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Phrynus whitei
Pamphobeteus sp. mascara
Lasiodora difficilis
Acanthoscurria musculosa
Phormictopus atrichomatus
caribena versicolor


  • stephen carver
    stephen carverDzień temu

    im no expert but these boxes seem ever so small. would they not be happier with a bit more space?

  • Spider Cafe
    Spider Cafe3 dni temu

    Glad this little guy is making it! Go Nemo 😊

  • Barbie Twinmom
    Barbie Twinmom5 dni temu

    🤣🤣 ooo we have some slapping action! Lol

  • -Hotg-Odin
    -Hotg-Odin5 dni temu

    Your hell is going to be this exact thing you enjoy so much but in reverse. A spider is going to force you into a small cage and poke you with a stick.

  • iMitchell666
    iMitchell66616 dni temu

    I guess petko was kicking his hairs before the intro lol must have been startled 🤣🕷

  • Vinny Sasso
    Vinny Sasso18 dni temu

    “Wearing protective gear is not a bad idea... I’m just to lazy to do that “😂😂 mood

  • Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks
    Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks19 dni temu

    🤘 Great video dude .

  • Leo Minatti
    Leo Minatti19 dni temu

    Love nemoo

  • Salvador Junior
    Salvador Junior19 dni temu

    What is the species of nemmo?

  • LMAA R3dShift
    LMAA R3dShift19 dni temu

    12:05 Those are bite marks on your hand ?

  • Andru Svoboda
    Andru Svoboda19 dni temu

    Comment something.

  • Jack Forrest
    Jack Forrest19 dni temu

    Spider Dad Spider Dad Rad Croatian spider dad Sees the bugs, gives em hugs Raises them with care and love Look out! Here comes the spider dad.

  • kirepaha


    16 dni temu

    This one is awesome! Now it will be in my head with the intro :D

  • Andrija Miloslavić
    Andrija Miloslavić19 dni temu

    Gdje nabaviš te kutije?

  • Playdead
    Playdead19 dni temu

    Great shots of the TWS😍😍

  • Palooch88
    Palooch8819 dni temu

    Avicularinae shouldn't be kept in this cliche enclosure at the first place

  • _ storm
    _ storm20 dni temu

    DAmn those bite marks on his hand

  • Dr. H
    Dr. H20 dni temu

    just started watching dark den a month ago. been binge watching. can anyone explain to me what the difference is between a Caribena versicolor and an avicularia versicolor? they look very similar to me Edit: ah nvm. name change is all. does anyone know of petko owns a pamphobeteus platyomma or a xenesthis immanis?

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas20 dni temu

    Anyone got a recommendation for a breeder or company that can supply a Brazilian black juvenile female 👀

  • Alan Stuck in Australia
    Alan Stuck in Australia20 dni temu

    Is that "Something about Mary" hair?

  • FlunkMunkey
    FlunkMunkey20 dni temu

    You’re hair is a special tarantula! It’s in threat posture watch out!

  • Ahti Jansson
    Ahti Jansson20 dni temu

    nemo looks like its wearing little socks if you look closely in some lights

  • Daryl MC Death
    Daryl MC Death20 dni temu

    What did you do? I breeded once and we (owner of the male and me) splitted the spiderlings...of my 120 Spiders only 4 died?!?

  • Vytaras Kučinskas
    Vytaras Kučinskas20 dni temu

    Amm do you know Exotics lair?

  • Braden Isak
    Braden Isak20 dni temu

    3:23 "when you want to kick hair but you're just not motivated"

  • Erick Iraola
    Erick Iraola21 dzień temu

    What species is the little blue one ?

  • Jayknee Garner
    Jayknee Garner21 dzień temu

    For future reference you should probably loosen up the peatmoss and pre moisten it prior to using it in the enclosure. Peat when it’s compressed into bales is very, very dry to the point where it has trouble absorbing moisture. I usually have to transfer to a lidded container and dump hot water on top then close a lid and let it sit overnight. Granted I’m using it for seed starting so need it to be fairly moist. It’s my understanding that T’s require a certain amount of moisture to molt properly. I’m not a T keeper so am no expert on them I’m just going on information gleaned from other T keepers as I find them interesting so long as I am not the one caring for them.

  • SeverusSnape12345
    SeverusSnape1234521 dzień temu

    C. versicolor is going to be my first arboreal tarantulas I plan to get. :D They are so gorgeous!

  • SeverusSnape12345


    17 dni temu

    @Martin Thank you! Me too!

  • Martin


    17 dni temu

    @SeverusSnape12345 thanks hope you get yours soon

  • SeverusSnape12345


    18 dni temu

    @Martin I'm glad you were able to get some. :D

  • Martin


    18 dni temu

    @SeverusSnape12345 these were so hard to get within days they were sold out

  • SeverusSnape12345


    18 dni temu

    @Martin awesome! I can't wait to be able to get one!

  • Tjmurphy990
    Tjmurphy99021 dzień temu

    You have a receding hairline.... that’s what happened

  • Medardo26
    Medardo2621 dzień temu

    I just got 2 tiny versicolor, they were instar a month ago, no molting yet, they are active and eating, hope the molt soon! Nice video man!

  • Aspien Girl
    Aspien Girl21 dzień temu

    You're definitely right they're so pretty.

  • Sean Patrick Tan
    Sean Patrick Tan21 dzień temu

    5:06 That one friend who wouldn’t end the conversation even when you’re already walking away from each other 😂

  • gigis tarantulas
    gigis tarantulas21 dzień temu

    Ok we are definitely going to need an update on nemo

  • Reefing101
    Reefing10121 dzień temu

    Linda update!!?? We’ve been waiting man how is she haha

  • Bloodfun2585
    Bloodfun258521 dzień temu

    Nemo is soooo cute! And this is coming from me a arachnophobe I'm not scared of tarantulas but I am of spiders

  • Julian Sanchez
    Julian Sanchez21 dzień temu

    Ya! Nemo ❤️

  • Angeline
    Angeline21 dzień temu

    can we get a Linda update :D

  • Hobby Bugs
    Hobby Bugs21 dzień temu

    Nemo ohh noo--

  • Odom_ 23
    Odom_ 2321 dzień temu

    You should get a golden gecko

  • Victoria
    Victoria21 dzień temu

    Your videos are always so enjoyable! ❤️ I’d love to be able to keep avicularia but every one I’ve ever had has died early. I just don’t have any luck with them. I’ve tried dry, moist, airy, closed up.... Nothing works. :/

  • Nanna Schlottmann
    Nanna Schlottmann21 dzień temu

    The blue is so cute.

  • Jan Don
    Jan Don21 dzień temu

    I love my versicolor, mine is a very good eater its growing like hell :D

  • Miss Jackson
    Miss Jackson21 dzień temu

    Loved the slap 🤣💚

  • TheDeadlyPotato74
    TheDeadlyPotato7421 dzień temu

    Always posting amazing content ❤️❤️

  • CTron28 TTV
    CTron28 TTV21 dzień temu

    I've got a caribena versicolor myself. Its the most beautiful Spider on this planet. I would highly recommend to start with this kind of spider species.

  • aprilmarieheard
    aprilmarieheard21 dzień temu

    Every time he says "comparisment" 🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  • Morph D.
    Morph D.22 dni temu

    Nemo ft. Petkos busted ass hands

  • Ibns Arachnids
    Ibns Arachnids22 dni temu

    I absolutely love the versicolor Petko. Mine likes to jump constantly and is a real handful to rehouse. I hope he or she settles down next molt but probably not lol take care. Ibnsarachnids aka rob

  • JayDulRos96
    JayDulRos9622 dni temu

    my heteroscodra maculata molted and i never knew when i knownyou guys keeo tellin us to wait 7 days but i didnt even notice since is always hiding and didnt even close the entrance so i feed it and it ate no prblem but i deff feed right after it molted

  • Troy and Skyelar
    Troy and Skyelar22 dni temu

    Yay whipscorps! What id give for a video devoted to them with feeding clips

  • Bob the Boulder
    Bob the Boulder22 dni temu

    C. Versicolor was my first ever sp of tarantula. Got it when I was 14 (almost 7 years ago) and its still alive and well. Do you still have that other one that was featured in a few videos some years ago?

  • Nele
    Nele22 dni temu

    Omg my first tarantula is called Nemo. It's a b. Hamorii :) Your Nemo is so cute!

  • Eievuiroll
    Eievuiroll22 dni temu

    Nemo is so bloody adorable!! It looks like he is wearing socks :3

    YUNG PLAZA22 dni temu

    i love whipscorpions so much!!! my mom hates tarantulas, but likes whipscorpions, she hates scorpions too, and normal spiders kinda makes her cringe... how odd...

  • Kelvin Vin
    Kelvin Vin22 dni temu!? Wuuuuuuuuuuu Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu Ahwuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Kelvin Vin
    Kelvin Vin22 dni temu

    In.u.anexus.hole.xd 🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟

  • Marvin O
    Marvin O22 dni temu

    Hey petko, did you think about getting some large millipedes like archistreptus gigas? I have 2 they are amazing gentle giants.

  • Viktor Erben
    Viktor Erben22 dni temu

    Latin name of Nemo? He is sooooooo cute 😍

  • Clay Brannon
    Clay Brannon22 dni temu

    That whip scorpion is badass a little Nemo is so cute and you are most excellent host of this channel carry on brother from clay in the USA I look forward to Mondays and Fridays

  • Aik Htee
    Aik Htee22 dni temu

    Lol hair

  • Ute Sommer
    Ute Sommer22 dni temu

    This Scorpion is really camouflaged !

  • Lea Holle
    Lea Holle22 dni temu

    My versicolor was at about that size when I got her. She has grown so much since then... In 1 1/2 years Nemo will also get much bigger and slowly show some red colors, looking forward to that!

  • Andy Nuñez
    Andy Nuñez22 dni temu


  • Andy Nuñez

    Andy Nuñez

    21 dzień temu

    @Bloodfun2585 nono, the one that Moody used to explain the spells

  • Bloodfun2585


    21 dzień temu

    You mean aragog?

  • tike481
    tike48122 dni temu

    Arg I'm not the best with the names (more so spelling them) but the coloration on the first T was beautiful Petro!

  • Brian Nelson
    Brian Nelson22 dni temu

    Your hair lol

  • Mando pro'ish
    Mando pro'ish22 dni temu

    The name should be "John Shepherd" from mass effect

  • Rohan Sogra
    Rohan Sogra22 dni temu

    After seeing the thumbnail I thought that you had a cut on your hand

  • GetBent Mate
    GetBent Mate22 dni temu

    Love the channel but I miss the tarantula species names being placed at the bottom of the screen. I'm looking to start my own collection and just need to know which video I can re-watch to make sure I spell and properly pronounce each species named as I start my collection.

  • RainbowHyena
    RainbowHyena22 dni temu

    The start of the video and it already got me. xD Nice hair~

  • Jeanne H
    Jeanne H22 dni temu

    How do you manage their level of moisture in such vastly different substrate? Here in southern New Mexico in the USA I find 100% peat or sphagnum impossible because it is dry before I closed the lid. At least the coco fiber will retain some moisture at the deeper levels.

  • Robert Amerson
    Robert Amerson22 dni temu

    Another great video. Thank you for the entertaining content

  • Jeanne H
    Jeanne H22 dni temu

    Could you plz put the names of the Ts in block type in your videos? I really appreciate when you do.

  • Jeanne H
    Jeanne H22 dni temu

    TYSM for such fun and educational videos. You are helping me learn how to care for my 3 slings... Mex red knee, Brazilian red and white and AZ blondie. You could make a killing with Versi slings now. They are out of stock everywhere just when I want one!

  • Tony Almeida
    Tony Almeida22 dni temu

    There’s Something about Petko!

  • Debbie Mcclure
    Debbie Mcclure22 dni temu

    I'm sorry for the loss of the other versi's Petko, that was a terrible loss. I started off with three versi's. Two of which were male. The one female use to drive me crazy; every time I would open the enclosure to water or feed her she would jump straight onto my hand scaring the crap out of me. Thankfully as she got bigger she stopped doing that. Her name is Gumball but I call her Goofball. She recently laid a phantom egg sac n there had to be 150-200 eggs in it. She molted not to long ago so I really do need to find a male for her. Tysf God bless you

  • Debbie Mcclure

    Debbie Mcclure

    21 dzień temu

    @Ujuani68 nah, I'm further north. I wish I lived in Tennessee. It's beautiful

  • Ujuani68


    21 dzień temu

    @Debbie Mcclure 😄 Do you also live in Tennessee, like MariLynn does?

  • Debbie Mcclure

    Debbie Mcclure

    21 dzień temu

    @Ujuani68 HELLO!!!!!!!! Yes spring is springing here. Actually has been for quite a while now, lol. I dread those spring storms though and that summer heat. If I were rich I'd move to Alaska and come back here for Autumn and winter😂🤣

  • Ujuani68


    21 dzień temu

    Hi, mrs Ms Clure! 👋😀 How's things in the US? Is spring on its way? We just had some nasty cold winds all the way from Russia, and they mean business!😯🥶🙄 But it should be over now. Magpies, blackbirds and pheasants are starting to find mates and are rather busy fighting over their territories, so that is a sure sign of spring. 😄 Have you heard news from MariLynn? Me and my wife REALLY miss her feeding vids.😄🥰 Take care now, all my friends in America. Hugs from Copenhagen.

  • Genesis Green
    Genesis Green22 dni temu

    Nemo is so cute!

  • Box Rec
    Box Rec22 dni temu

    I gotta say I'm diggin that hairstyle Petko 🤣👍

  • DrDoboth
    DrDoboth22 dni temu

    Crazy color

  • Renn Nichols
    Renn Nichols22 dni temu

    That last one is really pretty wtf. I don't even have tarantulas and I want that one LOL

  • belinda laing
    belinda laing22 dni temu

    Hello 😊 im really liking your new place it looks amazing So is it just me or are the legs on the tarantula a bit all over the place at the 2:48 mark ??

  • Courtney Lescallett
    Courtney Lescallett22 dni temu

    Nemo is too cute love her. And the channel.

  • Fire King
    Fire King22 dni temu

    Nemo is so perfect

  • Goji Zilla
    Goji Zilla22 dni temu

    I actually really enjoy seeing the enclosure being prepared

  • Vermon Lloren
    Vermon Lloren22 dni temu

    hi nemo ☺️ from 🇵🇭

  • Nixphat
    Nixphat22 dni temu

    Nice on peat moss! So far I've been using a mix of peat moss and top soil and it seems to help with water pooling at the top. It'll be nice to see what you end up thinking of it!

  • Alexa Weaver
    Alexa Weaver22 dni temu

    Okay but why didn’t I know whip scorpions had cute lil faces?!

  • Myles Francis Billington
    Myles Francis Billington22 dni temu

    I don’t even like spiders but I watch most your videos lol

  • Roy IMVU
    Roy IMVU22 dni temu

    I noticed among my collection too that they all seem to molt within days of each other haha.

  • Dolphins Girl
    Dolphins Girl22 dni temu

    You need to add some music to the Nemo stroll “these boots are made for walking!”

  • EyeSMK1
    EyeSMK122 dni temu

    What would you recommend for a starter tarantula? For someone who has never owned one, one that isn't prone to bolt and is just overall easy to take care of

  • Russell lamb
    Russell lamb22 dni temu


  • stefanos tokatlidis
    stefanos tokatlidis22 dni temu

    I didn’t hear any noise in the video.

  • C E N O S H O R T
    C E N O S H O R T22 dni temu

    For me to have arachnophobia bad, I do enjoy watching your videos lol

  • bethoneybee
    bethoneybee22 dni temu

    Ohhhhhh, Hiiiiiiiii 😉💖

    ENIXION22 dni temu

    hair be like /\

  • Allen Mills
    Allen Mills22 dni temu

    Hooray tarantulas !

  • Extabytez
    Extabytez22 dni temu


  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor22 dni temu

    I need to get 1 or 2 C.Versicolor in my collection AWESOME looking Ts

  • Gabriel Mercado
    Gabriel Mercado22 dni temu

    Just a question: why are all your substrate very dry?

  • Chris SK-X
    Chris SK-X22 dni temu

    Hey Petko I'm very OCD but I'm a good person I was gonna help you with one English word for soul but did you put it on purpose I would be mistaking the spelling I've been watching your video's for over 4 year's since you lived in the apartment

  • Technoraptor 777
    Technoraptor 77722 dni temu

    Beautiful whip scorpion!!