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Deathstalker scorpion
communal setup build
Leiurus quinquestriatus


  • Tobias .F
    Tobias .F29 dni temu

    Do you sell spieders or spiederlings? greetings from austria

  • Raymond King
    Raymond King2 miesięcy temu

    If you use a white grapefruit cut in half baking soda on it rub it on the glass let it come up and smeared around sometimes you might have to scrub it with a toothbrush it will remove the water stains

  • Lili Karpati
    Lili Karpati2 miesięcy temu

    4:08 Petko: I need a mask! Careful what You wish for right?

  • mark Jackman
    mark Jackman2 miesięcy temu

    😂😂😂 you hate skulls. I miss cappuccino

  • Eliyahu Sandel
    Eliyahu Sandel2 miesięcy temu

    What do u feed them

  • Connor Johnson
    Connor Johnson2 miesięcy temu

    What glass enclosures do you use

  • Naeff Cold Blooded
    Naeff Cold Blooded4 miesięcy temu

    How are they doing in the New Dark Den

  • jxpxrx
    jxpxrx5 miesięcy temu

    For the water stains I used an exacto knife

  • Dominic Vicente
    Dominic Vicente5 miesięcy temu

    Everyone in 2021 be like: 4:07

  • George Chapman
    George Chapman6 miesięcy temu

    To get off some water stains use a good razor blade...😀

  • George Chapman

    George Chapman

    6 miesięcy temu

    Works on fish tanks with hard water buildup

  • James Tagert
    James Tagert6 miesięcy temu

    CLR OR VINAGAR will remove the calcium depositsfrom misting

  • BOR 53
    BOR 536 miesięcy temu

    When's the next update?

  • J R
    J R7 miesięcy temu

    4:07 the understatement of the year 2020

  • GC _
    GC _7 miesięcy temu

    I love this setup! Deadly vibe indeed. Gonna do something like this for my scorpion next time!

  • Lively Locos
    Lively Locos8 miesięcy temu

    What tank is this?

  • Janne Pulkkinen
    Janne Pulkkinen9 miesięcy temu

    Do u send tarantuls to finland. Can u answer my e-mail.

  • Conservative Channel
    Conservative Channel9 miesięcy temu

    This guy sounds like Gru😂😭

  • matt garrick
    matt garrick9 miesięcy temu

    Magic spoons to clean the glass

  • Alan Graham
    Alan Graham10 miesięcy temu

    Toothpaste will clean the glass it acts like jewelers polishing compound.

  • Fangs n scales downunder
    Fangs n scales downunder11 miesięcy temu

    @TheDarkDen If vinegar or citric acid and newspaper does not work try API safe and easy aquarium glass cleaner. I cleaned up old fish tanks quite well with it that were terribly stained up. They were not perfect after but a lot better, nothing else had worked. You might have to repeat a few times.

  • Cat Carter
    Cat CarterRok temu

    they're so cute!!!!

  • Phildo
    PhildoRok temu

    Been watching a long time & ive always wondered is the Dark Den a room in your apartment u live in or is it in a diff place altogether? I’ve always been curious lol

  • JD Singh
    JD SinghRok temu

    Mist with distilled water. It wont leave stains.

  • Hải Dương Vũ
    Hải Dương VũRok temu

    I want to you keep that spider in the sand you found in the sand

  • Green Gamer
    Green GamerRok temu

    You should call this enclosure "Death Valley"

  • The constitution Is meaningless
    The constitution Is meaninglessRok temu

    Vinegar will take off the calcium deposits, but the scorpions might be sensitive to the smell.

  • Aaron Wallace
    Aaron WallaceRok temu

    Anyone know any breeders in Europe? I have many venemous scorpions and badly want these.

  • Entrophonics
    EntrophonicsRok temu

    Vinegar works well.usually

  • Jake M
    Jake MRok temu

    Imagine rehousing 11 death-stalker scorpions, and only counting 10 when your done....

  • Not_a_poser 2005
    Not_a_poser 2005Rok temu

    From my experience the best way to clean the hard water stains off the glass is to wipe it with vinegar. Use it on all my enclosures

  • Ollys Reptiles
    Ollys ReptilesRok temu

    they are adorable

  • The Wererapter92
    The Wererapter92Rok temu

    Deathstalker is a thing? Dayum

  • Maria Dolores Guzman
    Maria Dolores GuzmanRok temu

    We have those scorpions in my country (Argentina) they represent a huuuuge problem during summer because we have to separate hour beds from the walls and put lavender on the entire house in order to keep them away, but at the same time they are so interesting to see.

  • kay kruegs
    kay kruegsRok temu

    vinegar water mixed with dish soap, scrub the glass with a sponge then use a razor blade to scrape the calcium off the glass! i used this for my creasties cage and it looks brand new

  • Skaatje
    SkaatjeRok temu

    Puts in deadly animals "I should clean this glass"

  • Mateusz Zalewski
    Mateusz ZalewskiRok temu

    Vinegar and a razor blade will clean off the spots from the glass, if you keep the razor blade flat against the glass it won’t scratch it but only clean it @The Dark Den

  • Scourgelord Nathreim
    Scourgelord NathreimRok temu

    Vinegar is perfect. The stain is calcium I have very hard water and I keep aquariums so I often have to clean heavy calcium build up off filters and other stuff.

  • Leonardo Adrian Della Sera
    Leonardo Adrian Della SeraRok temu

    Yep you should use alchool vinegar: transparent and nearly odorless

  • Everything Aquariums
    Everything AquariumsRok temu

    Please be a bit more careful around those Death Stalkers. You had me super nervous.

  • zoey maryjane
    zoey maryjaneRok temu


  • Regina Rayborn
    Regina RaybornRok temu

    Use ginger water mix to clean glass build up hun just found ur videos love them hugs and luvs from a Mississippi woman stuck in Kansas

  • Ross Redmond
    Ross RedmondRok temu

    Hi - i love your scorpions! Thanks, Oscar (7yo)

  • Ross Redmond
    Ross RedmondRok temu


  • malibuco
    malibucoRok temu

    dali si iz bilo kojeg djela balkana ???

  • Idek .-.
    Idek .-.Rok temu

    You sound like gru from despicable me

  • syd truter
    syd truterRok temu

    Lol rondom recommendation now I can't stop watching

  • 375 Hugyk
    375 HugykRok temu

    Hi! I have a collection of dead animals and insects. So I will be so happy to collect your dead animals and insects ❤️

  • Jo
    JoRok temu

    Yep.... White vinegar will definitely remove that calcium stain from the glass xxx 🤗

  • jonas 24
    jonas 24Rok temu

    I love his happiness like a kid on Christmas

  • Andrewut7y A
    Andrewut7y ARok temu

    Is it difficult to properly feed a big group like that?

  • froglick28
    froglick28Rok temu

    Do u treat the old substrate just in case there are babies in it so you don’t have them running around

  • ThunderBear
    ThunderBearRok temu

    So who got this randomly recommended? Lol, This is pretty dope.

  • Brodie Croc
    Brodie CrocRok temu

    Try spraying water on glass, whipe down, then use razor blade to get rid of tough water stains, then spray water on glass again n whipe dry wala lol works for me

  • Ross_Motorsports
    Ross_MotorsportsRok temu

    Use a HOT GLUE gun & attach two acute triangles behind the lid to support it when its open

  • Ross_Motorsports


    Rok temu

    The hot glue gun will come in handy if you don't already have one in the Dark Den, love the videos.

  • Martin Tizzard
    Martin TizzardRok temu

    Yo yo, I use lemon on my Glass tanks to get rid of the staining, and exo terra sell something that also works well, also I have a reptile room now and you were the inspiration, I love it so thank you

  • graffic13
    graffic13Rok temu

    "Bar keepers friend " will take that off glass ....

  • T Caenen
    T CaenenRok temu

    For the stains on the glass, i used to brush them with toothpaste and a nail brush. Worked like a charm

  • Steph Goodman
    Steph GoodmanRok temu

    This is such a cool enclosure Petko! Your enclosures never disappoint they’re always well thought out. The skull really gives it that dangerous desert vibe 🏜 💀

  • Jarrell Cansler
    Jarrell CanslerRok temu

    i love watching this stuff. make me want to do something similar.. Thanks for the inspiration.....

  • Joseph Howard
    Joseph HowardRok temu

    Might try CLR for hard water stains if you can find it, I use it and it works like a charm.

  • Jorge Mendez
    Jorge MendezRok temu

    Yo just use a razor blade to clean the hard water Stan on the glass and only spray distilled water

  • Larma 42
    Larma 42Rok temu

    This video just proved how much I hate spiders

  • Ced B
    Ced BRok temu

    Yes vinegar for the salt stains. Same as when you wash a kettle

  • Pittsburgh Flip
    Pittsburgh FlipRok temu

    Razerblade or "scratch free" scrub sponge with a little vinegar for water spots

  • Pittsburgh Flip
    Pittsburgh FlipRok temu

    Late to the game... but I work with cement a good bit... a little spritz bottle around helps keeps the dust down. Great Enclosure!

  • Ann Segal
    Ann SegalRok temu

    I have such a crush on this guy 😍

  • Duy Bear
    Duy BearRok temu

    You haven't had any deaths or cannibalism?

  • Christian Brown
    Christian BrownRok temu

    Lemon juice will clear the water spots off

  • john doughh
    john doughhRok temu

    This guy talking about deadly creatures is one of the most relaxing videos I've seen in a longtime lmao. Seems like an awesome guy! How did you get into all of this type of stuff man? I've always wanted to learn about reptiles and spiders to get over my fear of them.

  • j malo
    j maloRok temu

    You sound like gru

  • Name Your Edit?
    Name Your Edit?Rok temu

    Vinegar is pretty useful for getting rid of water stains on tanks! Just make sure you don't mix-up your vinegar spray bottle with your water spray bottle! I saw an employee do that once, the animals were not pleased to say the least.

  • JMart
    JMartRok temu

    a little rubbing alcohol will clear that glass up beautifully.

  • Collin Brown
    Collin BrownRok temu

    Use isopropyl alcohol and a razor blade to remove the hard water stains

  • Elsa Innamorato
    Elsa InnamoratoRok temu

    Nice video! This is the second video I watch, I was recommended by Bryan at the reptilian.

  • Elsa Innamorato
    Elsa InnamoratoRok temu

    Nice video! This is the second video I watch, I was recommended by Bryan at the reptilian.

  • Erik w
    Erik wRok temu

    I’m terrified of tarantulas but for some reason scorpions don’t bother me at all

  • Johnathan Oey
    Johnathan OeyRok temu

    Steel wool with water will buff the glass clean..then dry it with a paper towel..

  • Xevecx
    XevecxRok temu

    the solution to your water spot issues is a reverse osmosis system got pissed off with spots after owning a bunch of dart frog tanks and got one a few years back best investment ever

  • Bossniak
    BossniakRok temu

    Brate da mi je znat kako te nije strah toliko zivjet sa tolikim paucima

  • Benjamin K.
    Benjamin K.Rok temu

    Tip for keeping the water off the glass check out Rainex it;s a product for cars . It;s like a ceramic coating for windshields . It stops water from stickin to glass and keeps it clean. Sold in a small yellow bottle in europe

  • Victor G
    Victor GRok temu

    They look like they maybe in premolt and some scorpions can be in premolt for a long time.

  • Sam Blo
    Sam BloRok temu

    Use a razor blade and the spray the glass with water so u can scrape the mineral off

  • Joe Blazer
    Joe BlazerRok temu

    So? Put em in your bed. That video might be worth watching.

  • Jothan van Kammen
    Jothan van KammenRok temu

    Ive seen these guys in the wild(Jordan) a couple years ago.... Unaware that they were so dangerous haha, great experience nonetheless tho

  • Hunter343 gaming
    Hunter343 gamingRok temu

    Anyone else have arachnophobia or is it just me

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon RogersRok temu

    What will you do with the H. Gigas slings eventually? Out of curiosity.

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan LopezRok temu

    Finally subscribe btw can u link the stuff you did for despacitos substrate in his enclosure

  • FreeLugia
    FreeLugiaRok temu

    I have a raccoon skull. I'm going to paint it

  • Samantha Adams
    Samantha AdamsRok temu

    Aww those scorpions are so cute looking with being so small an chunky deadly mayb but for me it’s deadly cute 💕💕🦂🦂🦂

  • Will B
    Will BRok temu

    50/50 vinegar and water mixture will get rid of those water stains. Just need to to use some scotch brite or the rough side of a sponge.

  • ryan rix
    ryan rixRok temu

    Dont you have a death stalker set up already

  • Big John Reptiles
    Big John ReptilesRok temu

    Where did you get that enclosure from?

  • JZSLD G-Fan
    JZSLD G-FanRok temu

    Beautiful enclosure

  • Xophe A'dethri
    Xophe A'dethriRok temu

    Exotics Lair never sent me here directly, but I saw this on a side bar from his video a few weeks ago. Now this is my favorite "creepy crawly" channel!

  • T & T Exotic Animal’s
    T & T Exotic Animal’sRok temu

    What kind of Scorpions are they. That can live together in the community?

  • mark Jackman
    mark JackmanRok temu

    Back to basics

  • DesertWolfArmory
    DesertWolfArmoryRok temu

    This trash bag of a youtuber thinks he’s to good to respond to people . I asked him a question months ago privately and he never responded .

  • SiblingRivalry717
    SiblingRivalry717Rok temu

    I got my first old worlds today. OBT and Thailand Golden Fringe and I gotta say Petko makes it look so much easier then it actually is. Maybe it gets easier with time but holy moly the OBT was fast. It seemed fine when I was taking it out of the tube then it teleported onto my hand then ran around the box I had it’s enclosure in as I tried to catch it in a cup. I have never been so stressed dealing with a living animal. The Golden Fringe was a Saint compared to the OBT. My hat it off to you Petko if it wasn’t for you I would have been nowhere near as ready as I was for the mighty teleporting OBT. Watching and doing are two VERY different things lol.

  • Lilly
    LillyRok temu

    A razor blade angled will clean off the calcium on the side without scratching the glass.

  • Insect Emporium
    Insect EmporiumRok temu

    You can just use a razor blade on the glass. Takes the calcium right off.