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velvet spider
Gandanameno sp.


  • Kreamycherrypie
    Kreamycherrypie26 dni temu

    Wow her silk is really strong. Very impressive. Fascinating how we can learn so many things from animals till to this day.

  • HyperFoxTails
    HyperFoxTails26 dni temu

    A drill press would be nice, keeps it steady.

  • Werner Taljaard
    Werner TaljaardMiesiąc temu

    The first "cut"/hole let's call it angled cross ventilation i'ts better than normal cross ventilation. Who know's perhaps it is better!

  • Reilly Grimley
    Reilly GrimleyMiesiąc temu

    always start in at an angle so you have more control over the bit from sliding around and scratching all around it like you did.

  • pustulio81
    pustulio81Miesiąc temu

    I can handle a tarantula IN an enclosure and I can handle them when they've been taken out......BUT.......I absolutely CAN'T handle them if they escape. Actually, let me rephrase that. I can't handle them if they escape and I don't know where they are. They go from tarantula to mutant, killer, "Arachnophobia" movie hybrid of DOOM LOL

  • Cezou
    CezouMiesiąc temu

    the raoch running gag killed me xdd

  • Vincent Abbott
    Vincent AbbottMiesiąc temu

    You can find 10in x 12in glass sheets at Lowe’s cut to whatever size you want for $2.98 a panel of glass. Buy some silicone $7 and a caulk gun $7.88. These glass enclosures are cheap to make and nicer than just about everything else out there.

  • Veda Stevenson
    Veda StevensonMiesiąc temu

    Yea she's cute!

  • Zorz Truly
    Zorz TrulyMiesiąc temu

    I’m curious about the giant tree stump. I’ve heard that introducing wood from nature can be risky in case it holds bacteria/parasites and or other nasties you don’t want around your critters. I’m no expert but I was wondering how you plan to disinfect/clean the stump so you can use it. I only mention this because if it is a hazard I wouldn’t want you to have it in your grand enclosure. Not in any way implying you don’t know what you’re doing. Just some food for thought. Love your channel by the way.

  • Jack Dowd
    Jack DowdMiesiąc temu

    Velvet spiders are genuinely actually very cute

  • Caron Watson
    Caron WatsonMiesiąc temu

    Oh! My! She’s gorgeous!!! 💖 where can I get one?? 🤪

  • Drake Warner
    Drake WarnerMiesiąc temu

    I love seeing a spider web its home its always so interesting to see how they do it so plz post a video on how she did

  • Anthony Golden
    Anthony Golden2 miesięcy temu

    You have to start on the edge of the drill bit leaning back once you start to get a Groove in their you slowly roll the drill bit forward once it has a tracking Groove started helps keep it in place that's the technique on Stone hold the bit loosly so it is supported and can spin in your hand very steady in one hand as you spin it be carefull to not let it walk on you in the start process trace the bit outline where you want on the glass with tape and use the circle to align bit because u cant see center dot

  • Lilly like da flower
    Lilly like da flower2 miesięcy temu

    Perhaps you can just sand the mm down with sand paper

  • Jamie Pywell
    Jamie Pywell2 miesięcy temu

    How did the time lapse go? We need to see it! Also will you be getting anymore of these?

  • Talpham
    Talpham2 miesięcy temu


  • Patrick Lombard
    Patrick Lombard2 miesięcy temu

    💞💞 love from south africa 💞💞

  • Tarantula Tastic Enclosures
    Tarantula Tastic Enclosures3 miesięcy temu

    Sand ventilation if tight rather than wiggle drill bit in glass more chance breaking glass lol

  • Scorpions & Tarantulas
    Scorpions & Tarantulas3 miesięcy temu

    The Dark Den Fan Group - Facebook group

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.3 miesięcy temu

    She is just so cute! ❤️❤️I think one of the names for her is called a velvet spider 🕷 But maybe I could be wrong

  • Robin Ferdinandsen
    Robin Ferdinandsen3 miesięcy temu

    Big booty is fine n' all but I rly love her biiig fangs. Gives her kind of a geeky look with those big front teeth and the small eyes 🤓

  • glenn wakuwaku
    glenn wakuwaku3 miesięcy temu

    You can use the first one as the template..

  • totybear23
    totybear233 miesięcy temu

    although i'm scared of spiders she is so cute

  • The Little Crested Geko
    The Little Crested Geko3 miesięcy temu

    What a CD?

  • Wizziewife 450
    Wizziewife 4503 miesięcy temu

    Merry Christmas Petko and Mrs Petko and T’s and scorpions and every other exotic etc 🕷🕸🦂🎄

  • rumpelstilzz
    rumpelstilzz3 miesięcy temu

    Oi Petko! At 15:00 you can put a band of silicone around the rim of the smaller lid plane. Let it cure before closing, of course. Then it won't wiggle around and there's no more risk of the glass chipping when you carry the enclosure from shelf to desk and back.

  • Wulfrik ridley
    Wulfrik ridley3 miesięcy temu

    Hey petko are you going to keep more then the one type of roach as a pet?

  • ShinyHero
    ShinyHero3 miesięcy temu

    Plz had more calendars

  • HardcoreInfinity
    HardcoreInfinity3 miesięcy temu

    Why are the videos 20 min now? Liked it better when it was 10-12 minutes.. :)

  • Dark Mido
    Dark Mido3 miesięcy temu

    Hands down for people makeing they own enclosure and stuff. But damm, i nerver wanna waste my time doing that :D go buy, done..

  • Noah's Ark Exotics
    Noah's Ark Exotics3 miesięcy temu

    I will still argue that velvet spiders are a little bit more intriguing to me than jumping spiders. They're both adorable, but the velvets are just so much easier to handle and control, it feels more meaningful, per se.

  • M.M Andersson
    M.M Andersson3 miesięcy temu

    09:05 Clint´s Retile Room reference? (:

  • Tan6erine
    Tan6erine3 miesięcy temu

    that's a big tick

  • gaspar cedillo
    gaspar cedillo3 miesięcy temu

    Use sandpaper to sand down the hole

  • Keith Boardman
    Keith Boardman3 miesięcy temu

    hi petko is it any cheaper to make your own enclosures than buying one are do you just make them for fun

  • Tarantula -Holic
    Tarantula -Holic3 miesięcy temu

    I also have an AF Velvet spider, I have given her a huge amount of dried moss and she’s made tunnels throughout, its one of my favourite enclosures.

  • D.T. O’Lalee

    D.T. O’Lalee

    3 miesięcy temu

    @Tarantula -Holic yeah, I’m in the states. Can’t seem to find a breeder and I’ve tried the standard stuff, google, Facebook pages, etc.

  • Tarantula -Holic

    Tarantula -Holic

    3 miesięcy temu

    @D.T. O’Lalee I guess it would depend where in the world you are. I am in the UK.

  • D.T. O’Lalee

    D.T. O’Lalee

    3 miesięcy temu

    I’m interested in getting a velvet spider. Can you point me in the direction of a reputable breeder?

  • FredeGredde
    FredeGredde3 miesięcy temu

    I always thought he said "City/Citi enclosures" xD

  • Kate Coleman
    Kate Coleman3 miesięcy temu

    Where can I get one in the uk

  • John Chase
    John Chase3 miesięcy temu

    You don't have to worry about finding the perfect size enclosures as the Spiders grow. In the Wild no one is making them enclosures.

  • ShayBae
    ShayBae3 miesięcy temu

    I just watched SerpaDesign make an enclosure in a similar way today! He makes beautiful enclosures and he has a great videos on how he makes them.

  • Vitamin Ex
    Vitamin Ex3 miesięcy temu

    "I think I can even boop her" lol

    GYPSEYBOY TV3 miesięcy temu

    I was on the tarantula tuber Saturday night take away

    GYPSEYBOY TV3 miesięcy temu

    Hay den man how’s things man

  • Corey Reid
    Corey Reid3 miesięcy temu

    She is very cute with the BIG booty lol

  • JtktΘmb
    JtktΘmb3 miesięcy temu

    What are the best preys for babies velvet spiders ?

  • dakota Paugh
    dakota Paugh3 miesięcy temu

    Just want to thank you for your awesome videos. I have been following you for a while now and jus went out today and got my first tarantula a brachypelma albopilosum female and couldn't be more happier keep up the awesome videos.

  • Stephanie Martin
    Stephanie Martin3 miesięcy temu

    I'm a glass artist and drill glass all the time. Next time put your glass into a plastic box or container you can add water to. You need enough water to cover 1/8 or so inch of the bit. If you start the bit at an angle it will bite into the glass and make it stay in place. Then you can flatten the bit even with the glass and it will stay in place. Never drill glass dry you can break the glass and ruin your bit. Also the glass in the air is bad for your lungs. You did great for your first drill :-)

  • love2rogue
    love2rogue3 miesięcy temu

    i did this for my enclosures but i just put flat electrical tape over the glass and put the pane in a shallow tub of water :P, your drill bit will go thru the tape and not scratch the glass anywhere other than where your trying to cut

  • Tracy Bowling
    Tracy Bowling3 miesięcy temu

    Watch Chris Notap's PLtoolss video on how to drill glass. He has all kinds of excellent tips and tricks. He doesn't drone on and on. He is awesome! Chris Notap-you won't be sorry.

  • Annabell
    Annabell3 miesięcy temu

    If you want her to make a nest right there between the pieces of cork, you must give her a piece of old cobwebs ; ) In Poland we call this spider Eresus sp. or tank-spider 😂 and she - because I got she! - was my first spider : )

  • Jerher
    Jerher3 miesięcy temu

    Mold clay around and fill with water. Serpa designs uses this method and he's very experienced.

  • BLoCo oF iNFiNiTTi
    BLoCo oF iNFiNiTTi3 miesięcy temu


  • noonars1
    noonars13 miesięcy temu

    She is cute

  • Amanda
    Amanda3 miesięcy temu

    Oh, i hope we get a time lapse of her decorating her new home! She really is super cute! I love these spiders and was so glad when you got one!

  • Kelvin Vin
    Kelvin Vin3 miesięcy temu

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Kelvin Vin
    Kelvin Vin3 miesięcy temu

    U.can.big.shot And.i.say.i.have The.job.... Because.the.job Is.care.many.trt!!!!

  • Kelvin Vin
    Kelvin Vin3 miesięcy temu

    Bro Donts.be.shy!!!! Answer.i.u.have Do.it.work.or.no!?

  • Kelvin Vin
    Kelvin Vin3 miesięcy temu

    Bro u Have Do.it.work!?

  • HB 8Ts
    HB 8Ts3 miesięcy temu

    You can use Sandpaper to make the Holes slightly bigger and to make the edges less sharp

  • Damien Kinchen
    Damien Kinchen3 miesięcy temu

    Petko: "I'm retiring the last CD enclosure" Kids Watching: "I know the OBT.... What species is CD?"

  • Headbanger


    3 miesięcy temu

    Hell I'm in my 40's and bought hundreds of CD's when they were the thing and I was still like "what is a CD box?"

  • Linda Grant
    Linda Grant3 miesięcy temu

    what fun! Thankyou

  • Kelvin Vin
    Kelvin Vin3 miesięcy temu

    Enjoy Today And Tonight

  • Kelvin Vin
    Kelvin Vin3 miesięcy temu

    Enjoy Tonight 🍟🍟

  • Stacy Fine
    Stacy Fine3 miesięcy temu

    You have the most beautiful enclosures I’ve seen. The living plants, water falls, and little pebble ponds makes all the difference I love the growing moss looks, as well. I have many trees around my house, therefore I have lots of moss. My neighbors pot belly pig got loose, came to visit my yard, and before I knew he was in the yard, he rooted up a big patch of moss and rolled it into a roll, like a roll of carpet. I rolled it back down, after he left of course, not to hurt his feelings by undoing his work. Point being the moss just looked like nothing had happened, didn’t turn brown or anything. I also have many beautiful wild ferns that grow in the woods around my home. Two Springs ago I transplanted the wild ferns in my yard around my trees. I cut them back in the Fall, then in the Spring they came back stronger and beautiful. I know you have to be careful what you use in the enclosures, but if you ever need either of these I have plenty. I’m in East TN. I’m not sure where you are, you may have these things grow around you too. I just thought I’d offer. I know every where different things grow. My Mom lives on my family farm an hour East of me, and she’s so jealous of my wild things that grow. I also have salamanders, lizards, skinks and tree frogs that come to my porch and eat from my hand. It blows my husbands mind, but they know my voice. You should get some salamanders. They are the most friendly, happy. They’re not venomous, but they are so beautiful. Sorry for such a long comment, got a bad case of Covid and have been quarantined for a while now. I would just die if I gave it to someone else. Happy holidays.

  • MantidMum
    MantidMum3 miesięcy temu

    When you get the glass cut, could you request they cut a hole, say x cms from the top center, with their industrial cutters (might be more smooth/precise)? I love your enclosure - might try making one myself... But then I'd HAVE to get me a velvet spider to boop. 😉 Oh well, if needs be. 😂😁

  • Dedlyniteshade
    Dedlyniteshade3 miesięcy temu

    For your first time cutting glass you did really well:)

  • Liano The Programmer
    Liano The Programmer3 miesięcy temu


  • Palooch88
    Palooch883 miesięcy temu

    14:35 isn't it Eresus walckenaeri?

  • Tim Sawyer
    Tim Sawyer3 miesięcy temu

    4:50 You may want to cut it in half. You will end up with 2 very large pieces, both with flat bottoms. I don't know, I've been doing a lot of book matching lately, don't mind me! haha

  • Arachno Queen
    Arachno Queen3 miesięcy temu

    planning to get a Velvet Spider/Ladybug spider next year too... still debating how to name it tho

  • teda
    teda3 miesięcy temu

    SOoO9ooo, to make an enclosure u need another enclosure to make it🤔 Begs the question, WhAt CamE fIrSt, tHe DoOne ENcLoSurE OoOr tHe OtHeR ENcLoSurE!?!

  • DC Exotics
    DC Exotics3 miesięcy temu

    Please petko!!!! help mi to Win the contest!!! It s a caribena versicolor photo!!! 🙏🏻 Hello everyone! Here is the photo of one of my specimens with which I participated in a contest to have a voucher to spend on meal insects 😁 I ask you to open the photo and put a like to allow me to win the contest! Thank you for your support! 🤗 I recommend! For the like to be valid first you have to open the photo and then put it! 🙂 m.facebook.com/italianmorphshop/photos/a.178922717295478/178914677296282/?type=3&sfnsn=scwspwa

  • brenda Severance
    brenda Severance3 miesięcy temu

    Another good name would be "CD" being the last spider from the last CD case...

  • brenda Severance
    brenda Severance3 miesięcy temu

    You should name her "CHARLOTTE" from the movie Charlotte's Web, a very good movie about a spider who is trying to save the life of a farm pig.🐷🐖🐽🕷🕸

  • Михаил Сирманов
    Михаил Сирманов3 miesięcy temu

    Петко, why don't you for example at the end of a video, show a few of the macro-pictures you took during that video - it would be aaawesome!

  • Sudo Su
    Sudo Su3 miesięcy temu


  • Carina Lindblad
    Carina Lindblad3 miesięcy temu

    cute spider

  • Circamods
    Circamods3 miesięcy temu


  • Quantum Soul
    Quantum Soul3 miesięcy temu

    What a beautiful spider. She's almost cartoon cute.

  • Pierre Fischbach
    Pierre Fischbach3 miesięcy temu

    wow she was dancing to the end theme :D

  • jose Angel Francisquini
    jose Angel Francisquini3 miesięcy temu

    I just lost my fur baby 2 days ago to cancer she was amazing I would lay down next to her and watch your PLtoolss channel all the time it helps to watch your channel the pain in my heart still hurt a but in my mind I know she would like that I was watching your channel still thank you. Her name was angel she was my life 💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Jacob Marton
    Jacob Marton3 miesięcy temu

    I thought he was calling them City for years now

  • bethoneybee
    bethoneybee3 miesięcy temu

    I get so much pleasure from you getting pleasure in taking care of your babies.

  • rolando Caballero
    rolando Caballero3 miesięcy temu

    That’s good 💡 idea and look so stylish🤙🏼🙀🕷awesome

  • Tylor Kelly
    Tylor Kelly3 miesięcy temu

    Little tip, cut a piece of sponge to fit in the drill bit, and then get the sponge wet. It ditrubutes the water as you drill through

  • Stephanie Bruner
    Stephanie Bruner3 miesięcy temu

    Great video love the species of spider hope to get one one day

  • ZiemiPRO
    ZiemiPRO3 miesięcy temu

    You should name it Spider Minaj ;)

    PAPERWIND13 miesięcy temu

    You left a gap. Now my ocd is kicking in

  • German FLATLINE
    German FLATLINE3 miesięcy temu

    Have you considered keeping Diving Bell Spiders? I find them fascinating. I think they would be a wonderful addition to the Dark Den too!

  • Jay Perkins
    Jay Perkins3 miesięcy temu

    It may be a good idea for future to use a diamkn tipped dremor bit to fist make a small pilot hole in the glass central of the hole you wish to drill then use another diamond tipped pilot drill inside of your core cutter it will help locate you hole and alow you to start the cut much easier... You may have ended up doing that iv not finished watching yet

  • Jay Perkins

    Jay Perkins

    3 miesięcy temu

    Wiggling the core drill inside of the hole may cause a fracture in the glass depending in how much extra material you wish to remove may be a better case to connect the ventilation before connecting the panels so you can apply pressure without worry of breaking the I closure

  • Brewzor
    Brewzor3 miesięcy temu

    Wait. We can send beer to the Dark Den?

  • MsFayRae
    MsFayRae3 miesięcy temu

    FYI when drilling glass: If you don't have a template you should start the bit on an angle. Just make yourself a groove and then as it is cutting deeper, then you start straightening out the bit. This will keep your hole closer to your target area. Also use very little pressure. Let the drill bit do the work. If you had a clamp to keep the glass still that might help a little as well.

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B3 miesięcy temu

    You should name her Big Booty Judy after my ex-mother-in-law

  • Spider sista
    Spider sista3 miesięcy temu

    That was awesome! Super interesting to see you make the enclosure band your velvet spider is sooo cute!

  • Spider sista

    Spider sista

    3 miesięcy temu


  • Spider sista
    Spider sista3 miesięcy temu

    That was awesome! Super interesting to see you make the enclosure band your velvet spider is sooo cute!

  • Spooky
    Spooky3 miesięcy temu

    She thiccc

  • Flipper
    Flipper3 miesięcy temu

    Like 👍🏻!

  • Shelbeylynn1997 Lee
    Shelbeylynn1997 Lee3 miesięcy temu

    Where did you buy the custom cut glass from?

  • Nathalie prevost
    Nathalie prevost3 miesięcy temu

    Where can I find you name tags.

  • Sarah_Caylor1995
    Sarah_Caylor19953 miesięcy temu

    Petco! I need help deciding how should I celebrate my tarantulas second birthday. any ideas? (she's the lasidora parahybana in my profile pic)