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Theraphosidae sp. panama
Typhochlaena seladonia
Aphonopelma crinirufum
Chilobrachys sp. kaeng krachan
Heteroscodra maculata
Omothymus schioedtei
Psalmopoeus reduncus
Tapinauchenius violaceus
Catumiri argentinense
Psalmopoeus victori
Poecilotheria metallica
Xenesthis sp. megascopula
Liphistius cf. ornatus
Diplura sanguinea
trapdoor spider


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    Theraphosinae sp Panama is a dream tarantula for me!

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    Petko, can you give us an update from this video? Would like to see the Ts now.

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    i dont get people any more you order 50 spiders and take them out of their natural habitat and put it in a tiny little enclosure where they can (from what it looks like ) barely turn around. and put it on a shelf where you a few other may look at then on occasion. i dont get it leave them in their natural environment. guess when the Alien overlords come back and start harvesting us we will finally know what it feels like.

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    I want a Theraphosinae sp panama sooooo bad! Its name will be Ragnaros the perfect name for the perfect T #WorldofWarcraft

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    This one is my favorite...Theraphosidae sp. panama. Do you still have it?

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    Do P.Metallicas normally live together??

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    Imagine getting 18 slings then turns out they're all male😢😂

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    One thing I asked myself since I started to get interested into the hobby. What is the procedure to wrap up Ts into paper towels? I mean when you see how 'bolty' some of them are, I really wonder how it's possible to wrap them up... 🤔

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    5:00 - such a small enclosure for 5 racing tarantula juveniles? That's brave! :D

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    7:15 the megascopula. Is it’s common name ‘Giant blue bloom’? I bought a sling with this name at my exotic pet store but it didn’t have the scientific name on the container but it was called very rare. It’s legs are very similar to that along with it’s color a very darkish pale blue under certain lights. I can’t find anything on Google under Giant blue bloom

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    iv'e watched basically every video you have made and iv'e kept a few tarantulas, but i got my very first sling ever today, a beautiful Mexican red knee, and im really excited to see it grew. im using a lot of your advice for its enclosure and keeping.

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    i have an irrational fear of insects, but i do enjoy seeing your vids, they help with those fears, i still have them but thanks to you and exotics lair, i find them more fascinating then i used to

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    sir in my country p. metallica is indigenous and critically endangered. Can you please tell me where you got them from as i intend to breed them because the they now only live in a 100 sq km area now. knowing that you are a spider lover and breeder, i trust you do not want these *gorgeous* creatures to die out in the wild.

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    One hint concerning the T.seladonia, I don´t know if you know. T´s of this genus are arboreal trapdoor spiders, this is unique in the Theraphosidae family. Here some informations: www.researchgate.net/publication/323572736_About_trapdoors_and_bridges_-_New_insights_in_the_little-known_ecology_and_lifestyle_of_the_genus_Typhochlaena_CL_Koch_1850_British_Tarantula_Society_Journal_32_3_3-29

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