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  • Alden Friend
    Alden FriendMiesiąc temu

    "Naughty naughty" It's like he's intentionally trying to sound like Borat

  • Nicola Dolby
    Nicola Dolby2 miesięcy temu

    I had a similar problem when using coco fibre substrate, horrible stuff! Try out Prorep Spider Life substrate, it's soil based and works wonderfully. Even my tarantulas needing the highest humidity never get mold in their enclosures now, give it a go :)

  • renee paquette
    renee paquette3 miesięcy temu

    You could put the molds into a glass show case

  • Sandra Morrison
    Sandra Morrison7 miesięcy temu

    I USED to play WORLD of WARCRAFT!

  • Nathan Roark
    Nathan Roark8 miesięcy temu

    Id like to send you some fan mail but idk your information thing sooo

  • Car Freaks25
    Car Freaks258 miesięcy temu

    Find it funny how he says ONLY 50 tarantulas

  • Enrique’s exotics
    Enrique’s exotics10 miesięcy temu

    Rich people probablems

  • PredatorX
    PredatorXRok temu

    "Naughty , naughty" I just cracked up at that 😂

  • tjaetherchannel
    tjaetherchannelRok temu

    I'd really like to hear about how that follow up interview went with the 14yr old. That's such a nice thing for you to do. :) Great video, thank you!

  • Dees Schut
    Dees SchutRok temu

    where did u get ur tarantula poster?

  • leo fortuno
    leo fortunoRok temu

    the intro was ridiculous hahaha

  • tarantulalady
    tarantulaladyRok temu

    Aside from humidity/lack of ventilation, does anyone know why mold grows in T enclosures?

  • cailin.felice
    cailin.feliceRok temu

    wait a minute you have a girlfriend ?

  • jnj
    jnjRok temu

    if you want snails i can give you for free that snails are common on Philippines backwards

  • JMart
    JMartRok temu

    I swear when you said "asian terrestrial" I heard "extra-terrestrial", had to do a double take.

  • wookiewolf 1
    wookiewolf 1Rok temu

    Hey dark den get loads of sprig tails thay will stop the mold

  • Remedy....
    Remedy....Rok temu

    For sum “hubba hubba time” Lol🤗

  • Chris Wise
    Chris WiseRok temu

    You should make yourself a glass enclosure to hold all of your molts. A simple DIY project.

  • James Morss
    James MorssRok temu

    Spring tail's? Perhaps...

  • Paul swabek
    Paul swabekRok temu

    Also. I used to be scared to even watch spider videos but I've kinda starting thinking tarantulas have a goofy buck toothed kind of cuteness.

  • Paul swabek
    Paul swabekRok temu

    Duuuude I'm playing g classic wow too. What server/faction?

  • Zulfakar
    ZulfakarRok temu

    I scream in my room when the spider jump out. XD *8.30*

  • Remco van Vliet
    Remco van VlietRok temu

    Fungi, or, in single, fungus, is actually the same thing as mold.

  • Tina Johnston-Baker
    Tina Johnston-BakerRok temu

    We know who did it...Felix!!! You naughty boy :-)

  • Tina Johnston-Baker
    Tina Johnston-BakerRok temu

    I find myself watching some of your videos over and over. Congratualions on the NEW DARk DEN. Saw that an hour after you posted it. So happy for you. Awesome Petko...Can I get a Shout Out sometime??? You're the first channel I ever watched when I was terrified of spiders. I now own 8 Ts and one I just rescued from a pet shop just 2 days ago. I named it "Cousin It". It is bigger than anything I have since the rest are slings. Love you Lots

  • based lord
    based lordRok temu

    I love that you play wow classic I didn't think I could love you anymore than I already do!

  • Chasity Starling
    Chasity StarlingRok temu

    Name her Sonic cause she is so fast!! She even has the blue to match!!

  • Chasity Starling
    Chasity StarlingRok temu

    Name her Sonic cause she is so fast!!

  • Chasity Starling
    Chasity StarlingRok temu

    Name her Sonic cause she is so fast!!

  • szopaj
    szopajRok temu

    Big up from Poland! Great channel :)

  • Dino Gardner
    Dino GardnerRok temu

    Can you tell me why someone who generally hates spiders, enjoys watching channels like this?

  • AusKaiserIV


    Rok temu

    because tarantulas look cuter then the spiders i usually see like huntsmans, redback, white tails etc

  • Victor Castro
    Victor CastroRok temu

    Hey bud, you can set up a carbon air scrubber to help keep the air clean to keep spores from spreading

  • My pets And me
    My pets And meRok temu

    Cinnamon powder will keep down mould in soil

  • Adam Chase
    Adam ChaseRok temu

    9.5 ph water in a spray bottle... and you have to spray it on the regular.... high alkalinity water will kill mold. I don't know what would happen if you sprayed it on the spider or tarantula.

  • meh
    mehRok temu

    You got a blizzard account :D what!?! do you play starcraft 2? I bet if you do you’re a zerg player And to close the chameleons enclosure you can just by a roll of screen door screen and screw it on :| |: (with washers will help from ripping) and have magnets to connect the screen on one side Broken speakers have strong magnets or you can just buy some magnets

  • Edd VCR
    Edd VCRRok temu

    I love the snails. So cute.

  • John Chase
    John ChaseRok temu

    Too humid

  • Susan Masson
    Susan MassonRok temu

    Petko, I admire how calm you are when experiencing bolty bolty.

  • element_ au
    element_ auRok temu

    Do u Modem? 😅 just the psychedelic art on your walls! 👏 and ty for making me like spiders a lil bit more 😅🖤🖤🖤

  • FuzedBox
    FuzedBoxRok temu

    You were right the first time with "heavy heart"; it's a legit expression in English.

  • Raven thewolf
    Raven thewolfRok temu

    I totaly understand that you needed "Vacation" for playing WOW. To be honest, i took Vacations for the Planet zoo Beta and for the next week + 3 days, because the finished game will come out and in January i will take vacations too, because i want to play Monster Hunter world: Iceborn xD Oh, but i what i wanted to say, you gave me the idea for a bearded dragon, i wanted one since i was a teenager, next year i will get one :) Thx for remembering my dreams.

  • Cameron Mansky
    Cameron ManskyRok temu

    Lil dudes insect academy keep your head up lil buddy.

  • Renier Joaquin
    Renier JoaquinRok temu

    This really helps me with my arachnophobia

  • Robin Ferdinandsen
    Robin FerdinandsenRok temu

    Woohooooo WOW f yearh!

  • Marissa B
    Marissa BRok temu

    I have heard that some newly captured spiders will carry spores.

  • Conor
    ConorRok temu

    Your most expensive turantula should be in your nicest enclosure

  • FuXed
    FuXedRok temu

    How do the tarantulas drink water? Dont they have a bowl or something with water or how does they get to drink?

  • Sean Gere
    Sean GereRok temu

    Is it legal to ship those snails to Germany?

  • Random Tube
    Random TubeRok temu

    Whats wrong with those monster cans ? Did a tarantula get thirsty or something 😂

  • Stop_Motion_Project Twitch.
    Stop_Motion_Project Twitch.Rok temu

    *Springtails do you know what springtails are* *...*

  • Mckay Wells
    Mckay WellsRok temu

    Will spiders eat the baby snails? Could they be added to a make a ecosystem with the frogs?

  • PrehistoricBacon
    PrehistoricBaconRok temu

    Ur gf is a GoldDigger

  • dysney
    dysneyRok temu

    I am deathly afraid of spiders and snakes but you make the information fun and less scary. Love watching you!

  • Dalton Czupryna
    Dalton CzuprynaRok temu

    Petko I am a new tarantula owner and someone directed me to you channel and your videos have helped me and answered a lot of questions i had. I only wish i knew about you before i made me decision on what tarantula to buy. I would of probably went with the chromatopelma cyaneopubescens in stead of a avicularia avicularia. Also id love a more detailed video of the build of inside an enclosure for both types of tarantulas, just so i can see what an experienced tarantula owner does and knows to help with common issues. I love your videos and cant wait to see what else you put out for videos.

  • richard975
    richard975Rok temu

    Ru a tarantula in human form?

  • Discoverikki !
    Discoverikki !Rok temu

    Do you not put water bowls in the enclosures?

  • Discoverikki !
    Discoverikki !Rok temu


  • The Ashlynn Nation
    The Ashlynn NationRok temu

    What server are you on! I’ve been playing classic too :D love your videos

  • Lina Garibay
    Lina GaribayRok temu

    I love your interaction with viewers!

  • makaila f
    makaila fRok temu

    I am a new viewer and am obsessed

  • carlos hernandez
    carlos hernandezRok temu

    By the way you might also want to look for a different substrate like iron rich dirt instead of soil or even using a mix of 75% dirt 25% soil so you retain mositure.

  • carlos hernandez
    carlos hernandezRok temu

    You should really consider framed mesh lids like you’d use for for a snake. The mold is going to start making all your spiders sick and it’s going to start causing all of them to have molting issues and eventually die or be infertile.

  • carlos hernandez

    carlos hernandez

    Rok temu

    Act quick though!!!! Like i said, your spiders are going to all start getting sick and FAST....

  • carlos hernandez

    carlos hernandez

    Rok temu

    ALSO..... if youre worried about maintaining moisture levels, use a light mister spray bottle or even set up an automatic misting machine making sure the mist can reach each of the enclosures. You can probably find one at your local hydroponic store for vegetables or gardening for under $30.... or even make one yourself.

  • carlos hernandez

    carlos hernandez

    Rok temu

    Get rid of the mold and you will surely prevent any type of bug infestation. :) AND maintain proper house keeping.

  • carlos hernandez

    carlos hernandez

    Rok temu

    Some mites and aphids eggs and pupa are so small that they float in the wind and are eapecially abundant in rural or foresty areas :) if you let your mold problem get any worse you will encourage them to begin to feed off the mold and spores.....

  • carlos hernandez

    carlos hernandez

    Rok temu


  • Adnan
    AdnanRok temu

    where can i buy the birupes simoroxigorum? :)

  • Day
    DayRok temu

    Love to hear you are a classic wow player as well!

  • Amy Hay
    Amy HayRok temu

    Can you give us an update on your two neoholotheli incei communal enclosures, please? I'm really curious to see how they are doing.

  • Kirsteen F
    Kirsteen FRok temu

    Surely there must be some type of anti fungal spray or powder that you can mix and treat the fungus ?

  • Messiah !
    Messiah !Rok temu

    I have never seen anything like that

  • Simone Schultz
    Simone SchultzRok temu

    Also wouldn’t you want to wash your hands after handling mold contamination before setting up the new one?

  • Nileist 666
    Nileist 666Rok temu

    world of warCRACK!!!

  • Ignasi Lleonsí
    Ignasi LleonsíRok temu

    Do you play in Mograine by any chance?? I'd be so excited to find you in game lol

  • HerbalTerrorist420
    HerbalTerrorist420Rok temu

    I was waiting for felix to leave his open enclosure an go for a wander. Jus didn’t think it would take this long. I did think about mentioning it but I forgot an also figured you probably know more than me about keeping chameleons an then there’s the fact you probably won’t ever read the comment anyway.

  • Myke E
    Myke ERok temu

    I think the most important question for this video is; Horde or Alliance? ;)

  • 빡타란TV
    빡타란TVRok temu

    좋은 영상 항상 잘보고 있습니다

  • Rosa Amandla García Muro
    Rosa Amandla García MuroRok temu

    Hi! Thanks for your videos! You convinced me to get my own tarantulas so now I have my first two on the way! I'm so excited!! I got a brachypelma vagans and an aphonopelma chalcodes. I'm from mx so they make the most sense. Anyway, thank you for showing us so much cool stuff!!!

  • ❤️SarahNicole♠️
    ❤️SarahNicole♠️Rok temu

    What if you put like a glass enclosure around the molt board, almost like a trophy case that you can open up and close.??? Xoxo

  • bird4birdhotmail
    bird4birdhotmailRok temu

    Misc. General Question: in the snake world there are snakes that are so dangerous one bite and you have maybe an hour to receive anti venom. In the tarantula world, is there a tarantula equally deadly?......thst was a FB question and I really didn't know. Thanks

  • Crispi F
    Crispi FRok temu

    Keeping all those molts in a giant shadow box would help. Keeps them from getting dusty too.^__^

  • Thomas Ine
    Thomas IneRok temu

    Soon soon 500000 subs

  • Robin van Esch
    Robin van EschRok temu

    Mr. Dark Den, i hate you!!! i loved my insect, my young daughter (9yo) has a Brachyphelma emilia. Iv been binge watching your video's for like a week now. And im planning to rebuild my attic so i have a insect/reptile/spider room. First one on my list, Psalmopoeus irmini!! (hes im crazy, so it fits with me) :D

  • BlaqAdam
    BlaqAdamRok temu

    i dont get it, how do people let that much mold grow? dont you check on them daily?

  • Jake Bonnewell
    Jake BonnewellRok temu

    What class do you play !?!?!?

  • Mark Mallapre
    Mark MallapreRok temu

    does a mosquito coil affects our tarantulas?

  • David McNair
    David McNairRok temu

    Hi just wandering about that flooring in your beardies tank. I never seen that before and it looks amazing what is it?!

  • OgBumpSniff
    OgBumpSniffRok temu

    Could you do a scorpion video in the near future?

  • Sjoerd van Driel
    Sjoerd van DrielRok temu

    First, why not prepare the new enclosure before disturbing the animal? Second, I am not surprised about the injuries on the spider, seeing how you eff about with them.

  • SuicidalThotsTV
    SuicidalThotsTVRok temu

    Enclose the molts 🤔

  • Triston Line
    Triston LineRok temu

    You know what, the fan mail was actually really good in this video, normally I skip it but wow that Brandon kid is cool af and those boards were really cool!

  • Diamond Carter
    Diamond CarterRok temu

    I miss the baby tarantulas 😪

  • Yato_ Pickle
    Yato_ PickleRok temu

    I eat fried spiders.

  • Kazzy
    KazzyRok temu

    Hggjfg WoW is my life....

  • Gage2143
    Gage2143Rok temu

    Question: Can you crossed bred different tarantulas to make a new "species" ? Don't know if my knowledge is correct. 🤨🧐

  • James Foster
    James FosterRok temu

    Quick question man hope you see this, I think I'm ready to get a tarantula what would be a good site or person to get one from in the u.s?

  • Aspien Girl
    Aspien GirlRok temu

    Mitza better like that pepper toy, it's cute. Aw, poor little tarantula guy, hopefully he remains healthy and regrows his leg. 😕

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    lewis walkerRok temu

    Love your vids

    VARIANOIDRok temu

    The two videos Petko’s GIRLFRIEND can be seen: "BUDAPEST trip & TERRAPLAZA expo 2016" at 1:31 & 3:04 “BIGGEST TARANTULA COLLECTION - tour” at 0:10 & 7:53 & 11:09 you’re welcome.

  • Jordan Gates
    Jordan GatesRok temu

    Over the last two months I have grown to be fascinated with tarantulas because of your videos. I just purchased an B. Albopilosum and an A. Purpurea and have been enjoying keeping them. Thanks for introducing me to these amazing creatures.

  • Tanya diedrich
    Tanya diedrichRok temu

    That was some amazing art!!