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Theraphosa stirmi
wolf spider
Heteropoda sp. flores
Phidippus regius
Sicarius thomisoides
Gandanameno sp.
Eresus walckenaeri „orange ring”
Liphistius yangae
Sahastata infuscata


  • Daniel Saurette
    Daniel Saurette10 dni temu


  • Clayton Fitzpatrick
    Clayton Fitzpatrick16 dni temu

    Do you house any black widows in the dark den??

  • Ben
    Ben17 dni temu

    11:31 that looks like the web in Lord of the Rings

  • Steven Woodward
    Steven Woodward19 dni temu

    Excellent video thanks

  • tamra woods
    tamra woodsMiesiąc temu

    kiwiis personality is adorable lol. she tries so hard lol. bless her heart. love her.

  • Hermes Chavez
    Hermes ChavezMiesiąc temu

    Why isn’t the first one considered a tarantula

  • vaporwave _OOF
    vaporwave _OOFMiesiąc temu

    Gotta love Kiwi.

  • vaporwave _OOF
    vaporwave _OOFMiesiąc temu

    I recently got my first tarantula and fed her once. But the super worms will burrow but now that I watched the video I figured out I can just bait him out. Thank you.

  • Astro Blakk
    Astro BlakkMiesiąc temu

    When they bolt towards the food it feels like a jump cut but they are just tht fast

  • Gundam Barbatos
    Gundam Barbatos2 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi is adorable.

  • Dawid Siedlarz
    Dawid Siedlarz2 miesięcy temu

    I'd love to see slow mo replay of every 1 second takedown. There is so much action happening in that second which our eyes can't even process. Cool video

  • Aaron Blatter
    Aaron Blatter2 miesięcy temu

    They are so beautiful and very well cared for :)

  • TheMrFunta
    TheMrFunta2 miesięcy temu

    6:15 what is the name of this type of spider?

  • Sharna Sutton
    Sharna Sutton2 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi is a male? He has green fangs and also they have a little bulb at the tips of the fangs.

  • Kealynn Morris
    Kealynn Morris2 miesięcy temu

    Linda is scary.

  • Facial Disfigurement
    Facial Disfigurement2 miesięcy temu

    As an Australian, wolf spiders can get lost.

  • Seth Milano
    Seth Milano3 miesięcy temu

    Your wolf spider is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Weaponized Ham
    Weaponized Ham3 miesięcy temu

    what kind of roach do you feed your smaller spiders 3

  • Nixie Melody
    Nixie Melody3 miesięcy temu

    RIP Kiwi

  • FuckFirstworldism
    FuckFirstworldism4 miesięcy temu

    huntsman spiders and jumping spiders have the best eye sight in the arachnid world

  • Magster Artabia
    Magster Artabia4 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi is spoiled thats why she became lazy jumping spider. she's old bit old now

  • Solene Benard
    Solene Benard4 miesięcy temu

    If I ever dared to own a spider, I would definitely be a jumping spider.

  • Anna Returban
    Anna Returban4 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi is cute jumping spider

  • anna Returban
    anna Returban4 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi is so very cute jumping spider

  • Aiden
    Aiden5 miesięcy temu

    RIP Kiwi :(

  • BootsMcNab


    3 miesięcy temu


  • Ced B
    Ced B5 miesięcy temu

    RIP Kiwi. This was a nice take down you did well. Her last meal :')

  • Mr.Malachite
    Mr.Malachite5 miesięcy temu

    More jumpers?

  • Junior. Lizard
    Junior. Lizard5 miesięcy temu

    I still dont like spiders but I'm really fascinated and keep watching him for years

  • ZombieMushmom
    ZombieMushmom5 miesięcy temu

    kiwi is such an angel, i love her.

  • giden carillo
    giden carillo5 miesięcy temu

    thats get me jumps scares

  • Charlotte M.
    Charlotte M.5 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi looked so amazing!! So beautiful. That will be one of my firsts.( I have two, lol)

  • omgwerockhard
    omgwerockhard5 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi is drunk in this video :D

  • •C•J•L AtL
    •C•J•L AtL5 miesięcy temu


  • Chumon In Chains
    Chumon In Chains5 miesięcy temu

    Kiwis is the absolute cutest. I want a jumper so baddd

  • TNT
    TNT5 miesięcy temu

    room full of spiders but he cant find a way to get rid of fruit flies

  • FNS Esports
    FNS Esports5 miesięcy temu

    I’m trying to get over the fear of my arachnophobia this is definitely helping

  • kayla.the.spider. nerd
    kayla.the.spider. nerd5 miesięcy temu

    0:00 that noise tho XD

  • J R
    J R5 miesięcy temu

    turn playback speed to 0.25x then go to this timestamp 10:04

  • domo
    domo5 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi was a little hungover

  • Susan Martin
    Susan Martin5 miesięcy temu

    You're jumping spider needs a bigger enclosure. How many of these do you have no Petco? Where is kiwi?

  • Shelbi Sikorski
    Shelbi Sikorski5 miesięcy temu

    “Where are you planning to put that roach? There isn’t much room left in that booty!” ♥️🕷🩸

  • Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman6 miesięcy temu

    Having roaches as pet? This video isn’t for you

  • Rorschach
    Rorschach6 miesięcy temu

    What a nice Tarantula. The enclosure looks a bit dry, and small or am i wrong? Love your content and videos

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez6 miesięcy temu

    5:59...did we just see a bit of sexy time? Them abs?

  • robbin melton
    robbin melton6 miesięcy temu

    Sprinkle cinnamon around. Fruit flies will go away.

  • Chimuya Haki ASMR
    Chimuya Haki ASMR6 miesięcy temu

    So interesting wow

  • KelpoBox
    KelpoBox6 miesięcy temu

    Isn’t kiwi male?

  • Spidertank s
    Spidertank s6 miesięcy temu

    Look on my channel

  • Zie SpiralOut
    Zie SpiralOut6 miesięcy temu

    from what I have seen of wolf spiders, they are pretty amazingly intelligent...also, not as quick to be defensive from my personal experience... most of the time, they look at you curiously for a minute and then dash back under some leaves...unless you really scare one, they dont care at all... I think what scares arachnophobes about them is their amazing speed. that's probably why they aren't as defensive. they can get away in the blink of an eye.... beware if you are a roach though, they are brutal hunters, lol....

  • Zie SpiralOut
    Zie SpiralOut6 miesięcy temu

    dude, I hate deaing with bugs when you have tons of pets. no matter how clean you are, they will keep coming when they have cat food and turtle poop to eat.. its so annoying.... my entire household had to come with us to a hotel for a week while we set off bombs everywhere. we paid for the cats cuz they are harder to hide, but i totally snuck in my red eared slider ball python, and 3 tarantulas... ballin, lolz! luckily no one was molting or shedding so that was a plus... I guess the worst would be if you have a lot of aquatic pets. that would be a nightmare!

  • Moses Regan
    Moses Regan6 miesięcy temu

    I don’t know much how tarantulas, what species is Linda?

  • unkown filipino
    unkown filipino6 miesięcy temu

    Tiny thick girl in my country we use her as a fighting thing we put too of them on a stick and let them fight

  • xDRadioActive
    xDRadioActive6 miesięcy temu

    Does the huntsman not need water dish?

  • Stephanie palma
    Stephanie palma6 miesięcy temu

    I caught a jumping spider a month ago and she just layed eggs they should be dud eggs right? I don't know much about jumping spiders

  • Stephanie palma

    Stephanie palma

    5 miesięcy temu

    @Herb Hungry thanks so much so far shes good and so are the eggs

  • Herb Hungry

    Herb Hungry

    6 miesięcy temu

    they might be but most likely not if u caught her she could of mated right before u got a hold of her so i would watch the eggs and then u can sell the babies or keep them! :) i catch and keep a lot of spiders especially jumpers here in oregon they are the best type of spiders

  • ParadoXX
    ParadoXX6 miesięcy temu

    Wich species is kiwi ?

  • Sr. Cruz
    Sr. Cruz6 miesięcy temu

    ✨What a great job, congratulations, a hug from Brazil🇧🇷✨🤟

  • BrinK
    BrinK6 miesięcy temu

    Lol that jumping spider is athletically challenged 😜

  • ThadEG
    ThadEG6 miesięcy temu

    I just found your channel and I love this so much. I was always so freaked out by spiders and kiwi changed everything. Also, the way you are with every one of them and your personality is addicting. Thank you :)

  • Marz Pierre
    Marz Pierre6 miesięcy temu

    Please feed huntsman spider black widow. Around my house they hunt them and take care alot of them for me. Awesome to see them in action ridding those pest

  • Doctor Kissworthy
    Doctor Kissworthy6 miesięcy temu

    Love your pets! And you love them all so much... it's touching.

  • James Cornett
    James Cornett6 miesięcy temu

    Hey what brand of potting soil do you use ?

    THALES AUGUSTO TOME6 miesięcy temu

    Is the one in the end a Loxosceles sp?

  • Stefan Żeromski
    Stefan Żeromski6 miesięcy temu

    The best predator is 🥝 , 😃😃😃

  • Tikka Nut
    Tikka Nut6 miesięcy temu

    Jumping spiders are the only kind of spider that doesn't terrify the hell out of me. They are just completely different than everything else. They have an intelligence you can see and almost an inquisitive/curious personality and are so docile and cute.

  • Nitty Gritty
    Nitty Gritty6 miesięcy temu

    Oh Kiwi is adorable.

  • LED_ZEPPELIN- WarewolfGirl-73
    LED_ZEPPELIN- WarewolfGirl-736 miesięcy temu

    Good to see stunning Linda again. That Hissing Roach stood no chance. Harry Potter Huntsman is a stunning girl. I have 4 myself as pets(Hanna , Hershey , Zac and Jimi). I love them. They have awesome eye sight. And they arent deadly despite the BS people say online. Beautiful Kiwi..... So adorable. Just recieved my two (Donna and Drake) we hope is a pair last Wednesday just over a week ago. My pumpkin patch Jewel has just made her egg sack Monday. Hopefully its a live bunch not phantom egg sack this time. Zep will be a proud daddy if they are soon to be eggs with legs (cross fingers). My male Chameleon has finally arrived ive had one on order for over a year. Yesterday he arrived. And hes so tiny. And oh hes a stunning little guy. I named him Ace. I was so worried becuase of whats been going on health wise but we got him ok. Hes hardly bigger than my hand and im only a small 5'1" female of 7 stone. Hes 6 mths old. Im just hoping hes not to young. Hes hesitant but eating with patience as hes very shy. Where do i send a fan mail and a present i made you. I live in uk. And i made a trantula sculpture for you. And i have had it for ages as i didnt know correct place to send it as its fragile. Thanks for making awesome videos that make my day. Chriss the Warewolf from UK 🇬🇧

  • Vitamin Paul
    Vitamin Paul6 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi! /\/( •̀ ω •́ )\/\

  • Serenina Moon
    Serenina Moon6 miesięcy temu

    i didnt knew despacito speeks japanese

  • Matthew Sowers
    Matthew Sowers6 miesięcy temu

    Male Wolf Spiders live for 1 year or less while female Wolf Spiders can live for several years.

  • kristi kirk
    kristi kirk6 miesięcy temu

    Is Kiwi the same jumping spider from your video when you first setup the tank for the spider in the plastic cup?

  • chile
    chile6 miesięcy temu


  • 『Hisoka_ismyHUSUBANDO 』
    『Hisoka_ismyHUSUBANDO 』6 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi melted my heart lmao 😂 ❤️

  • Aspien Girl
    Aspien Girl6 miesięcy temu

    Thanks Petko! That was cool

  • Final Press USA
    Final Press USA6 miesięcy temu

    The sicarius is very interesting and such a cool desert habitat, So true to his lifestyle. He grabs prey and promptly covers himself with sand and camouflaged....P.S. I didn't even read the comments before posting, seems sicarius gets everyone excited.

  • BudaKhan
    BudaKhan6 miesięcy temu

    Petko please make the huntsman or wolf spiders hunt! Same with the jumpers!

  • Mystery View
    Mystery View6 miesięcy temu

    You should put a 28 minute timer on your phone to avoid camera turn off problems.

  • Jennifer's Tarantulas
    Jennifer's Tarantulas6 miesięcy temu

    Great feeds

  • aimee1177
    aimee11776 miesięcy temu

    Cool videos, but that room is the stuff of my nightmares.

  • HeatherLynnTX
    HeatherLynnTX6 miesięcy temu

    Ahhhh man we needed to see Kiwi flips in slow motion!! 😂

  • rumpelstilzz
    rumpelstilzz6 miesięcy temu

    KIWIkiwikiwikiwi a video with Kiwi can't be bad! Hey Petko! Can you point out the scientific names of those spiders? Plus the one of Kiwi's plant - I've been trying some plants in my enclosures but so far, every single one has died after 2 or 3 months...

  • Terilyne Marroquin
    Terilyne Marroquin6 miesięcy temu

    Should be Charon..stupid auto correct.

  • Terilyne Marroquin
    Terilyne Marroquin6 miesięcy temu

    Maybe Chardon... the spirit that will take you across the River Styx to Hades. But you must have course pay a small price.

  • waste paperb1n
    waste paperb1n6 miesięcy temu

    It might not be fruit flies. It could be something known as fungus gnats. They are a similar size and look to fruit flies. They lay there eggs in soil. They could be inhabiting felix's plant pots. To combat the flies you can either buy a special type of oil that is added to the substrate and kills off the eggs orrrr you can cover the soil with peddles and rocks

  • Terilyne Marroquin
    Terilyne Marroquin6 miesięcy temu

    I am growing quite fond of the huntsman spider. He is a really beautiful example of a Huntsman ... very attractive spider. I believe that this very attractive gentleman deserves a name. Something Regal yet otherworldly. What do you think.

  • Donell Thomas
    Donell Thomas6 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi the molted old spider

  • kitsune0rei
    kitsune0rei6 miesięcy temu

    Kiwi should be in all the videos, since they don't live as long as some of your other spiders they deserve lots of screen time ;)

  • Dan
    Dan6 miesięcy temu

    the fruit flies might be fungus gnats which a problem I've dealt with in the past, once they start growing in numbers they will take over a lot of your enclosures with moist substrate and are hard to deal with, you should find the source of them (usually anything containing moist soil) and let the substrate in that container completely dry out for a week or two so the larvae will die off

  • Ball Python addiction
    Ball Python addiction6 miesięcy temu

    Hilarious when you yelled your lizards name an he looked at you 😂

  • JessLL
    JessLL6 miesięcy temu

    Oh my god, I absolutely love Kiwi! We need more of her 🥰

  • Pҽɾʂιαɳ MFPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ
    Pҽɾʂιαɳ MFPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ6 miesięcy temu

    I love watching your videos but I'm scared to death of spiders still 😂 Thur is trash day, so I make sure my big can is down for the truck to pick up and a tiny jumping spider jumped at me. I hit that Mariah Carey pitch scream and ran 🤭😂🤣😂 I guess I'm still not ready to be a spider mom yet lol

  • Niki
    Niki6 miesięcy temu

    Thank you, so much for putting these videos out there for us. I enjoy them so much and my fear of spiders has become such a huge fascination for these wonderful arachnids by watching videos like yours. Thanks again and keep doing what you do!

  • Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks
    Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks6 miesięcy temu

    Great video dude ...we are always so excited to see a new video from you!

    HASSAN ADNAN6 miesięcy temu


  • iHaevLysdexia
    iHaevLysdexia6 miesięcy temu

    To help with the fruit fly situation, cut the top off a water bottle and flip it over to create a funnel. And fill about 25% of the bottle with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. Or a piece of fruit/meat in water with dish soap. The flies will go in and not be able to fly out. Tried this method once before when there were HUNDREDS in a friends house. Cleared it up surprisingly well in just a few days

  • The Skyquake Warrior
    The Skyquake Warrior6 miesięcy temu

    Shadow’s Reptiles just got a tarantula - but he’s not too sure about the name. Maybe you can help him out??

  • FluffyTarantula
    FluffyTarantula6 miesięcy temu

    I think i need a Jumping spider, they are so cute 😍

  • Great- grandma Kirk
    Great- grandma Kirk6 miesięcy temu

    I think maybe you aren’t feeding your spiders enough and that they are so hungry they grab the prey so fast, why don’t you offer more then one roach because some are so small. I’m watching all your adds all the way and hope that helps your channel. ( I hate adds )😩😁😍🤪

  • candido silva
    candido silva6 miesięcy temu

    I dont know why im here.) Couse im realy afraid of this things.

  • George Chapman
    George Chapman6 miesięcy temu

    🤔 I got caught up in wanting a spider species that everyone has...I would like one of the pretty jumping spiders... Thinking I wanted to get larger species then the ones I have at home...I think I'm going to try with a few local species of my friends found a crazy wolf spider in a local woods...I'm going to go for one of those next summer...maybe a couple smaller jumping spiders we have...they are neat on a microscopic lvl 8D

  • Cat Needham
    Cat Needham6 miesięcy temu

    Linda is like a freight train wearing tap shoes 😱