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Nhandu chromatus
Nhandu tripepii
nhandu coloratovillosus
trapdoor spider
Liphistius cf. ornatus


  • Nakea Anderson
    Nakea AndersonDzień temu


  • Nakea Anderson
    Nakea AndersonDzień temu

    Count Dracula himself..OMG


    4:34 the famous words off the SPIDER

  • Emily Gabbitass
    Emily Gabbitass5 dni temu

    Awesome! Apreciate the timelaps, that was so cool to watch🙂

  • Leighannsl1
    Leighannsl110 dni temu

    Such an awesome video!!!

  • G Crauwels
    G Crauwels14 dni temu

    That was pretty cool to see one construct it's home.

  • Des Ramps
    Des Ramps14 dni temu

    It's amazing how the trapdoors instinct is just to make another tunnel. As soon as he got in the hole he went to work and just started digging and making the new flap. Little spider got more accomplished in 2 days than I do in 2 months lol

  • Allen Dekrey
    Allen Dekrey16 dni temu

    Just found this! Fantastic content!

  • 4aron
    4aron18 dni temu

    Is it just me, or are those enclosures way too small?

  • Designs
    Designs19 dni temu

    Been watching a lot of spider videos lately. I m trying to get over my fear of spiders and daddy long legs. I know that the ones in my area are harmless, it’s just the legs make me feel uneasy . I’m very ticklish

  • DeadPulse
    DeadPulse19 dni temu

    0.25x speed at 14:17 is weird af don't do it

  • Arachne’s Corner
    Arachne’s Corner23 dni temu

    Wow fascinating how they make their burrow

  • PepperBytez
    PepperBytez25 dni temu

    Ahh, the perfect Fleshlight.

  • ChloeysCustoms
    ChloeysCustomsMiesiąc temu

    When she tests her work

  • Jan Sturm
    Jan SturmMiesiąc temu

    He is like exotic but without the 5 cans of energydrink.

  • Don't mind me I am just an E N G I N E E R
    Don't mind me I am just an E N G I N E E RMiesiąc temu

    11:22 Cursed Fleshlight

  • Jacey Apila
    Jacey ApilaMiesiąc temu

    Nature and self preservation at its best

  • Kageoni187
    Kageoni187Miesiąc temu

    That was so cool to see in action.

  • 林韋旭
    林韋旭Miesiąc temu

    Other tarantulas: rehouse Trapdoor spider: Literal rehouse

  • Scott W
    Scott W2 miesięcy temu

    I wonder if you also have Latrodectus

  • Bribri420bitch
    Bribri420bitch2 miesięcy temu

    I started feeling itchy through the screen

  • rose
    rose2 miesięcy temu

    Cruel to keep them in small containers😠

  • Mikahla Boldea
    Mikahla Boldea2 miesięcy temu

    That time laps was actually really cool! You could see the booty doing it's thang lol

  • Lexi
    Lexi2 miesięcy temu

    The eyes are just cute

  • Joseph Domenic
    Joseph Domenic2 miesięcy temu

    This guy takes re-homing to a whole new level

  • Khaki Wolf
    Khaki Wolf2 miesięcy temu

    Interesting that the spider waited for two days to make their burrow. To be fair,. my Nicaraguan Curly hair tarantula (Tlitocatl albipilosum) will sit in her hide for up to a week or more before digging a burrow for herself after being rehoused. Also, please make a video on Tlitocatl albipilosum. =)

  • Jacey Apila
    Jacey Apila3 miesięcy temu

    Excellent!! Thank you

  • Debra taggart
    Debra taggart3 miesięcy temu

    Lmfao, you call that a trapdoor spider ??? Look at the Sydney funnel web spider.

  • Christian
    Christian3 miesięcy temu

    11:00 “My spider may be calm yours may be the true manifestation of evil” dark den -2020 😂🤣

  • charleigh hawk
    charleigh hawk3 miesięcy temu

    And this is why I don’t like saying I hate spiders... they’re super cool like I mean I’m kinda terrified of them and these vids make me a little bit itchy just watching them but they’re still so cool and interesting to watch I still don’t think I’d even be able to hold something like that or a tarantula unless I knew there was a very very small or no chance of it biting me, I’ll pick up the jumping spiders in the backyard sometimes but that’s about it (and only cause I’m pretty sure jumping spiders don’t bite but please don’t tell me if I’m wrong cause I really don’t want to know 😂)

  • MissLolz93
    MissLolz933 miesięcy temu

    Omg that was actually super cool 😮😎

  • Cale Dunsmore
    Cale Dunsmore3 miesięcy temu

    That means that we can poke it now hahahahaha

  • Cale Dunsmore
    Cale Dunsmore3 miesięcy temu

    Wow you're awesome id love to pick your brain and tour your house

  • Joseph Bennett
    Joseph Bennett3 miesięcy temu

    Trapdoor spiders are quite scary because since they are hidden down inside a tunnel with a dirt door on it there's no way to know that an expert killing machine is hiding unless you look closely at the ground.

  • Troi Fryson
    Troi Fryson4 miesięcy temu

    My man was depressed for like 2 days. He’s like “damn i gotta build a whole new house now”

  • luh Quent
    luh Quent4 miesięcy temu

    Sound like the guy from despicable me

  • Paolo Brollo
    Paolo Brollo5 miesięcy temu

    Fantastic timelaps

  • Project_EG2
    Project_EG25 miesięcy temu

    14:35 that’s so cute he wanted to test his trap door for the first time😂

  • Growmiez Homiez
    Growmiez Homiez5 miesięcy temu

    Amazing footage of the trapdoor creation! She’s Loving the new enclosure!

  • Saoirse Sigurðardóttir
    Saoirse Sigurðardóttir6 miesięcy temu

    Petko: "while mine might be calm..." **slight pause** "yours might be a true manifestation of evil." That went 0 to 100 real quick 😳

  • Juan Palacios
    Juan Palacios6 miesięcy temu

    that was worth the wait

  • Hector Manuel
    Hector Manuel7 miesięcy temu

    What a beautiful video. Congrats

  • scooting 13
    scooting 137 miesięcy temu

    Omg I just got to 7:22 when he shows where the cricket is. Burn the bin!😂🙌

  • Joseph Bennett

    Joseph Bennett

    3 miesięcy temu

    No need to do that because crickets don't live very long especially when they are deprived of food , they don't do well in a house.

  • scooting 13
    scooting 137 miesięcy temu

    The crickets in this video had me searching my whole house for those annoying fuckers🤣😂

    MELVIN GEORGE7 miesięcy temu

    System rebooting. estimated time: 2days

  • Ultimate Rectigeror
    Ultimate Rectigeror7 miesięcy temu

    I hate when your talking noob

  • Miguel FERNANDEZ
    Miguel FERNANDEZ7 miesięcy temu

    that's what one expects from a trapdoor spider

  • Wayfaerer
    Wayfaerer8 miesięcy temu

    haven't been bit... yet.... :3

  • Regina Mortuis
    Regina Mortuis8 miesięcy temu

    So I've always loved spiders but recently got my 6 year old into watching your videos. He now wants to be just like you and own his own trapdoor and tarantulas 😄

  • my dog ran away and got raped
    my dog ran away and got raped8 miesięcy temu

    Really I had no idea a spider called a trap door spider.makes trap doors

  • User E
    User E8 miesięcy temu

    If one of em escapes, he's in deep trouble.

  • Seb Fetea
    Seb Fetea8 miesięcy temu

    Ngl that was amazing

  • Hentai Karmen Forbidden Superhero~
    Hentai Karmen Forbidden Superhero~8 miesięcy temu


  • Sulos
    Sulos8 miesięcy temu

    Like me when am cleaning my living room. am just pushing the dirt more far away.

  • GanZion
    GanZion8 miesięcy temu

    thats one skilled spider xD

  • Solar RBLX
    Solar RBLX8 miesięcy temu

    Imagine a giant came over to your house and ripped open your roof to pick you up and put you in a half finished home that you have to finish your self.

  • Thalya Anjely
    Thalya Anjely8 miesięcy temu


  • U・ᴥ・U
    U・ᴥ・U8 miesięcy temu

    Spiders: Vicious predators that are the certain death of most insects Humans: Heehee floofy spider

  • Brittany Smart
    Brittany Smart8 miesięcy temu

    Thank you for sharing that was so awesome! The time lapse clip of the spider making a door!😁😁

  • lewis ward
    lewis ward8 miesięcy temu

    This year feels like its gone by pretty fast.

  • Cory Mac
    Cory Mac8 miesięcy temu

    Cool video Petko

  • it's cancan
    it's cancan8 miesięcy temu

    "Who stole my roof?!" 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

  • Daniel Cobarrubias
    Daniel Cobarrubias8 miesięcy temu

    My tranchula does not like going on the ground its always on the Side of the glass

  • Tiny Valkyrie
    Tiny Valkyrie8 miesięcy temu

    Lol I definitely thought that cricket was outside my window.

  • Charlotte M.
    Charlotte M.8 miesięcy temu

    The time lapse, was amazing Petko!!

  • Shiv Patel
    Shiv Patel8 miesięcy temu

    does anyone know what this chill song is called @13:17?

  • Eli Aguayo
    Eli Aguayo9 miesięcy temu

    The whole time I’m watching this video I kept hearing a cricket in my room...well I never found the cricket because there wasn’t one...the cricket sound is coming from the video 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • BlowThat BackOut
    BlowThat BackOut9 miesięcy temu

    14:26 *Spider twerking*

  • Timber van den Hul
    Timber van den Hul9 miesięcy temu

    i am so amazed that some animals like this trapdoor spider know how to make relatively complex structures without ever learning it from another spider.

  • spikey556
    spikey5569 miesięcy temu

    for lack of better word, but the masonry on display by the trapdoor spider is truly a marvel of nature

  • DyslexicBien
    DyslexicBien9 miesięcy temu

    Epic base building

  • Grant Plunkett
    Grant Plunkett9 miesięcy temu

    Me: reads the title Also me: yea that fits

  • Missy Citty
    Missy Citty9 miesięcy temu


  • Gabrielle Belliveau
    Gabrielle Belliveau9 miesięcy temu

    Watching him make his new trapdoor was so cool :)

  • Lauryta Bear
    Lauryta Bear9 miesięcy temu

    You suck

  • Teh CornerThief
    Teh CornerThief9 miesięcy temu

    You know, I'm deathly afraid of spiders; but I think It's kinda cute how they test the trapdoor to see if it works

  • Paola Andrea Guanume Contreras
    Paola Andrea Guanume Contreras9 miesięcy temu

    Eres.muy malo malipulando .a los.animales bruto

  • HomoLudens
    HomoLudens9 miesięcy temu

    I just realized he talks like Gru

    TUBBY TETRA9 miesięcy temu

    I personally think the cricket is kind of a good addition to the dark den haha

  • isinox
    isinox9 miesięcy temu

    that was amazing, great video!

  • Melissa Lundeby
    Melissa Lundeby10 miesięcy temu

    Whenever you guys talk about you grammostola’s my immature brain always asks “gramma stola what?”.

  • Berbagi kebaikan
    Berbagi kebaikan10 miesięcy temu


  • Erin Pitt
    Erin Pitt10 miesięcy temu

    @11:19 .... God I waited the entire video for that part. should be renamed "tour of my collection and instruction how to handle things that shouldn't be handled" use the trapdoor as click bait. END OF VIDEO.... 🤬.... FINALLY... shows the building trapdoor. m*ther f*cker. just fast forward to the time stamps. @14:00 minutes

  • Pedro Brazon
    Pedro Brazon11 miesięcy temu

    Nice video man, though it's clickbait for a whole 13 mins before seeing what the actual video is about...

  • Mira55X - Planet Nalzena
    Mira55X - Planet Nalzena11 miesięcy temu

    it's clever how they just reuse the material they dig out to build the door

  • STRYKER1467
    STRYKER146711 miesięcy temu

    there are ppl collecting trapdoors, its not the first time seeing this.

  • Sarah Gökce
    Sarah Gökce11 miesięcy temu

    Wow that was super interesting!!!Now i know i need a trapdoor spider😁

  • YSoSerious
    YSoSerious11 miesięcy temu

    11:43 to 11:47 the most funniest part , ha..ha...ha

  • Snowie Akashiya
    Snowie Akashiya11 miesięcy temu

    Yike could you imagine if there was a trapdoor spider the size of a goliath bird eating spider?🤣

  • Draugr 87
    Draugr 8711 miesięcy temu

    I hate spiders why am I here?

  • Carly
    Carly11 miesięcy temu

    So cool you got a video!!!

  • Cecilia Valdivia
    Cecilia Valdivia11 miesięcy temu

    Wait what happens when the spiders kick hair ? I don’t understand

  • Noodles


    11 miesięcy temu

    It's a defense mechanism. They're called urticating hairs, and they cause severe itching (or worse when they hit your eyes).

  • kenneth godden
    kenneth goddenRok temu

    I have been bitten 5 times in 10 years

  • Marie Stubbs
    Marie StubbsRok temu

    Brilliant footage ...

  • lunchable
    lunchableRok temu

    do trapdoor spiders drink?

  • Braeden Eufemia
    Braeden EufemiaRok temu

    so cool!! im sure this spider will be much more comfortable in this new enclosure! thank you for sharing this time lapse!

  • Maggie The pug
    Maggie The pugRok temu

    i am not sleeping tonight :D

  • Vincent Golden
    Vincent GoldenRok temu

    That trap door construction was amazing it seems that all threads lead to the bottom very cool stuff. Takecare and keep safe

  • Silberschwimmer
    SilberschwimmerRok temu

    Spiders are so cute and awesome

  • Lurklxxk
    LurklxxkRok temu

    Watching built her little trap door was the cutest and most interesting thing ive ever seen