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Heteropoda sp. flores
Sahastata infuscata
Chilobrachys sp. kaeng krachan
Orphnaecus sp. negros
Liphistius yangae
Catumiri argentinense
Haplocosmia himalayana
Poecilotheria striata
Idiothele mira
Dolichothele exilis
Aphonopelma crinirufum
Tliltocatl albopilosus


  • Caron Watson
    Caron Watson3 miesięcy temu

    Petko I really love your chapel, you really make me laugh 😂 keep doing what you doing your content is brilliant!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😺

  • Catrina Lopes
    Catrina Lopes6 miesięcy temu

    I love watching thank you!!!

  • Jhams ExotiCSidE
    Jhams ExotiCSidE8 miesięcy temu

    And it is a earth tiger??

  • M.M Andersson
    M.M Andersson11 miesięcy temu

    You´re moving again?

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.11 miesięcy temu

    Petko.. haha 😂 I just realized that the shirt jumped on you! Nice 👍.. I actually didn’t get it at first.. I had look twice!! Haha 😂

  • Russell lamb
    Russell lambRok temu

    I have a small plastic container id say 5”x6” and 2 slings T. albopilosums probably 3/4-1”. Is that container too big or will it be fine? I dont have a lot of options besides using an old spice container about the same size as the containers in this vid.

  • Miyuki Vladimir
    Miyuki VladimirRok temu

    A fan here from the Philippines ♥️

  • Abigail Mortensen
    Abigail MortensenRok temu

    That tiny happy dance was the best! ❤🕸🕷

  • Asylumental
    AsylumentalRok temu

    What if you were to resin your molts and sell them on the merch store?

  • David Taylor
    David TaylorRok temu

    Another great vid Petko. Always amazes me how good your English is!

  • Jack
    JackRok temu

    Bought my first centipede online pretty sure hes half dead barley moving can't get it to let go of paper towel he came in now I'm sad and even though this was just my first try probably my last.

  • shay
    shayRok temu

    Slowly getting over my serious fear of spiders and similar creatures. Your videos have been part of my exposure therapy process. I still dont want to be near one or touch one. But i can now watch videos of live ones and not have bad anxiety. Thank you for what you do, for caring about animals, and treating all so kindly. I think i will stick with my dog instead of a tarantula, but will keep watching videos!

  • Stefanie Ebling
    Stefanie EblingRok temu

    I have a catumiri, theres not a whole lot of info out there on them. Mines also a sling. I also have a tlitocatl albopilosum..a little larger than yours I think

  • Fatal_moon
    Fatal_moonRok temu

    16:33 I did not notice that cappuccino there and got so surprised when petko pointed that out.

  • Pekka
    PekkaRok temu

    Got my t-shirt today, fits nicely, thank You :)

  • Rich Boisvert
    Rich BoisvertRok temu

    Thank you for the awesome videos, the effort and time to make them. If you could have any choice of spider, what would your top 3 picks be? What makes them special to be on your short list?

  • Neptune the Chameleon
    Neptune the ChameleonRok temu

    They are sooooo tiny 😲

  • Kyanna
    KyannaRok temu

    Hiii 😋😋 could you possibly do a shout out for my step dad he's trying to get his subscribers up and it would just make his day if you did 😊😊 I love your videos too 💜

  • victor saloum
    victor saloumRok temu

    just sell all your Panasonic gear for sony you will never miss focus ever.

  • Jeanine van Zantvoort
    Jeanine van ZantvoortRok temu

    aaaaaaah finally a happy dance!! I have missed those.

  • Neme6ix66
    Neme6ix66Rok temu

    Spider pong?

  • Mateusz Trojan
    Mateusz TrojanRok temu

    Hey, I really liked your video. Did I hear you clearly when you say that a tarantula closes off its hole its a sign of pre=molt?

  • Knalltrogge
    KnalltroggeRok temu

    Taking care of small Ts is so weird because they need so much extra care and die so easily. My really small N.Chromatus (it was like 1cm) died during molt last week. The second Time this has happened to me.

  • Spiderweb Hollow
    Spiderweb HollowRok temu

    Thank you for the shout out petko!!

  • Valentin Kaurin
    Valentin KaurinRok temu

    For you'r roache you can get a tip of mites that eat other mites . I don't know the actual name of them but i saw it has worked for antscanada . So just letting you know

  • Dan
    DanRok temu

    My experience with albopilosums is if it moves, it’s food

  • Bryan Nuñez
    Bryan NuñezRok temu

    Where do you get your Brachypelmas hamorii? i am interested on geeting one they are awesome. These are some tiny Girls haha beautiful.

  • Green Gamer
    Green GamerRok temu

    I mentioned in last video but congrats on 500k petko!

  • Cibion
    CibionRok temu

    Can I ask one thing if it's possible? Firstly its my first comment on your channel, and want to say thanks for the awesome content! Secondly, (and the question) when you are doing a video feeding slings and you name them, could you possibly put a small picture of what it looks like as an adult? As I'm fairly new ish to the hobby and on the lookout for some awesome looking T's is all 👍

  • OldMech
    OldMechRok temu

    While a friend of mine was in jail, he was taking care of a black widow spider in a vent. Well, sadness came when the jailer came in and killed it. Oh So Sad.

  • M J
    M JRok temu

    Curious why you keep your spiders in such small enclosures? Im no spider expert hence the question, the only reason i ask is because i caught a wolf spider about the size of the spiders in your small capsules. However i read that she needs an enclosure closer to the size of a 5 gallon pale, i keep her in essentially a medium of the two (about as big as your roach container.) With lots of open space for her to run and climb but i still felt it was small. Just curious for your opinion should i upgrade to a bigger enclosure just because of her species or is the one i have big enough.

  • LJ Garcia P.
    LJ Garcia P.Rok temu

    i picked a small centepede and i dont know what to do lol. if i havent watching your vids i dont mind killing it but now.... no. 😂

  • Lele Ocelote
    Lele OceloteRok temu

    I looooove huntsman spiders! We get them around the house and garden a lot here in Australia. Gorgeous little pest control hunters

  • True Aussie Ray
    True Aussie RayRok temu


  • A O
    A ORok temu

    Have you ever cut a leg off putting lids back on??

  • A O
    A ORok temu

    I love your accent and your whole attitude....loving your intro too at beginning of video a big 👍✌👆

  • HiViolent J
    HiViolent JRok temu

    Greetings from Poland Petko! Dobry den! cuz ur from Czech Republik? :D

  • Jesse st-A.
    Jesse st-A.Rok temu

    I was wondering if you have a Linothele Fallax ( Tiger spider {curtain web weaver}) - Truly a beautiful Tarantula and Never! fails to eat for me and is insanely fast and makes the most wonderful webs - drop a cricket anywhere on the web and you will see her run super fast and get it. if so can you show it in an upcoming video and talk about it? can't find much info or videos about it. If you do not. GET ONE! it's amazing! Great video as always and looking forward to all the next ones!

  • Angry Beaverhausen
    Angry BeaverhausenRok temu

    I’m not very knowledgeable, what is the “happy dance” he talks about?

  • Mel Hera

    Mel Hera

    Rok temu

    While they're eating they do a lil dance! I just looked it up and a theory is that they're using their spinnerets to lay down webbing so they can still sense vibrations while feeding.

  • Mr Deewcy
    Mr DeewcyRok temu

    6:04 and pause the video . you will see the magic .

  • paraspider
    paraspiderRok temu

    I've been waiting for the little spiders to be fed. They are very fast and hungry.

  • Starfall Snow
    Starfall SnowRok temu

    That light shall be the Cappuccino display and be covered by Hamsters

  • eloday53
    eloday53Rok temu

    1.5x speed makes him look coked out. Pretty funny shit

  • kiren jattan
    kiren jattanRok temu

    I wish I could send you some Australian tarantulas

  • ashley allan cardones
    ashley allan cardonesRok temu

    Hi Petko it looks your tired dude. maybe you make this video after your work. you need to take some rest . we appreciate for your effort to update your Channel for time to time. keep safe and Godbless.

  • Sophie
    SophieRok temu

    you first need to grab the roach and then dance you can't just randomly happy dance" ... 😂 😂 I like your goofy comments so much 😂 But I'm so curious to know what's the scientific meaning of that "happy dance" is it just because they're happy to get a meal? 😂

  • Rupy Singh
    Rupy SinghRok temu

    Teasing us with the tub full of eggs with legs but not showing them :P

  • Nicholas Lovrencic
    Nicholas LovrencicRok temu

    Hey Petko, awesome video as always, what macro lens are you using??

  • Abextraetabintra
    AbextraetabintraRok temu

    Now you need shelf not only for your cans but for Capucino too :P

  • Ralf Schell
    Ralf SchellRok temu

    Hey Petko, great video as always ! Really enjoyed watching all those slings eat :) Do you know a european vender selling trapdoor spiders? Thanks !

  • Hitagi crab
    Hitagi crabRok temu

    Just got my first Tarantula a couple days ago a Brachypelma Albopilosum, just fed it while watching this and it was a nice take down. Love the videos you inspired me to join in the hobby and soon will have a collection soon.

  • HardcoreInfinity
    HardcoreInfinityRok temu

    YEAH! 500K! Great job my friend!! You deserve this. Love sling feedings, sold the half of my adults and got back slings.. love to see 'm grow up!

  • Lea Holle
    Lea HolleRok temu

    Got a little problem with my c. Versicolor, maybe someone can help. When I got her, she was pretty tiny and I've tried to keep her in these typical small sling cups. Well, she always ran out of it as soon as I opened it so we rehoused her into a bit bigger cup. She loved it and didn't try to escape anymore. Well, she has molted a few times and kinda outgrew that space so I rehoused her again about a month or two ago. This time, it's a front opening door, not something that opens on the top. But kinda the same thing happens, that did in that first tiny cup. At first, she build a net and molted in there once. But after that, about 2-3 weeks ago, she again, started to walk around the entire time and get out, within a few seconds, when I open the enclosure. She also destroyed her net and bit holes in it. If anyone knows, what to do, please help, because she's making me crazy. It's pretty hard, to get her back into the enclosure.

  • Alex
    AlexRok temu

    Please continue to take the egg from the infected colony and put in your new Tupperware

  • Christian Jancorda
    Christian JancordaRok temu

    I'm happy that you have Philippine sp. too

  • Tab P
    Tab PRok temu

    usually when i find a youtube personality i very much like (rare) i find it hard to watch when they make videos on something not directly related to me, but i can honestly say i could listen to you speak of spiders all day long (& i really have today) without any problem! though i don’t know if i could ever get one!! 😂😬 still, beautiful creatures & great content

  • Pastorii Pastorii
    Pastorii PastoriiRok temu

    why tarantulas do happy dance after get her food? LOL

  • Jax
    JaxRok temu

    Got any Latrodectus hasselti spiders aka Redback

  • Hannah Briggs
    Hannah BriggsRok temu

    I want to see those huntsmans get HUGE

  • Fred Brissette, Jr.
    Fred Brissette, Jr.Rok temu

    Thanks for making these videos. You have helped the wife and I make sure our Skeleton Tarantuala is healthy and happy.

  • Lorenz Estrella
    Lorenz EstrellaRok temu

    told you they'll bounce back if you collect eggs

  • B1G N8
    B1G N8Rok temu

    Hey petco I sent you a video of my first A.seemani eating in slow mo check out reptile.exotica if your interested

  • Susan Martin
    Susan MartinRok temu

    It's the baby tarantulas that creep me out the most. When they're grown up I can handle that but when they're little they look like little normal house spiders like American and English house spiders oh yeah and Wolfies...those sons-a-bitches scare the cr outta me... I still haven't gotten over my fear those things. Big fluffy tarantulas are cute. Those little tiny baby tarantulas are creepy

  • Rave Shadows
    Rave ShadowsRok temu

    Some species of spiders like to taste their prey first.

  • Lovely Sagmit
    Lovely SagmitRok temu

    Orphnaecus sp negros occidental?

  • There Is No Sandwich
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  • Bailey's Bug Blog
    Bailey's Bug BlogRok temu

    Invest in a Raynox 150 and thread adaptor as well. Great compliment to even high quality macro lenses.

  • Ash Bianchetti
    Ash BianchettiRok temu

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  • JBL Tester 145ッ
    JBL Tester 145ッRok temu

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    Shikari FoxRok temu

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  • Shikari Fox
    Shikari FoxRok temu

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  • LED_ZEPPELIN- WarewolfGirl-73
    LED_ZEPPELIN- WarewolfGirl-73Rok temu

    The shirts are very cool. If you want I can send you some art I made. I also hand paint t-shirts. If you tell me what size shirt you wear I'll send you one of my hand painted tarantula shirts. I also make by order. I'm a registered artist in UK and france. My email: ladycevertangel73@gmail.com. Let me know I've made a bit of art and a bit of fan mail for you. My Pumpkin Patch says hello.

  • A Chandler Fan
    A Chandler FanRok temu

    My Aphonopelma Seemani is a really chill T. No crazy feeding response at all.

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  • Super Loops
    Super LoopsRok temu

    tiny spoodlers are so cute I have a bunch of v smol babys atm too but two of them are Scopelobates sericea and omg they are the boltyest slings of the whole world every time i take the lid offve their enclosure they are sprinting around and trying to escape its rly difficult to feed them or put water or anything

  • TheBaconBrotato
    TheBaconBrotatoRok temu

    I was about to comment and ask about the roach colony with the mite problem, then it was like Petko read my mind.😁

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