SPIDER AUTOPSY...now I know why she died!


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  • Carter Mcfarlane
    Carter Mcfarlane13 godzin temu


  • Abhishek Lama
    Abhishek LamaDzień temu

    Even though, to me, it still looks horrifying even when dead. I still feel kinda sad seeing its lifeless body.

  • paula maxwell
    paula maxwellDzień temu

    I didn't know spiders could get constapated

  • Navi Sacdalan
    Navi Sacdalan2 dni temu

    Someone commented on Exotic Lair's video about some big tarantula keeper youtuber who's spider died the same way exotics spider did. one day later this vid got recommended to me

  • MsLita
    MsLita3 dni temu

    I learn more from videos like this than I do in school. Thank you!

  • hicsum fabulalepus
    hicsum fabulalepus3 dni temu

    Praying from 6:51 seconds that he doesn't forget himself and touch his mouth. o.o Not sure I can watch to the end tbh. Off to wash my hands.

  • Abel Pazos
    Abel Pazos4 dni temu

    No gloves, no mask. That is unacceptable. Have some self respect. Amazon.com is right there.

  • Melody Trotter
    Melody Trotter5 dni temu

    You know what would be cool, preserving one of your tarantulas that's passed away in resin!

  • Jesse -_-
    Jesse -_-6 dni temu

    Please ware gloves or something very gross

  • Miss.Kachina V
    Miss.Kachina V6 dni temu

    The word is impaction when there is a physical blockage :)

  • Sadistic Overlord
    Sadistic Overlord7 dni temu

    The horrible part about having tarantula as pet is this, there’s nothing you can do or even notice it, its such a scary and heartbreaking thing to experience, it way out of your hands and nothing to prevent it as far as I know so heart breaking. May your tarantula Rest In Peace.

  • Adam's Vintage Appliances
    Adam's Vintage Appliances7 dni temu

    it looks like the spider drank milk

  • Dela pena Judiel jess
    Dela pena Judiel jess8 dni temu

    "Oh yes i mean no" 😆😆

  • Angie Thompson
    Angie Thompson8 dni temu

    I am really sorry, this is sad and there wasn't much you could have done to help her.😥

  • Arya Post
    Arya Post8 dni temu

    Can anyone tell me why they use phidippus cardinalis for the jumpers? I know phidippus is jumper, but is cardinalis meaning red or direction. Red Jumper or Directional Jumper? Remember, north, easy, south, west are called your cardinal directions.

  • Turtle Frog
    Turtle Frog9 dni temu

    I never knew that spiders could poop

  • Turtle Frog
    Turtle Frog9 dni temu

    Spider soup

  • anddudewaslike
    anddudewaslike9 dni temu

    Well I was going to eat some peanut butter filled pretzels but I think I just lost my appetite 😅

  • flyfast77
    flyfast779 dni temu

    Oh gosh there is no way I could do that!! I'd be 🤢🤮

  • greebleClown
    greebleClown9 dni temu

    At least it wasnt a disease or parasite that could spread to the others. :(

  • Jack's Adventures
    Jack's Adventures10 dni temu

    I wonder if this is what happened to exotics lair too her abdomen was super plump too

  • Queen Honey
    Queen Honey10 dni temu

    I really hope he washed his hands before opening all that stuff

  • Arielle Frazier
    Arielle Frazier10 dni temu

    Plays in Spider poo and proceeds to touch and wave his hands all by his face AND THEN talks about diseases. #ImmaHeadOut (VERY INTERESTING VIDEO THOUGH!)

  • boredom 101
    boredom 10111 dni temu

    Darkden- "Maybe I should cut her open... oh but that could be nasty"

  • nikki paraiso
    nikki paraiso11 dni temu

    Tigae ko

  • tamra woods
    tamra woods11 dni temu

    thats so sad we know she was in pain. humans can die from it if it last too long. bless her part shes in a better place.

  • David L
    David L11 dni temu

    Gloves exist for just this sort of thing...

  • Black wolf
    Black wolf11 dni temu

    you could have prevented that now you know the signs of dehydration Not peeing or having very dark yellow pee. Very dry skin. Feeling dizzy. Rapid heartbeat. Rapid breathing. Sunken eyes. Sleepiness, lack of energy, confusion or irritability. Fainting.

  • Black wolf
    Black wolf11 dni temu

    Eating foods low in fiber. Not drinking enough water (dehydration). Not getting enough exercise. Changes in your regular routine, such as traveling or eating or going to bed at different times

  • Black wolf
    Black wolf11 dni temu

    the whit stuff looks like a lot of infection

  • Black wolf
    Black wolf11 dni temu

    what you do is stop all food and just give H2o for 2 weeks and then you will see your spider start to come back

  • † Adre Chan †
    † Adre Chan †11 dni temu

    I am badly arachnophobic. Why the hecc am I watching a spider autopsy?! 😹

  • PATRICIA10776
    PATRICIA1077611 dni temu

    this has nothing to do with the video but you kind of sound like gru

  • Liz Joseph
    Liz Joseph11 dni temu

    Whenever I sent post to my family in Slovenija, or vice-versa, we know it'll take forever and a day to get to its destination. When I was on holiday on Podlog visiting my aunt and uncle, I sent postcards to my friends at home. I was there for a month. My friends didn't get my postcards until two months AFTER I arrived back home, LOL.

    AHMAD FARHAN12 dni temu

    that sign your pets need more water

  • Phoebe Haggard
    Phoebe Haggard12 dni temu

    I hear humans move on the morgue table too. Even sitting up. And when your pour soysauce on octopus or squid they twitch and stand, and frog kegs kick when you pour salt on them 😬🤢🤭

  • Hello Fam
    Hello Fam13 dni temu

    Where my curiosity has brought me

  • Hello Fam
    Hello Fam13 dni temu

    2:41 finish your meal before reaching this timestamp

  • Hello Fam

    Hello Fam

    13 dni temu

    I can't do this anymore 9:00 I'll stop here, bye

  • Hello Fam

    Hello Fam

    13 dni temu

    I don't feel so good 🤢

  • Hello Fam

    Hello Fam

    13 dni temu

    Thank god I've finished mine, I wanna throw up

  • Honklerton
    Honklerton13 dni temu

    I thought that skull would make an AWESOME addition to an enclosure. You should totally do it. Just imagine how cool it would look if you got a shot of a T coming right out of the eye socket to eat a bug or something? That would be great.

  • anessa
    anessa13 dni temu

    all i can say in this video is: WEAR GLOVES MATE

  • Hikok Charlie
    Hikok Charlie13 dni temu

    Im not satisfied the fact that i have crabs 😂

  • Andrei Lupu
    Andrei Lupu13 dni temu

    Oh yesss I mean oh noo That was epic I can't dude 😂😂

  • BadDrivers
    BadDrivers13 dni temu

    Me having aracnachid phobia! This guy doing autopsy on a huge ass moving spider🥴

  • aqua_bro
    aqua_bro13 dni temu

    4:55 "ooooohhh yyyeeeeeeesssss...... i mean nooooo" sorry but i laughed so hard

  • Jessica Girl
    Jessica Girl13 dni temu

    When he touches it and it moves. Literally gave me the chills. Why do they have to be hairy?

  • Jessica Girl
    Jessica Girl13 dni temu


  • Foo Fighter
    Foo Fighter14 dni temu

    The rock looks like some kind of fossil

  • tiredmummy
    tiredmummy14 dni temu

    Poor girl... I dont like spiders but wouldnt wish that on any creature... is the white stuff poop, or could it be pus from an infection caused by the blockage...

  • Jonathan Spiegel
    Jonathan Spiegel14 dni temu

    I give my spiders imodium. works great. little fiber will help her.

  • Lisa Nidog
    Lisa Nidog14 dni temu

    What a nice carved rock spider figure.

  • Lisa Nidog
    Lisa Nidog14 dni temu

    I wonder if something like this would be online for symptoms and a cure. Could it be a variety of tarantula food that could keep them clear? I mean with me too much dairy does it. Maybe tarantulas need a variety of prey to keep things moving in there?

  • Douglas Foley
    Douglas Foley14 dni temu

    Yeah I know why she died to.......you cut her open..........

  • Lisa Nidog
    Lisa Nidog14 dni temu

    Is there a laxative like liquid tarantulas can take safely if they show a blockage while living? Or is this blockage no one has a cure for. I feel so bad this tarantula died. I'm not much for spiders but still I feel bad when they pass too early.

  • Lisa Nidog
    Lisa Nidog14 dni temu

    My condolences. To lose an animal you're fond of is hard even if it's a spider.

    STEPHANIE HARMS14 dni temu

    I am a Vet Nurse student and I am definitely not a fan of spiders but feel for any animal that suffers or passes away. Most of the time with impactions there isn’t anything you can do. I fully support autopsies to find out and learn. You seem like you truly care and love taking care of them. Sadly life and death happens. Thank you for making someone like me slowly more comfortable with my biggest fear ❤️

  • RG
    RG15 dni temu

    Sew her up, a little month-to-month to revive and she'll be good as new.

  • C NearWheel
    C NearWheel15 dni temu

    After that..finds out it was sleeping

  • C NearWheel
    C NearWheel15 dni temu

    Need a sharper knife.....gets dull scissors lol

  • universal
    universal15 dni temu

    Dude I didn’t know spiders pooped

  • Sophie
    Sophie15 dni temu

    It's 2AM and I'm watching an autopsy of a spider...

  • Menschenfeind !!!
    Menschenfeind !!!15 dni temu

    Spray make up on the hole ^^

  • Nunyah Bizzniss
    Nunyah Bizzniss15 dni temu

    Idk why PLtoolss would recommend this to me couldn’t help find out what happened but now I’m jumping at every shadow or movement near me thinking big spiders are coming for me anxiety level 1-10 mines 13 right now

  • Crystaline E. Bolt 532
    Crystaline E. Bolt 53215 dni temu

    Poor baby

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf15 dni temu

    Next time I think just using the plunger and spraying water (or some other solution) into the abdomen will clearly and easily take out all the waste instead of trying to scoop it out. Just a thought!

  • Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy16 dni temu

    Wtf is this🥴😘🤯😆

  • Mixed UP
    Mixed UP16 dni temu

    Dark Den: *kutting spider Dark Den: Oh yes...... Me: WTF!? Dark Den: Oh i mean (oh nooo...)

  • Holly Middleton
    Holly Middleton16 dni temu

    Is this a common problem with tarantulas?

  • Dona Reed
    Dona Reed16 dni temu

    Coffee stain cover cover white. One instant grain should do

  • Jan Neal
    Jan Neal17 dni temu


  • Brian Aguilar
    Brian Aguilar17 dni temu

    Poor thing, it’s bathroom break was inevitable

  • Kevin
    Kevin17 dni temu

    I haven't been this disgusted in a while. I'm impressed

  • Joy Lutz
    Joy Lutz17 dni temu

    “she was filled with poop” ☹️

  • Amber Cooper
    Amber Cooper17 dni temu

    Just looking on PLtoolss until I see this what in the heck is that now I’m not gonna want to eat anymore like what the hell bro 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🥵😡😡🥵🤬🥵🤬😡🥵😡😡🥵😡😡😡😡😡🥵😡😡🥵😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🥵😡🥵😡😡🤬🥵🤬🤬🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Summer Brown
    Summer Brown17 dni temu


  • Whiskey
    Whiskey17 dni temu

    I'm sorry you lost your spider but this autopsy was fascinating. I didn't know this could even happen to spiders. Poor thing.

  • Sara Carvalho
    Sara Carvalho17 dni temu

    ME: very afraid of every type of spiders ALSO ME: watches the full video, very VERY far away from the monitor ALSO ALSO ME: Still waiting for her to move even though I fully know she's is totally dead Emotion roller-coaster for 20:24 minutes

  • Sarah Cusani
    Sarah Cusani17 dni temu

    Thank you this is so cool

  • George Meza
    George Meza17 dni temu

    I’m going to puke LOL

  • George Meza
    George Meza17 dni temu

    How is that poop poop is brown

  • George Meza
    George Meza17 dni temu

    Ewwwww poop

  • Andrew Daniel
    Andrew Daniel17 dni temu

    I thought he was going to try and pick something out of his teeth after squishing the spider deuce.

  • Random Games
    Random Games17 dni temu

    At 9:08 I almost threw up

  • SaintPlayGames
    SaintPlayGames17 dni temu

    Not even drugs can make me forget what I saw here

  • Emmii 1357
    Emmii 135718 dni temu

    I'm kinda nervous because he didn't wear gloves. It makes me feel uncomfortable, because of everything he's touching

  • KrystGaming1237
    KrystGaming123718 dni temu

    Ran out of Oxygen.?

  • TheHelmetCrussher THC
    TheHelmetCrussher THC18 dni temu

    as someone from a malaysian...i can say..hati-hati mean be careful

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons18 dni temu

    When you've got waaay too much time on your hands.

  • Hirenzo
    Hirenzo18 dni temu

    Where the fuck is my recommendations taking me, I was just watching minecraft. How'd it come to this

  • Keil Horn
    Keil Horn19 dni temu

    I swear i vomited when you cut the abdomen open ;-;

  • Araceli Perez
    Araceli Perez19 dni temu

    No gloves or nothing 😐🤢😵

  • Hentai protagonist 2020
    Hentai protagonist 202019 dni temu

    So... he needs a sharper knife right? Why didn’t he just flip the knife he was using over to the sharp side?

  • bobbye turnbough
    bobbye turnbough19 dni temu

    Is this normal? How often are u the medical examiner?

  • Abducting Mothman
    Abducting Mothman19 dni temu

    It is midnight why am I even here

  • jack banton
    jack banton19 dni temu

    Never said before in human history: I am not satisfied, I know I have crabs but can not see them. ;)

  • BleuStudios
    BleuStudios19 dni temu

    For the love of god man stop touching your face! 😆

  • Kymber Brassard
    Kymber Brassard19 dni temu

    Hahaha I truly love your and Kat’s friendship

  • Francesco greco Q
    Francesco greco Q19 dni temu

    Thats alot of poop. ... Poor animal.

  • sans
    sans19 dni temu

    Filled with white stuff *C U M*

  • Ryheem Smith
    Ryheem Smith19 dni temu

    At least her victims can rest peace now.

  • Someone0nR3ddit
    Someone0nR3ddit20 dni temu

    Nobody gonna talk about why he isn't using gloves