    Valentina Benitez15 dni temu

    Omg that sexy time was neaaaaaaaaaat, congrats *-*

  • Kage Hikari
    Kage Hikari15 dni temu

    Oh yeah, she was going for the kill for sure to me, she was wanting a snack but he changed the situation real fast lol What a lad, hes a survivor. Glad you decided to keep the kitty afterall, i hope its going well. looking forward to the vid on it

  • Susan Masson
    Susan Masson15 dni temu

    I wonder why the first bunch died.

  • DUB3R5
    DUB3R515 dni temu

    That was some hot spider action

  • The Coder
    The Coder15 dni temu

    My wife says the same thing about me lasting surprisingly long.. Wait a second...

  • Max Bassiouni
    Max Bassiouni15 dni temu

    its almost 2am and im perving on spiders. What is this lockdown doing to me.

  • Tawny Nalea
    Tawny Nalea15 dni temu

    Now. The wait for babies!

  • rebelicious407
    rebelicious40715 dni temu

    Oh my seven year old son and I need that Lego set! So nifty!

  • Kristian Aggarao
    Kristian Aggarao15 dni temu

    Man these spiders are gorgeous. I can't find one in my country. :)

  • Headrock
    Headrock15 dni temu

    Man, by the time he was done with her, she was smitten - and he managed to elegantly vacate the scene like it was no thang. The dude has some _skills!_

  • Jett Jackson
    Jett Jackson15 dni temu

    This may sound stupid but can two different species mate and create a new species ?

  • Autism Dad Louie
    Autism Dad Louie15 dni temu

    Good Show!💯❤️

  • Hazzif Arif Alexander
    Hazzif Arif Alexander15 dni temu

    Felt like forever since there was a sexy time video. I was not disappointed.

    MOON OVER MIAMI15 dni temu

    Hello great video pairing Petcko

  • senior lizardo
    senior lizardo15 dni temu

    My cat has the same grumpy cat toy you got in that box

  • Cat Needham
    Cat Needham15 dni temu

    The same music 🎶 🎵😂😂

  • ImSOCraziRandom
    ImSOCraziRandom15 dni temu

    Can we get an update on the Balfour

  • ThisIsYourFinalMission
    ThisIsYourFinalMission15 dni temu

    YAY!!! we’re going to have babies!!!

  • Martin Freznell
    Martin Freznell15 dni temu

    Question;: is it possible to mate certain different species of spider?

  • Martin Freznell
    Martin Freznell15 dni temu

    Out of context, "Im watching sexy time on the dark den", sounds a bit weird, apparently.

  • Momma Jordaan

    Momma Jordaan

    11 dni temu


  • Candy Lovejoy
    Candy Lovejoy15 dni temu

    OMG that music was perfect. I busted out laughing. I couldn’t help hearing “Staying Alive” in my head when he was done.

  • •C•J•L AtL
    •C•J•L AtL15 dni temu

    He’s smart he knows to back up ! Good !

  • Karyl Niko Valencia
    Karyl Niko Valencia15 dni temu

    hope all have c. versicolor huhu any sponsor please? hahaahaha jk watching from philippinies

  • Machelle Lowry
    Machelle Lowry15 dni temu

    That was the. best. mating video

  • Kakariki Ick and Tom OLE
    Kakariki Ick and Tom OLE15 dni temu

    Excellent pairing. But I have a odd question, is there any times that the male tarantula eats the female? Or is this a stupid question?

  • Claire Hill
    Claire Hill15 dni temu

    So glad your keeping your cat!!!!! Whoooooop

  • Ariel Holmes
    Ariel Holmes15 dni temu

    i only found your channel a few weeks ago and loved Kiwi so much i was even showing my parents one of the videos of her just last night, and i didnt even see the video that Kiwi died a few months ago so her appearance in this was a shock to me and now i am so sad :(

  • Carrie Briggs

    Carrie Briggs

    13 dni temu

    Me too!! I was hoping he was showing her molt. 😭 Then it became clear that was _her!_ Honestly spiders usually terrify me, but Kiwi was so cute!

  • Eric lehman
    Eric lehman15 dni temu

    It means spider fisting time spider fisting spider fisting nothing like watching spiders fisting

  • deathrooster14
    deathrooster1415 dni temu

    The way she kinda walked after him afterwards i think she wanted another round. xD

  • Mile High Tarantulas
    Mile High Tarantulas15 dni temu

    "Hopefully it will be a successful feeding" Noooooo lmao 1:01

  • Exotics At Home
    Exotics At Home15 dni temu

    Thought she was going to have him, he held strong though!

  • VezpeN
    VezpeN15 dni temu

    I really love this species, so fluffy but so elegant at the same time

  • Cat Needham

    Cat Needham

    15 dni temu

    My fav too! I love how they walk

  • Tye emerald Williams
    Tye emerald Williams15 dni temu

    I like wen you say sexy time along with the accent I just find it harlious every time you say it 🤔😆😆😆 it's sounds so cute but it's also so dangerous the poor male hall taled out of there 🤔😆😆

  • annabelle sings
    annabelle sings15 dni temu

    All I can say is this was a really amazing video of sexy time like perfect 😂🤣👍👍💯

  • Jeanine van Zantvoort
    Jeanine van Zantvoort15 dni temu

    I still miss the first Mitza

  • Radek Staszkow
    Radek Staszkow15 dni temu

    Keep the nymph on dry paper not wet like last time and they will be ok. Good luck!